Bangkok Another day

Another day in Bangkok and I not drag myself out of bed in the Miami hotel until way past 10am, very late for me.  But then so was staying out late in the nightclub Climax.  There was a birthday party tonight in Spellbound Agogo, that was the plan a gogo crawl around the Nana Plaza.

Chilling by the pool

Another budget healthy breakfast in Subway then chilling by the pool in the Miami hotel reading my book and listening to rock radio over the internet on my mobile phone and local Thai SIM card.  Just another day chilling in Bangkok.  Its good to have a pool.

bangkok soi 13
Miami pool

The Miami pool is good for swimming.  Not much sunlight in the enclosure though, plenty of mosquito’s who are attracted to the water and shade.  But for the price is good enough.

Return to soi 23

That afternoon I head back to soi 23, feeling horny and want to check out more of the girls giving massage with a happy ending or more.   I had been impressed with the quality of some of the young Thai girls working down soi 23 a few nights before in Bangkok.

massage happy ending
soi 23 bangkok

Couple of cute Thai girls working down soi 23 that afternoon but not commit.  I wanted to check out what was available along soi 22.  I enjoy a walk up and down the sois off the Sukhumvit checking out the talent or lack of it. Something to so during the day and good exercise.


I am definitely attracted to the younger Thai girls like 30 years younger than me. To some that might seem like a problem, but a man of any age would only pretend to not sexually desire a young nubile woman in her prime.  What would be wrong and silly is for a man my age to fall in love with or try to have a relationship with a girl much younger than me, especially a Bangkok bar girl.  Its hard enough due to the cultural divide.

Soi 22 beer bar girl, no barfine

After my stroll along soi 23 I head up soi 22 and check out Busy Bees and a few more massage places down the sub sois off Soi 22.

I then stop off for a beer in the Queens Park Plaza beer bar complex down soi 22. There is a really cute bar girl working in the front beer bar of the Queens Park Plaza.  I can tell by looking at her she not barfine, not yet.  She is just not scarred by the bar trade.  She looks young and fresh.  A girl this good would just not last 5 minutes before some soppy sod is sponsoring her.  There were guys sat at the bar trying their luck with her, everyone wanted to fuck her, I could tell.


Would be difficult to get a girl back to the Miami hotel along soi 13 from here, soi 22.  Would need to take a taxi through the Bangkok traffic jams.  Want to be discrete.   Walking hand in hand down the Sukhumvit in the daytime with a bar girl young enough to be your daughter would attract the wrong sort of attention, or it felt that way.  The Sukhumvit is not what it once was.

Not going to be a problem anyway.  Sure enough I check with the Mamasan, the girl just collects glasses and works the till.  She is the owners niece or something.  She had a lovely pair of Thai tits, would have loved to have fucked her.  Years ago Thai girls like this working in the bars of Bangkok were not too hard to find.  They would all barfine.

Washington Square

Further down soi 22 and not much development is happening where once all the little bars in Washington Square stood.  You kind of feel this is a vision of the future for all the red light districts of Bangkok? Maybe…

Tilac girl, soi Cowboy

On the way back to the Miami hotel along the Sukhumvit I stop off along Soi Cowboy.  Chatting to a nice girl outside Tilac.  She wants me to barfine her long time, but I am not interested, nice and friendly but not nice and sexy.

Gogo crawl, Nana Plaza

That night I hit the Gogos of the Nana Plaza down soi 4.  Spellbound on the ground floor has a birthday party which includes a free buffet.  I was in Spellbound quite early and the food was not that good.  The gogo girls on stage were all wrapped up in cellophane or something, not impressed.  To me it looked more like they were trying to hold all their fat in.

NEP gogo girls
Nana Plaza

I leave Spellbound and try the Rainbow.  Obviously popular with the Japanese as the Thai girls attempt to appeal to a Japanese man’s taste.  They look like baby dolls with their hair dyed orange.  Some of Thai girls in the Rainbow have had operations on their eyes to make them wider, the baby doll look.  Note that the age of sexual consent in Japan is 13!  In China it is 14.

A dark skinned Asian girl though no matter how young would probably not do so well in an Asian oriented Gogo bar like the Rainbows. the girls with light skin make more money.

nana plaza erotica

I try a few more gogos, some old favourites like the Erotica.  Just not seeing a Thai girl I want to barfine though.  Its going to be a long night in Bangkok.

Madarin Girl

I then try the new Gogos on the ground floor London Calling and Underground.  Underground is not even open and London Calling has a few girls working.  Then I notice the girl I had barfined from Madarin a few month back when I was last in Bangkok.

She sits with me and I buy her a ladydrink.  She is so beautiful. Lovely tits but her tummy is fucked up from a baby and caesarian.  She is kissing me and letting me play with her tits, I have got a hardon. Tempted to barfine her again, but want new experiences not repeats.

Grace Hotel, fat hookers

I leave the Nana Plaza and head across the road to soi 3 and outside the Grace hotel.  Got chatting to a few fat mature eastern European women from Russia and Azerbaijan.  They were asking 1500 baht short time back in their room nearby.  Unattractive being the problem.

Im feeling tired and had enough trying to hunt some decent pussy in Bangkok and head back to the Miami hotel. I got another 5 weeks of this Asian mongering trip, my budget requires me to have a few nights off. When I do find a cute girl to fuck, I will be real horny.  Bangkok is losing its magic for me.  Starting to think about where I will head next.  Sure beats sitting at home in the UK with fuck all to do.

2 thoughts on “Bangkok Another day”

    1. Well its subjective, the way I am painting my experiences. The problem with old timers is they will always compare it with years gone by and memory is often rose tinted. But all veteran mongers of Thailand agree how much things are changing in more recent years. It was almost hard to believe such a place existed 10 years ago. you had to pinch yourself that it was all real. Problem is now in places like the Sukhumvit is it now has lots of condos and office workers and they now dont want this in their backyard. Its all still a hangover from a bygone era the 60s and 70s and the Vietnam war. A first timer will still have a great time. And I am sure that will continue for years to come. For me though I was expecting days like these. I was taking some time of working and preferred to be in Asia than in the UK. I was not expecting to meet beautiful girls everyday. Budget would not allow anyway.

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