Kowloon Hong Kong

I had had a couple of good days mongering in Macau.  It  had been an experience in a predominantly Chinese tourist culture.  The plan now was to return to Hong Kong and spend my last few days mongering in Kowloon rather than return to Wan Chai.

Macau to Kowloon

Checked out of the Hotel Lisboa Macao and took the ferry direct to Kowloon with TurboJet for 150 HKD. From Kowloon took a taxi to the hotel Kimberley just off Nathan road near Tsim Sha Tsui MTR.

macau to kowloon

Roads are pretty jammed in Hong Kong but the taxi drivers put the meter on and dont tend to try and rip you off. Kimberly hotel is OK, but to be honest was already missing the Wharney and Wan Chai.

Just felt like I was out of my comfort zone. I was doing alot of hopping about in a short space of time, but my first trips to a new mongering destination are more a reconnaissance mission.  To try and get a little taste of everything that is on offer.

Temple Street

Wanted to try some of the cheaper mongering options that are on offer in Hong Kong, Kowloon side. Made my way up Nathan road to Temple Street. Took a massage with an attractive Chinese woman top of temple street.

temple street

Grubby little room though, for 250 HKD, she wanted to give me a handjob but I wanted to save my spunk for something morw worthwhile tonight.  But let her give me a cock and ball massage for 200 HKD extra to get me in the mood for tonight.

The temple street market was just setting up, I browsed the stalls and noticed some streetwalkers bottom of temple street, but not interested.

mans paradise
k pressure

Parallel with Temple street is Woosung street and I found the premises of K-Pressure. Would return here later tonight maybe..

Kowloon Irish Pub

That first evening in Kowloon found Delaney’s the Irish pub  with another pub called Murphys nearby. Good watering hole is Delaney’s if your based in Kowloon, some freelancers inside too.

Got chatting to some fellow mongers from USA and Ireland and exchanged some good info and contact details. Was suppose to meet my Indonesian maid in New Makati tonight at 9pm. Wanted her to stay all night, but she reminded me this would cost extra… Decided to try k-pressure instead.


Made my way to K-Pressure, was a little tipsy, feeling base, like I wanted a dirty girl who was up for some BBBJ, CIM.  Inside K-Pressure and I was shown into a dark waiting room and then every couple of minutes was introduced to a girl working within K-Pressure.

Rejected the first two Chinese girls as not do CIM, BBBJ. Then a third cheeky Chinese girl was up for it so took her to one of the private rooms. Fee was 500 HKD and another 300 HKD for the extras.

The private room was very nice, right temperature, mirrors, firm bed etc, porn playing. She not quite live up to her promise of CIM in the end though but not a bad experience and is pretty cheap pussy for sure. In my drunken state I had a good time.

Fuji Walkup

The next day in Kowloon took the star ferry across Victoria harbour then took the MTR too Causeway Bay.

hong kong
victoria harbour

Then walking up Lockhart road looking for building 381. Found the Fuji Walkup as listed on Sex 141 and walked inside, some building work going on lots of drilling and crap on the floors. Took a lift up to the top floor 23 with a few other Chinese punters.

hong kong brothel
fuji walkup

Its all very hush hush in these Hong Kong walkups, the protocol is you dont look other punters in the face. Each floor has a half dozen doors or so and in each room is a single working girl, mostly Chinese.

fuji walkup

If she accepts foreigners and currently working and not busy you will see a ‘Welcome’ sign on the door and you ring the bell. She answers, if you like what you see, you enter and do the business.

Basic price for sex is around 500 HKD for 40 minutes. Most girls offer extras but these are usually written in Chinese and their English is not great.  Most of the Chinese females working in the Fuji building are more mature like Chinese MILFS.

hong kong prostitute
chinese whore

I saw one gorgeous Chinese woman, Miss Hong Kong, then realised in my rush to find the building I had forgotten to withdraw some cash out of the ATM. So lost my chance with her as when I came back the ‘Please Wait’ sign was now hanging from her door.

fuji walkup
hong kong walkup

Never come to a Hong Kong whore house without enough cash! Lesson learnt. I amused myself ringing a few more bells, there are so many bells to ring.

chinese brothel
chinese hairy pussy

Found another really attractive Chinese woman and went inside. Enjoyed myself with her, shower together, lovely natural tidy hairy pussy. Not a bad fuck for 500 HKD.

Mong Kok

That evening I took the MTR to Mong Kok, found the red light district of Mong Kok and walked inside one of the brothels.

red light district
mong kok

Two Triad like characters led me into a grubby little room that even cockroaches would have found displeasing.

mong kok brothel
mong kok

Introduced me to three Chinese looking girls.  The girls were not bad looking but not feel comfortable in this Mong Kok brothel and not so horny.

mong kok brothel
mong kok whore

Told them want to look in some other places but they tell me all the same girls, they just shuttle them from one place to the next depending on the punters tastes. Just wanted to get out now.

