Wan Chai Hong Kong

It was November 2012 and decided to take a weeks sex vacation to Hong Kong in China.  I was keen to sample some of the mongering options in Hong Kong and Macau especially the red light and tourist district of Wan Chai and Lockhart road.  Hong Kong has been getting in the news recently for the wrong reasons, so lets take a walk down memory lane and taste some real freedom…

London To Hong Kong

Flew to Hong Kong from London with Cathay Pacific, direct flight around 12 hours for 600 pounds. Took the airport express to central then the MTR to Wan Chai exiting on Lockhart road.

hong kong
wan chai

Walked a couple minutes down Lockhart road pass the Queen Victoria pub, felt just like home, and then checked into the hotel Wharney for $100 dollars a night, my base for the next 3 days.  The hotel Wharney is right in the center of all the girly action and guest friendly.  Hong Kong Wan Chai is not cheap especially accommodation.

Lockhart Road, Wan Chai

Neptune 3 Disco

Opposite the Wharney was the Neptune 3 club and disco (the Neptune 2 just closed down the night before) , so I started my adventure off in the Neptune it being around 5pm Saturday evening.

Quite alot of people inside the Neptune, some sexy Indonesian maids dancing in cut down jeans. I move closer, one catches me looking at her and the next thing she is sat on my lap sticking her pierced tongue down my throat. Paid for a lady drink tequila for around 70HKD and the kissing and the groping continued.

neptune disco wan chai
Indo maid

I asked her to join me in the Wharney for 1000 HKD she thought about it and then came back with 2000 HKD, too much for me, she went and danced with her friends and I left the Neptune 3 to try the New Makati.

New Makati Disco Pub

I kind of knew at the time, call it deja vue, that I was experiencing some beginners luck in terms of quality of girl.  The Indo maid in the Neptune was very sexy only 19 yo, very curvy and pretty. Just needed to bring the price down, but thought maybe there was plenty more sexy maids where she came from.

The Neptune was suppose to be more popular with the Filipino maids and the New Makati with Indonesian maids.  So thought in the New Makati may be spoilt for choice…

new makati wan chai
new Makati

Inside the New Makati  and was smaller than the Neptune, very dark, pretty packed out but could not really single out any attractive girls. Tried the Forest bar, Escape club etc, similar setup.  That Indo maid in the Neptune had been more of an exception, I went back to the Neptune later but she had gone.

Maid Parade

Many of the Asian maids working in Hong Kong are mostly from Indonesia and the Philippines.  The maids have one day off a week either Saturday or Sunday. On their day off, many of the maids head to Wan Chai to let their hair down, get drunk and maybe fuck.  Some are domestic hoes, meaning they make some money on the side working as semi pros.  I wanted to tap into the maid parade, I wanted to fuck some sexy Indonesian girls.

San Francisco Gogo

Along Lockhart road there are many gogo bars called velvet curtain clubs.  Generally they are known to be a bit expensive, almost a rip off and the general consensus is the velvet curtain clubs are best avoided.

wan chai
lockhart road

Mostly Filipino girls work in the Gogo clubs in Wan Chai, with the most pretty girls standing outside trying to tempt you inside.  I got pulled into the San Francisco gogo club as I was walking down Lockhart road.  I not get ripped off in the San Francisco.  Sat inside the gogo and I got joined by some pretty Filipino girls.  I told the mamasan  that I only wanted one girl to remain with me and I paid for one lady drink.

Decided to take this Filipino girl back to my hotel for 1 hour short time which was 1300 HKD including the drinks, paid up with the bar using my credit card. Nice Filipino girl, very friendly and the sex session went pretty well back at the hotel with her.

From Dusk till Dawn

After the Filipino girl left the Wharney hotel I went back out around Wan Chai.   All the domestic maids had now left the clubs like Neptune, new Makati and Forest and gone home to sleep.  What was left now was more hardcore freelancer types, Thai, Filipino, older, heavier, uglier.

