Bangkok Anti Climax

My first morning in Bangkok and I head to the Subway along the Sukhumvit as a cheap healthy option for some breakfast.  Then into a 7/11 to sort out a local SIM card with Internet.

Breakfast in Bangkok

I think my plan for tonight is try and catch myself a Thai freelancer from a nightclub called Climax down soi 11 underneath the Ambassador hotel in the carpark.

bangkok subway

Im up pretty early and there are a few options for Bangkok street freelancers along the Sukhumvit road like 7AM in the morning, if you are feeling horny.  You get some Thai girls and Africans sat in McDonalds, who will catch your eye if you look at them long enough.

ladyboy bangkok
bangkok ladyboys

Bangkok Ladyboys are available in the early morning too.  I walk pass a group of ladyboys sat outside a hairdresser and massage shop and they ask me to suck their cocks 🙂  I thought it was suppose to happen the other way around?

street food

Of course the cheapest option for breakfast in Bangkok is to go local and purchase some snacks from the many street vendors operating down the Sukhumvit.  Its considered to be good clean food, if a little fatty.

bangkok street drink
fruit juice

You can also get a fresh fruit juice along the Sukhumvit in Bangkok for 20b.  They sell another drink purple berries for 40b.  A word of warning though.  I have found often the fresh fruit is for show only.  They always give you a bottle ready made.  Its my concern that they have pre-prepared these bottles without fresh fruit and maybe dodgy water.  Be careful.  Cheap can sometimes be nasty.  Dont want an upset tummy.

A cooked English breakfast in Bangkok will set you back at least 300 baht once you include coffee and orange juice.  The pubs selling breakfast often dont open until 9-10am in the morning, no good if your an early bird.  McDonalds and Subway have a breakfast menu that includes eggs, bacon and sausage.

Foodland soi 5

None of this is an issue if your hotel includes breakfast which is often a buffet more geared to an Asian diet. Staying in the Miami hotel down soi 13 was very cheap but did not include any breakfast.  Im not a fan of these Bangkok buffet breakfasts although the Nana hotel puts on a good spread and non hotel guests can pay to use the restaurant there.

cheap food bangkok
Foodland soi 5

Later that day I tried another cheap food institution in Bangkok, the restaurant in the Foodland supermarket down soi 5 off the Sukhumvit.  For a 120b you can get a cooked American breakfast and its not bad.  You will be sitting next to other cheap charlies and some Nigerians too.  You may meet some Black African hookers in foodland too.

Across the way from foodland is the Gulliver’s restaurant and bar also popular with freelancers and does good food and a nice cooked breakfast.  So plenty of options for eating breakfast in Bangkok on all budgets.

Nana Beer Bars, Daytime

That afternoon in Bangkok made my way down to soi 4 and the Nana area and had a few beers.  Was intending to do another Nana Plaza Gogo crawl one night in Bangkok.

I could see some new Gogo’s London Calling and Underground on the ground floor of the Nana Plaza.  I would try these new Gogos out tomorrow night maybe in the NEP as Spellbound Agogo had a birthday party and was putting on a free food buffet.

Nana daytime
Nana Plaza

Time on my hands to kill now.  Lot of beer bars to drink in during the daytime hours along soi 4 and the Nana Plaza.  There is always a few idiots who have drank too much to beware of.  Often they are from the UK.

Suckers NEP
Nana Spanks

Dusk approaches and the Nana Plaza switches on the neon lights to get ready for another night of Adult entertainment.  Am I starting to sound like Stickman?

Rajah Hotel

I wandered over to the Rajah hotel area.  There are a few bars running adjacent to the Rajah hotel so I took a look inside.

ladyboy Bangkok
soi 4 ladyboys

Just lots more ladyboys coming on strong.  Who is doing all these ladyboys?  Not me, not yet.  If that ladyboy in the white dress was a she rather than a he, then she not he would be my type. I may have been tempted.  Its a fucked up sentence because its a fucked up world!

The Rajah hotel just down soi 4 has a bar coffee shop area that is now suppose to be popular with Bangkok freelancers.  Not just Thai some Russian girls and other ethnicities.  It was a bit early so I not get round to checking out the Rajah hotel.  Any intel on the Rajah hotel?

On my way back to the Miami hotel I walk pass the blowjob bar Kasalong and Lolitas.  I am sure I will have another blowjob with CIM in Kasalong one day in Bangkok with a young Thai cutie. I just cant help myself.  The temptation too great.

Climax Disco

My second night out in Bangkok and I start off in the Sports bar above the Bush Garden and sink a few draft beers.  The Sports bar is popular with expats and there are more pool tables than bar girls or punters.


Then down into the Bush Garden and some people watching outside the Thermae coffee shop just below the Ruamchitt hotel.  Got chatting to an American monger who wants to try the Thermae for the first time.  So give him the rundown on the Thermae.  No barfine in the Thermae all the girls are freelancing. That the Thermae used to be called the Star wars bar of Bangkok.

thermae coffee shop

Warn him about alot of the freelancers inside the Thermae only go with Japanese punters and the ones outside the Thermae are mostly ladyboys.  He had just returned from Phuket and looked really tanned, spending a few nights mongering in Bangkok before flying home to the USA.   Gave me an idea, maybe I would make a return to Phuket.  Alone this time not with my Bangkok girlfriend.  Try some serious mongering in Phuket, Patong down Bangla Road.  Sounds like a plan to me…

Climax Bangkok

Then on round to soi 11 and the Ambassador hotel to try the Climax nightclub for the first time.  The climax is suppose to be a Thai freelancer hangout so I was hoping to maybe pick up a nice fresh Thai girl doing a bit of moonlighting maybe.

climax nightclub

There is a  200 baht entry fee into the Climax with your first drink free.  They stamp your hand so you can come and go through the night.  Nightclubs are not my forte.  But for the experience and observation I would grin and bear it.  Loud music blasting out by a live band inbetween a DJ putting on popular tunes.

Its good to see old guys in their 60’s getting it on and grooving down.  Ageism does not really exist in Asia except in the tourists who bring ageism with them. In fact the majority of the clubbers in the climax are more mature including the freelancers.

Bangkok nightclub
Climax bangkok

Climax starts getting busy alot later on, after midnight.  I had one Thai freelancer sat with me and offer to buy me a drink, but I refused, felt like I would then owe her something.  She was a little put back and began to knock back a few shots in short succession.

Yes, really not my scene nightclubbing.  Bit of an anti climax for me.  Nothing outstanding.  After 2am alot of the girls from the Gogos and beer bars apparently make there way to the Climax as it stays open until 5am.  But why not just meet them in the beer bars and the gogos.  A night off for me in Bangkok,  always good for the budget, no real intentions of returning to the Climax any time soon.

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