Hari’s Bar

My last night in Kowloon, took a ferry ride across Victoria harbour to view the spectacle of the symphony of lights.

victoria harbour
symphony of lights

I then made my way to Haris bar in the Holiday Inn hotel bottom of Nathan road or the golden mile of Hong Kong.  Quite a few freelancers inside Haris bar. Some African girls working in the Haris bar and some eastern European and Latina whores too.  More mature, not in good shape not like the fit young girls you find in the night clubs of Wan Chai.

After the Haris Bar I tried out Sticky Fingers too, but mostly western after work Friday night crowd. It was easy to notice the overweight western woman dancing to the Filipino cover band but too dark and loud to pick out any nice working Asian girls.

And so my mongering sexpedition to Hong Kong and Macau had come to an end.  Tomorrow I would fly home to London, not too early though had been careful to pick a later flight.

In the morning when it was too late could have kicked myself for not having my Indonesian maid over, after she text me what time I leave? damn! Another mongering lesson learnt, I was horny too…

hong kong mongering
Hong Kong Sex Diary

For a reality porn look at what really goes on mongering in Hong Kong check out Asian Sex diary Hong Kong.

9 thoughts on “Kowloon Hong Kong”

    1. Hong Kong is a great place to monger. I prefer Wan Chai though from my brief experiences in the place. I would very much like to return
      My favorite though are the Indonesian girls. Shame about that cunt that murdered a couple of Indo girls lately. There will be some sort of crackdown Im sure because of that
      From time to time in any walk of life shit happens

      1. Too bad we don’t have indo girls here in Madrid! Neither
        those apartments where you just knock and if you like what you see you just get in -we have whorehouses/aparments, most of the time you know who’s behind the door because you’ve already seen the whore pictures on the ad, unless they are fake and too good to be true and you just wanna find out what they really look like, done it a couple of times…you also don’t know who’s in the whorehouse when you go a chinese apartment, because they put fake ad pics, the things is that chinese whorehouses in Madrid host about 5-6 girls many young and pretty, will be going to one soon….

  1. Great report, man. It was really informative. I had a few questions about Hong Kong though that I was wondering if you could help me out with.

    Do you have an idea of what masseuses in general charge for different extras lately? Do you have to tip the masseuse on top of the amount she tells you for extras? How do you tell if a place offers extras?

    Finally, I have also heard about “lingam massage”, which is basically a fancy HJ by itself. Do you know if you have to tip/pay the masseuse extra even though it is already sexual?

    Any help you could give would be great. Hope the reports keep coming. Cheers!

  2. Steel, Thanks for the thumbs up on my Hong Kong mongering report. Hong Kong is a great place to visit, plenty of options and I would definitely return sometime.

    Massage with extras is available all over Hong Kong. You only have to tip a masseuse if you think its worth it. If you are not sure if she will offer extras then ask up front.

    The #1 source for mongering advice in hong Kong is the sex 141 forum

    you should find out everything you need to know there.

  3. Do massage parlours generally have showers? If so, are they inside the rooms? There is the concern about leaving valuables in the room when showering.

    Also, how do you know if a place outside of the red light districts offers extras? Would it be offensive to test the waters by being naked during the massage and havinf a visible erection, then seeing what happens? If there are extras, what do you consider reasonable prices?

    1. Thanks for the comment Sire and your question is a good one and a common concern of mongers.
      In the big soapy massage parlours some have lockers that you put your valuables into and cloths and changed into a clean robe and sandals, these places are at the higher end of the scale though, like the Spas etc in Macau.
      Other places being washed in a bath is part of the experience so no need for a shower. When a shower is not in a room, generally you are leaving your cloths valuables unattended in the room, sometimes they are within view other times not. I do not recommend leaving your valuables unattended and there are reports of thefts occurring in such places, although its not common. Generally I would forgo the shower in such circumstances.

      Its not always obvious if a place offers extras, sometimes thats part of fun, not knowing. If a masseure wants you to keep your pants on, then its no go. So you want to be butt naked. She will do your back first and then when she comes inside your legs, usually you can tell by how far she goes into your crutch, if she brushes against your balls then its game on. When you turn over, she will then touch your cock and ask does he want a massage too. Its great fun and very erotic getting to this point and not knowing for sure. I guess you have to enjoy the massage too. I have been in a few places where a happy ending was not on the menu. Else you will need to research hard on the international sex guide or sex 141 forums. But generally massage in Hong Kong always includes handjob at least. Sometimes though you do just want a good massage.

      1. Thank you for your fast reply! You’re the best. I have a few follow up questions though.

        Do you know any good spots in particular for spas, places with a bath, or shower? What are the price ranges for them? Looking up on forums is possible, but I want an answer from someone with some known authority on the subject.

        Also, what are good prices for different extra services? Don’t want to be ripped off, you know. On the other hand, if you haggle too hard there is the risk of poor service.

        Finally, on another note, what is the legal situation of massage parlours in HK? I know 141 prostitution is perfectly legally safe for Johns, but what about in a parlour? I heard Asian police can be harsh if you get caught blatantly on the wrong side of the law.

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