The more normal clubs in Wan Chai like Dusk till Dawn come alive late at night and into the early morning and get packed out with locals and tourists with live band playing etc.  Outside some of the popular late night clubs around Wan Chai, you have some African and Latina hookers plying their trade but these whores also a little on the hardcore looking side. I not indulge.

After 9pm the maids go back home as they resume work in the morning.  Was looking forward to the infamous Sundays maid parade in Wan Chai. This was when most domestic maids working in Hong Kong had their day off and alot of them head to Wan Chai and Bar 109 and get very drunk.

bar 109 wan chai
Bar 109

I spend a few hours dancing in Dusk till Dawn well into the early hours of the morning to a great Filipino cover band and downing alot of booze at the same time.  Generally making a pratt of myself 🙂

Bar 109

I head over to Bar 109 to check it out before intending to head back to bar 109 around midday.  I left Bar 109 after 5am Sunday morning, very drunk, Indonesian maids were turning up at this time in Bar 109, this is where the fun begins. Bar 109 on Sundays in Wan Chai with the Hong Kong maids.  I was looking forward to it.

Hong Kong Hangover

A few hours later I awake in my hotel room in the Wharney,  I am in the center of the whirling pit, I’m not feeling well, there is no way I can make bar 109 for midday as I throw up down the toilet. I do head out that evening though around 5pm, really brittle, like a vampire being exposed to sunlight.wan-chai-red-light-district
I walk pass Bar 109, they keep the doors shut on Sundays maid parade. There are some drunk Indo maids outside, throwing up also. The curtains are pulled across the entrance with a doorman standing there. The advice is not to go in Bar 109 Sunday sober! I left it.  I had fucked up the main reason for my Hong Kong visit.

6 Hands Massage

I tried a few of the clubs,  New Makati, Neptune and Forest were all packed out, some lovely cute maids standing around, alot of drunk expats.  I was not in the right mood for joining in the fun so decided to put plan B into action.

wan chai massage
hong kong massage

Plan B was some addresses of massage places from the Hong Kong Sex 141 down Hennessy Road in the Wan Chai area. A sexy massage would be more relaxing and could help nurse my awful hangover.

6 Hand handjob

Find one massage place with half a dozen cute Chinese girls working mid twenties or so.  A one hour full body massage 280 HKD.  The mamasan then suggests why not take 2 girls?  3 girls? 4 girls? I took 3 Chinese girls in the end with an erection in my pants.

chinese massage
wan chai massage

One of the Chinese girls was really good at massage. For an extra 200 HKD each the 3 chinese massage girls all gave me a handjob together.  Its funny, you wont find any Chinese girls in the bars or clubs in Wan Chai or down Lockhart road but plenty in the massage and brothels all listed on the Hong Kong sex 141.

Indonesian Maid, Domestic Ho

My last night in Wan Chai, tommorrow I head for Macau. I end up in the New Makati after drinking in Bar 109, I really wanted to bag myself a sexy Indonesian maid. I noticed an Indo girl who was totally my type sat at the bar, alone so I approached her and began some small chat.

new makati indo girl
Indonesian maid

She was an Indonesian maid, Monday night was her night off. I told her I wanted to take her back to my hotel, she was fine about it but started negotiations off at 2000 HKD.  I replied with 1500 HKD, she agreed, that was that.

curvy indo maid
Latina of asia

Back to girl friendly Wharney hotel for a great time with this Indonesian maid giving the girlfriend and porn star experience all in one.
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After a great sex session with this Indo maid we exchanged phone numbers having got myself a local SIM card with PCCW for 70HKD including superfast data which you can top up online.

domestic ho
indo maid

A great last night mongering in Wan Chai Hong Kong. You can see why they call Indonesian girls the latinas of Asia!  Its not often I fuck an Asian girl doggy, but this Indo girl got fucked doggy with that ass taking a good slapping.  This gorgeous Indonesian maid I fucked in Hong Kong would be the inspiration for my mongering trip to Jakarta one year later.

