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After leaving my job in London, was sat at home for a month wondering what to do or where to travel to next. Looking at holiday recommendations for the month of September. Was seriously considering Madagascar, but eventually decided to return to Asia starting off in Bangkok, back in my comfort zone.

London to Bangkok

Direct flight to Bangkok from London Heathrow with Eva Air.  Heathrow airport is being overtaken by machines.  Due to not working was intending to be more frugal this trip.

Miami Hotel, soi 13

Arrived in Bangkok and taxi to hotel Miami Sukhumvit soi 13 was 450 baht.  The Miami hotel is a cheap budget hotel smack bang in the middle of the Sukhumvit road in downtown Bangkok.  The Miami hotel would be my base for the next 6 nights mongering in Bangkok at a grand cost of $155.20.

bangkok hotel
miami hotel

The Miami hotel is old school.  Straight out of the 1960’s era of Bangkok.  Basic 1 star with swimming pool, no restaurant and no restaurant means no cockroaches.  My room in the Miami hotel was comfortable enough, nothing flash with good  satellite TV.

The Miami charge you 100 baht for 24 hours internet access on the hotel wireless but I tethered through my mobile phone and a local SIM card.  If you bring a girl back to the Miami hotel there is no joiner fee,  The Miami is very girl friendly.

Bush Garden, Thermae

My first night in Bangkok and I started round the corner from the Miami hotel in the Bush Garden.  Settled down in the Bush Garden with a cheeseburger and some bottles of cold beer.

Bush garden

The good thing about the Bush Garden is you can watch the comings and goings from the Thermae coffee shop. Mostly ladyboys hang around outside the Thermae and Japanese punters inside.  Been along time since I first took two mature Thai MILFs out of the Thermae for some cock sharing and CIM.

After Skool, Soi Cowboy

From the Bush garden took a walk down to Soi Cowboy.   The weather was still warm and a little humid but nothing like what it was in Bangkok back in May earlier this year. I started off in the Soi Cowboy 2 Gogo and then headed across into After Skool.

soi cowboy
after skool

Sat at the bar in After Skool and you immediately get some girls sat with you.  Most will give you a CBJ in the naughty boy corner for 1000b.  Only one girl in After Skool would give BBBJ CIM but she was a fugly.

Soi 23, Massage

I was feeling jet lagged and one thing I love about Bangkok is having a massage.  In years gone by my first night mongering in Bangkok was usually always special.  Always meeting some attractive Bangkok bar girls quite easy and maybe indulging in a threesome.  In more recent times though meeting good looking bar girls in Bangkok is not what it once was.

My last trip to Thailand  and even the massage was not so good, so asked one of the girls working in Play Skool for a recommendation.  She swore by Toni’s down soi 23 just round the corner from soi cowboy, so decided to check it out.

There are alot of massage shops down soi 23 and I was impressed with some of the Thai girls trying to tempt you inside for a massage and maybe something more.

One Thai girl really took my fancy so not even make it to Tonis.  She was pretty with a very fit slim but curvy tight Thai body.  The massage was excellent including touching my cock and balls throughout.

The Thai masseur offered me full sex for 2000 baht that would include the massage fee of 400 baht.

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The sex was great too.  She had a lovely little Thai ass.  She knelt on the massage table and I fucked her doggy.  She was enjoying it as much as me, going “Oh Yeah, yessssss” as I fucked her intensely doggy, like she was not used to being fucked doggy.  She did some cowgirl too and I finished on her missionary, totally drained and satisfied with a smile on my face.

Crazy House

After my sexy massage I tried the Crazy house gogo up along soi 23 just pass soi cowboy.  Pretty busy inside the Crazy House, alot of old geazers, expats and a few nice Thai girls on stage.  Some of the gogo girls were totally naked and a few sporting nice natural hairy pussy.  One girl was really good looking, lovely natural pussy on full show, but she was cold and aloof.  Even so, If I had not just cum may have barfined her.

Made a mental note to return to the Crazy house one night in Bangkok.  That natural hairy young Thai pussy was just to much to forget or ignore.  Quite rare these days to find such a good looking girl who not shave her pussy.

Soi Cowboy Ladyboy

Had a few too many beers by now and head back along soi cowboy and trawl a few more gogo bars and listen to some live music playing.

ladyboy thailand
soi cowboy ladyboy

A soi cowboy ladyboy is coming onto me and follows me into the toilet wants to take me into a cubicle and tries to kiss me.  You just cant avoid ladyboys in Thailand and Bangkok now, a daily hazard.   Its after 2am now and I head back to the Miami hotel for some much needed sleep.  There are alot of fat black African hookers all along the Sukhumvit plying their trade.  A good first night mongering out in Bangkok.

4 thoughts on “Bangkok Massage Doggy”

  1. Will fuck that girl too! can’t wait for my first ever sex vacation in SEA, I will be like a kid in a candy store, but the things is that I will not know WHERE to go

    1. I get alot of emails from newbies to Bangkok about to take their first trip. Generally you only need to book into a budget girl friendly hotel along the Sukhumvit road somewhere between soi zero and soi 33. You then have the Nana at one end at soi 4 and soi cowboy the other end at soi 21. Both are within walking distance and lots of other options in between like soi 7,1 soi 22, soi 33. You can then take an excursion to Patpong one night and the massage places down the Ratchada. 10 years ago the Sukhumvit was just one big long red light district. Many places have now gone forever, clinton plaza, soi 10 beer bars, Washington square. Notice the American names dissapearing. More big name hotels, condos businesses and offices are now setting up there and many thais dont want to see this NIMBY – not in my backyard. Not appreciating that sex tourism paved the way to its prosperity. Nana should be safe as no offices or businesses down that way, not yet. Its out of sight to normal thai people so is soi 7,1 but much of it is not. Plus the sex tourism is is decline its difficult to make a profit now. Many of the nice girls do not need to work in the sex industry anymore to make money. As i keep reporting its hard to find a decent looking girl now in Thailand. It use to be easy, they were everywhere. Why we would fall in love so easy.
      But its still great for a visit. For the time being. Just read mongerplant to get a heads up on where to stay, where to look

      1. Thanks for the info! The things is that SEA hosts so many places, Angeles Cities is a good bet, Pnomh Phen, Bangkok, Hong Kong….and perhaps Bali, I got some money saved so far, but the trouble will be that WHERE do I book my flight…

        1. When in Asia you can get around everywhere relatively cheaply using AirAsia, you can book your flights up online, dont need a ticket, just checkin with your passport, you can leave I think up to 4 hours before the flight given there are still seats available. After returning from Phuket I was very nearly going to goto Bali. Bali is on my todo list. Can even get to Sri Lanka from Kuala Lumpur

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