London Craigslist Black Girls

I love having sex with black girls.  I have met black girls whore mongering around the world from Kenya and the Gambia in Africa  to Brazil and Costa Rica in Latin America.  I have met sexy young ebony girls online through Afro dating sites and London Craigslist. If I am looking at porn on the internet I often find myself looking at naked black girls.   Let look at some of the black girls I have met locally off London’s Craigslist…

Craigslist Anal Sex

In London, there are many sexy young black girls to fuck.  Its easy to meet them through placing ads in London’s Craigslist.  Often these girls replying to craigslist will want some small cash rewards.  Sometimes not though, all depends.  But often the sex has been great, the girls staying all night and not handing over any cash.
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This one loved anal sex.  She told me on the phone, I love white cocks in my black ass.  Well, I had to meet her.  Not ask for a cash reward either and stayed a couple of nights where I enjoyed anal sex and cumming in her black ass.

Craigslist Cash Reward

This sexy black girl was one of the first I meet off Londons Craigslist when I first discovered its potential back in 2008.  Back then I just wanted to meet black girls for casual sex hoping the desire was mutual.
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I had no intention of paying them for sex.  This one responded but told me she wanted a £100 for staying the night – a cash reward.  Eventually I agreed, well worth it too.  For a treat she would bring over her best sexy lingerie and put it on for me and walk about.

Craigslist, Mongering at home

Its around this time mongering around the world was losing its attraction when mongering at home reaped such rewards.  Overall alot cheaper and easier and the girls non pro or semi pro.  Receiving both the porn star and girlfriend experience.

This London black girl wanted a cash reward and would come over for just a few hours but loved being fucked doggy on the couch.
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Great black ass, loved pulling down her panties and slapping her ass and then slamming in my white cock into her wet black pussy.  So the girls who want some cash rewards often love the sex too.  They are horny and also in need of cash.

Role Play, Fan, CIM

This London black girl was actually a fan of my blog mongerplanet.  She commented on one of my posts on London’s craigslist girls and I emailed her directly.  She was then up for meeting me. We did some role play.  She was coming round as a student looking at a room to rent.  She could then not afford the rent and was there something else she could do?
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She sucked my cock, loads of saliva and let me cim.  Great performance and not really want any cash either although I did give her a reward for such good cock sucking skills.

Craigslist, mixed race model

One of the best girls I meet off Londons craigslist was actually a part time model.  A mixed race babe from London.  This one wanted paying but her body was fantastic.  She had lovely tits that pointed north west and a lovely trimmed hairy pussy.

london craigslist
mixed race model

I was falling for this girl, she was a little cold though. Not kiss but loved being fucked and would stay the night.  Once she stayed for 4 days and nights at no extra cost.  Just wanted a break from London and a shoulder to cry on.  Typical younger girl with a daddy complex.  Older men should look to exploit the young girls with a daddy complex.

Birthday treat

Some girls you correspond with off Craigslist are slow burners, it can be months even years before you eventually get round to meet them.  I had exchanged a few emails and pics with this mixed race girl living in the suburbs of London.  But never met her, she was sex on legs.  Then one day on my birthday, got a text message from her and she invited me round to her flat.

london craigslist
mixed race girl

She opened the door dressed in sexy lingerie we went into the bedroom and sat on the bed.  She almost commanded me to ravage her.  Those tits were fantastic.  Great sex session, no cash reward, she not even know it was my birthday.

The girls that got away

Of course there are the girls from Londons craigslist that got away, the ones I never met but wished I had.

black babe london
ebony teen

The reasons are varied.  They want to much money, they not willing to travel or they just blow cold.  Someone has come up closer to home who is willing to pay more cash.  Its my experience a girl who responds with how much will you pay?  Is only interested in cash and not so much the sex.  You really want the girls who are horny too.


You get alot of spam and scams on Craigslist but there is always some genuine replies.  I have found its best to appeal to niche markets like ebony teens, doggy, hairy pussy.
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Craigslist is all about casual sex dating, about fetishes.  Craigslist dating is a great medium for putting like minded people in touch with each other for mutual benefit while remaining anonymous to everyone else.  Alot of the younger black girls in London who may reply to your advert for casual hookup on Craigslist are going to be students short of cash and some of them with an older dirty white man fucking them fetish and fantasy.

