With my weeks mongering vacation in Hong Kong, China, I was considering some other places to visit.  Shenzhen and Macau with Macau winning.  I would then return to Hong Kong from Macau, Kowloon side.

Wan Chai to Macau

From Wan Chai MTR, I made my way to Sheung Wan then the Shun Tak Centre. At the Shun Tak center is where you can get some good deals on hotels in Macau as well as entry into the macau saunas.  Paid 150HKD for a ferry to Macau economy class with TurboJet across the Pearl river.

wan chai to macau
turbo ferry

At the Macau ferry terminal took a taxi to Hotel Lisboa.  You need to be careful at the Macua ferry terminal due to the taxi mafia and scam artists preying on newbie tourists.

Lisboa Hotel

The Hotel Lisboa would be my mongering base for the next two nights in Macau. Taxi journey cost me 25 HKD.

lisboa macau
hotel lisboa

My first afternoon in Macau, just got my bearings a little.  I first just observed the Lisboa racetrack of Chinese prostitutes walking up and down the shopping mall inside the Lisboa hotel.  These girls approach Chinese tourists directly and completely ignore you if your western.

lisboa parade
lisboa racetrack

The Lisboa racetrack sure is a tourist attraction, a mongering wonder of the world.  It is suppose to be very difficult for a western man to go with one of these Chinese girls.  I would try my luck later.


Later I then took a walk around the old town of Macau.  Any old Portuguese architecture has been completely consumed by mega casinos and shops selling everything electronic.  The weather in Macau like Hong Kong was totally wet and cloudy not seen any blue sky or sunshine so far this trip.

Macau Saunas

From a mongering perspective what Macau has in plenty is sauna’s.  Most hotels have casinos and a floor dedicated to a gentleman’s sauna, really a brothel. With gambling and prostitution going hand in hand and both are legal in Macau.  I was in Macau for a couple of nights.  I wanted to try some of the highly recommended saunas like Darlings, Eighteen and Rio.

Rua De Pequim

My first night in Macau decided to hit the Rio Sauna. The Rio sauna not far from the Lisboa hotel a short walk down Rua De Pequim.  Rua De Pequim was suppose to be the spot in Macau where you could pick up streetwalkers and freelancers.  Plenty of touts down down Rua De Pequim offering out flyers.

rio hotel casino
rio sauna

I not notice any girls down Rua De Pequim as I made my way to the 5th floor in the Rio hotel and sauna.

Rio Sauna

Inside the Rio sauna and an attendant helped me change into a bath robe even putting my pants on their own little coat hanger in my locker.  I then made my way to shower rooms, pools and Jacuzzi.

A beautiful young Indonesian girl then washed me down in a private cubicle, you have to pay extra for all these little services like 150$ to 200$.  She offered me a handjob but I declined.  She then offered to meet me after she finish work and stay with me all night in the hotel lisboa for 3000$ again I declined.

After the shower I relaxed in the lounge area. Had a head, neck massage, pedicure and my ears cleaned out. Watched some TV, drank some beer and the hostesses bring you over hot snacks at your request.  Very relaxing.

Showtime, Superstar

Every 30 minutes or so its showtime!.  A girl walks around ringing a bell holding up a sign with showtime on it.  If you want to participate you follow the girl into another room.

Eventually about 50 different girls come in and stand on a small platform stretching the length of the room. I was impressed with the quality of the girls.  The girls were from all over Asia. Some of the girls were South American Latinas and eastern European white girls too.

Was pitching a tent in my bathrobe viewing the spectacle, most girls were standing there in see through lingerie.  I chose a young Thai girl in the end. Through her lingerie could see she kept things natural down below, a real turn on for me. Every girl I chose was told they were a superstar and would cost more.

In our private room, she poured a hot bath, with hot milk and washed me all over with various parts of her anatomy. She gave me a BBBJ and nearly CIM, we made it to the bed and had a good massage and then sex session.

We fall asleep together cuddled up on the bed. Eventually I leave the Rio Sauna gone 2AM in the morning, a little lighter not including the 3500$ bill paid for on my credit card.  But only one night out of my life and need to try these things.

Lisboa Racetrack

The next day in Macau waking in the hotel Lisboa and I am not feeling too good, come down with a chill and cold, must have been something I picked up in the Sauna, breeding ground for germs.

Today my last day in Macau, was determined though to crack one of the Lisboa girls. They show very little interest in you unless your a fat old ugly Chinese man it seems. Cant be right? After all money #1!

chinese prostitutes
lisboa ractrack

I hatched a plan. I got myself looking and smelling really nice and went and stood at the opposite side of the Lisboa parade with a some cash to splash look in my eyes and a nice smile.

lisboa racetrack
lisboa parade

its amazing what you can project, The Chinese girls of the Lisboa racetrack have to contend with many spectators, especially foreigners who believe the girls are not interested in them.  So im guessing its a confidence issue and then a language problem for the most part. I stood at the quiet end of the Lisboa racetrack.