Mongering Wan Chai

The next morning I leave for Macau, returning in a couple of days to Hong Kong, Kowloon side. Wan Chai is not cheap if you want to indulge properly in some quality pussy but lots of options. The red light district is highly concentrated and everywhere  is a few minutes walk.
I guess Wan Chai would be more fun if the velvet curtain clubs were more accessible like the Gogos in Bangkok and Angeles.  Would definitely return to Wan Chai in Hong Kong. Im jealous of the western guys living and working in Hong Kong.

Asian sex diary
Hong Kong

To get a better idea of what could be going on in your hotel room in Wan Chai, check out Hong Kong Sex Diary as this Asian monger fucks his way through Hong Kong and some lovely Chinese girls.

Wild week of Asian pussy adventures in Hong Kong fucking loads of cute Asian girls and not just Chinese or from Hong Kong.

7 thoughts on “Wan Chai Hong Kong”

  1. Thanks for the info I am thinking of taking a 10 day sex vacation in southern China if I don’t go to Ibiza next summer. The budget will be of 700€ and I plan to stay three days in Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen

  2. I knew this maid through a friend of mine. She may have had monday off but also in wanchai most other nights as well. Funny thing was that another of her friends saw a video you put on youtube that had some pics of her, also had a reference to this site and it didnt then take long until they found your review! Lots of the girls were shocked that someone was posting pictures and reviews of their performance but this maid seemed ok with it. Must have liked the pics or the description you gave. She’s not in HK any longer and got much fatter before she left.

    Afromonger – 700 euros wont get you far in hk and macau

    1. Yes I remember that a couple of years back, some of the members off sex 141 got really upset I was doing some secret filming. I was experimenting at the time with it. But got me into alot of trouble so gave that up. Do not recommend it. Got thrown off youtube too and was making around 400$ a month at one time and growing each week.
      Some girls out of bar 109 found themselves on youtube. Its funny now
      We live and learn. Sorry to hear about my lovely Indo maid has left Hong Kong. In fact I felt that there were better looking Info girls around Wan Chai in Hong Kong than in Jakarta. Im wondering if there is much change on the ground with the mongering scene in Hong Kong since the protests and the horrific murders of those two indo girls by that Banker? Is it still business as usual In Hong Kong?

      1. Some of the bars were quiet for a while – makati in particular was empty at times due to the fact it featured most in the press. No one wanted their picture in the daily mail leaving with a girl or two. Inevitable police crackdown but all they did was to ask for id then leave. Largely back to business as usual.

        1. Thanks for the update, shit happens sometimes wherever and whatever. I would really like to come back sometime to Hong Kong. Enjoyed it.
          What would be better is if I could get a job contracting out there. Recently I have found I am working and waiting 6 months until I can travel again
          Would it not be better to just work in a place like Hong Kong and then have all that pussy on tap. Not sure how it would work out if work and play were close together

          1. You go a bit mad at first and then calm down after a while. It’s very different from being on holiday. A lot of the bars have people just drinking as well as those picking up the girls so the chances of running into a co worker are reasonably high. Some do it themselves, some don’t care and others disapprove. You may find contracting here difficult due to the need for a work visa.

      2. It is about the same. After a few weeks, It was back to normal.

        I had a gf in HKG. She was at the same Halloween party as the banker and his second victim. She was good friends with the second victim. Hung out with her at the party. Saw the asshole banker. Turns out she was also friends with the first victim…She was very upset.

        I’m mad that the papers tried to say the girls were hookers, and implied their deaths didn’t matter like normal girls. They were both maids, jus trying to have a bit of fun, and earn some extra dollars to send home to their families.

        About a month later, another girl she knew jumped off a balcony to her death…sounded like over a boyfriend problem.

        Sometimes Earth is shit.

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