Asian Sex Diary Europe

You dont have to fly all the way to Asia from Europe to find yourself young sexy Asian girls and indulge in some tight Asian pussy. ┬áPlenty of Asian girls working in the main capital cities of Europe…

European Sex Tours

Asian sex diary not only chronicles all the Asian girls they get to fuck around the fleshpots of Asia from Bangkok in Thailand to Manila in the Philippines.

On occasion they take a sex tour to Europe and fuck loads of Asian whores working in the capital cities of Europe. So I am not going to say much myself about Asia sex diary sex tours through Europe. I am just going to give you a sample of some of the content available in the members area of Asian sex diary in Europe, so without further ado lets get stuck in some European Asian pussy tours…

Sylvy in France

Chubby and extremely lonely Asian MILF in France cheats on husband with anal loving white tourist

Check out the full set of this Asian MILF in France being fucked by a horny tourist. She should have stayed in the bar back in Asia.

Julia in Rome

Julia is a asian girl now working as a maid in a hotel in Rome. Her manager not know her past where she worked as a bar girl in Asia. She not get paid much by the hotel, but makes end meet by fucking tourists in their hotel room when she is on her cleaning rounds.

Watch as this Horny Asian hotel maid Julia gets viciously fucked and creampied by a hotel guest sightseeing in Rome.

Bee in Rome

Bee is another ex Asian whore now living in Europe in Rome and is bored with her fat Italian husband who cant get his cock up without a bottle of Viagra. She misses all the hard white tourists cocks she used to get to fuck and suck back in her Asian sex tourism bar. So its easy for Bee to flash her fat asian ass and to pick up horny sight seeing tourists around Rome and go back to their hotels and ride their hard dicks and get her asian pussy filled with cum.

Watch as this Fat ass cheating and willing Asian Thai girl is touched sexually by foreigner in Rome until she goes back to his hotel and sucks on his swollen dick. He never thought Rome would be this good.

Kim in Holland

Kim Emigrated from Asia to Holland with her fat white Dutch sex tourist boyfriend. But you can take the girl out the bar, but not the bar out of the girl. Kim is an ex asian whore who cant give up the good times. When fat dutch hubby is not around she scouts around for a fresh sex tourist to fuck

Kim is a very naughty dutch asian girl and takes her new found boyfriends to a short time hotel and loves to suck their cocks and get her asian pussy creampied.

Aziza in Kiev

Kiev in the Ukraine is one city I would like to visit, not necessarily to fuck Asian girls though. Aziza is such an Asian girl living in Kiev Ukraine and she has got a great asian ass and big Asian tits. She loves to compete with the local Ukrainian whores and on her days off from work fuck foreign tourists for some extra cash and just to satisfy her insatiable appetite for cocks.

Watch as this Asian girl Aziza living in Kiev in the Ukraine gets her ass eaten out and fucked anal by a German sex tourist foreigner passing through the Ukraine.

Location Europe

A great sex tour through Europe fucking only Asian pussy. So many sexy easy asian girls living and working in Europe. Most used to work as bar girls in the fleshpots of Asia before being a girlfriend to some fat sex tourist and then getting married and a visa to Europe. Trouble is these Asian whores love cock to much

You can tap into all this easy asian pussy if on location in Europe. To get a taste of the asian pussy you could be tasting watch A whole week of hot Asian babes in Europe for my sex vacation

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