Chinese Hairy Pussy

Most of the spectators stand around outside the coffee and fruit shop.  The best spot for viewing the spectacle only.

lisboa racetrack
lisboa girls

Within 10 seconds standing alone at the quiet end of the Lisboa racetrack and I got a smart attractive Chinese girl coming on to me. The next thing im taking a really pretty Chinese girl back to her room in the Lisboa hotel.

lisboa racetrack girl
chinese whore

This Chinese whore could barely speak English, but just a little the price was 1500$. Good session with her in the room. What I like about the Chinese girls is again they keep their pussy natural and tidy down below.

Lisboa Casino

My last night in Macau, just sit at the bar in the Grand Lisboa, doing what I do best drinking lovely cold draft beer and watching the show girls.

hotel lisboa
lisboa hotel

I had some Filipino ladyboys come onto me at the bar but that was about it.  Ferry in the morning back to Hong Kong, Kowloon side this time.

Enjoyed mongering in Macau and staying in the Hotel Lisboa. Would have liked to explored more of the many saunas in Macau. So many pretty asian girls working in the saunas of Macao. In a word though Macau is expensive and flooded with Chinese mainland tourists more interested in Gambling and the casinos.

16 thoughts on “Macau”

  1. Definately Macau isn’t for cheap charlies, I do not know how I would manage to survive in HongKong,Macau and Shenzhen with 700€ for 10 days if I ever get there, might as well be thinking of other locations…

    1. 2 nights in Macau you could easily spend 700 euros without even trying, if you make your way into the saunas
      you could always try your luck in the casinos. its not a place to go on a shoestring budget. At the ferry terminal you can get cheap entry into the saunas and good deals on hotels. But you are limited on time, who you can choose etc going into the saunas this way.

      1. Thanks for the tip, but the thing is that I would plan to spend half a day there! leaving from HongKong or Shenzhen at 10am/12pm come back at around 9/10pm! Would not be that crazy to even spend a night there! Some sightseeing, take some pics, eat and perhaps fucking a cheap whore, that would be the plan

        1. Not sure where the cheap whores are in Macau? The reason you goto Macau to whore monger is to try out the saunas and experience the lisboa racetrack. Its what makes Macau unique and worth visiting. but you need some money to spend to really enjoy it.

  2. Great post, I was actually in Hong Kong a few years back and visited Macau while I was there. Great place, but I went in the dead of summer so every day was hot and humid. I unfortunately didn’t do much research before going so I was walking around blind looking for good places. I managed to hit up a few massage places and I accidentally walked into a brothel, was looking for somewhere to get a drink, but found a lovely Thai girl! All in all it was a great trip over there, would like to go back, but the flight there is murder (16 hrs), so no plans to go back yet.

    1. I remember looking for just some normal bars to have a beer in. There is somewhere along the waterfront
      In the end was sat at the bar in the grand lisboa casino. nice cold draft and show girls behind the bar
      A few freelancers too. Not a bad place to have a beer

  3. I applaud you for getting one of those Lisboa girls. I’ve seen those girls on two separate occasions, years apart and there are some damn fine looking girls there. Myself was not in a position to do anything both times.

    1. Yes Mr. Q one of those monger victories. Not common for the Lisboa racetrack girls to ever go with a western man, only the chinese sex tourists cum gamblers. It help dressing smart, being positive and standing down the less busy end of the Lisboa racetrack. Not sure what the problem is if language or some sort of prejudice. Couple of the chinese girls I really wanted not butt an eyelid at me.

  4. Great article! What would you consider the best option for a complete newbie to the scene with only a few hours to spend on it?

    1. Well it was a few years ago I took my mongering trip to Macau. But if you only got a few hours then you got to hit a massage parlour, At the time i was there RIo was highly recommended and was good. It would be a crime to goto Macau and not at least observe the Lisboa parade

      1. I actually heard that the Lisboa racetrack was shut down.

        Anyway, what in-call options do you think have the best women? This can either be pure looks or including service. Any particular places that are best for a beginner?

        Are saunas worth it if you only stay a few hours? Like lounge for one or two hours getting some massages (thigh, head, etc) to warm up, then an hour for full service?

  5. What saunas are the best in terms of women, service, atmosphere, and/or price?

    Also, how much money do you need to be bringing into a sauna to really enjoy it for a few hours?

  6. What happens in Rio’s show time? The way you described it, it seems like just a line up rather than a “show”.

    Also, are those prices still current for Rio? Do you remember what services added up to 3500 HKD? Individual prices?

    1. Yes they call it showtime in the Macau saunas and spas but it is just a line up all the sexy girls and some of them are hot and called superstars and cost a premium. As far as prices are concerned not up to date but they tend to go only one way in line with inflation. You should try the Macau saunas, its not that expensive if its just 1 or 2 nights and you will have a memory for life. Mongers like these places as the service and price is pretty much fixed and you know what to expect.

  7. What is the variety and quality of asian and non-asian women in the saunas you have been to? In your opinion, which ones have the best women (any race) overall?

    Also, is that 3500 HKD figure for those services at Rio still about right in 2016?

    1. I only visited the one asian massage parlour in Macau, but the quality of the girls available was very high, easy to choose one. They feature women from all over Asia so plenty of choice and there were some latina girls on offer too. Just suck it and see, dont over analyse the situation. Just choose a massage parlour and pay your money and take your chances. You wont know really until you are inside one. Generally they are all of a good standard in Macau. As for current prices they wont be much higher you will need to find this out from the forums etc like sex 141

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