19 thoughts on “London Craigslist Black Girls”

  1. Got dang it! Would be cool to enter into the underground craiglist sex of London, love fucking black bitches doggy! Got a colombian ebony whore for 40€ she had me melting in the rubber!

    1. Cant remember, long time ago. I not target white girls. When I was in my 30s no problem meeting them in nightclubs, but not really go out anymore in my local town. There are white girls on craigslist but most of my ads target black girls. Had a few sexy white girls respond, sent some nice pics, but never met up. Most contacts through craigslist although genuine, you dont meet in person for one reason or another. You have to persevere with it. Ideally have a few on the boil and in the pipeline.

      1. Then we’re kinda alike besides our obvious differences! I do not go african/black night clubs in Madrid, I always target the white girls, I am black and african different poles do attract each other. Same when I monger I go for the latinas, russians and chinese whores, never for black/african whores unless they are stunning! In summer I fucked an ebony big booty colombian though she was cheap 40€ for 40mins everything included. In a puticlub a black busty colombian whore would let go on me, had my eyes were already on a blonde eastern european woman with short hair and a phatt ass…

  2. I’ve had some great CL experiencrs with black girls. Once you weed out the scammers and pros it can be a gold mine. I’ve had 3 true gf experiences off CL to the extent where I actually went on dates etc in the following weeks with them. They were just regular girls looking for fun and or a reward. Great times.

    1. Glad to hear it Adam. Just lately though I am having a dry period with black girls on craigslist. If I find a few that are genuine they live the other side of London and are not willing to travel. Last night I had one come through who wanted 2K for the night 🙂 Had a couple of scammers as well. One wanted me to buy her a 25 amazon gift voucher that you can buy in the shops. Ever had that scam? To prove your genuine they then want you to send a pic of the code of the voucher 🙂 sure. Worried that Craigslist may have gone to pot. Sometimes you need to take a rest from it.

      1. I’ve never had the Amazon scam but like you had some girls asking for silly amounts of money. I tend to find sometimes my adds go unanswered while other times I get lots of replies. I’ve not posted an add for while just for a break.

        Black girls are my weakness but I am starting to feel the need to sample some latina chicas. Was considering a trip to DR but I think I’ve missed the boat with Sosua.

        1. Yeah its pretty easy to meet black girls off craigslist around the London area. Not so easy to meet girls of other ethnic persuasions though, Latinas, Indian girls etc.
          I am considering putting together a members only craigslist page featuring the pics I have collected over the years from craigslist with some anecdotes. Might get me into trouble though

          I think Sosua at the moment still has alot of fans, Im sure you would find some Latina girls to keep you company.

          1. Have you ever had a disaster off CL? I’ve had one.With hindsight its a very funny story sort of a bit like a Carry On type film, maybe I could do a write up of it? Also had a weird non pro Indian girl who needs to be steered clear of.

            The members only CL area would be great. I’ve got pics of a few but 3 of the girls are actually decent people so I don’t want to run the risk of causing them any grief.Have you ever had replies from ‘Leona’ or ‘Joy’. I think these are pros masquerading as regular girls. Everytime I post and add I often get replies from them.

            1. Lol Joy was one of the first black girls I met off Craigslist, yes pro girl. Not repeat as would just goto a pro if thats all I want
              I had some luck yesterday. Just posted one of my stock craigslist ads wanting black girl, got a bite, pic was nice. She was prepared to travel to me.
              Really fit girl when I met her, 25 done some modelling. Back at my place, she was hard work. Needed to get a couple of red wines in her
              Then she was being fucked doggy sucking my cock, full on kissing, love her pussy being lick. Another great experience for £100, stayed a good 3 hours
              Now you just dont get that with pro girls.

              Had one bad experience with a girl coming over for the weekend from Spain. An American latina. She was really piling it on in her emails how she loved sucking cock etc
              When we met she was a total shrinking violet and weird with it. Just dropped her off back at the station and nothing happened. Frustrating considering what I was expecting

              I fucked a black teen once, who often did threesomes with her half sister. But not persue the threesome as her sister was into shitting on peoples faces and in their mouths
              They have done this a few times and its what some guys off craigslist want! shocking that is some weird perversion to me.

              Mostly good experiences. I have met three beautiful black and mixed race babes now off Craigslist who have done modelling, why I keep going back
              This girl I met yesterday recommend Tinder. Are there any other options to Craigslist for some casual dating?

          2. For some reason its not letting me reply to your latest post so had to reply here.

            Tinder is a dating app, its quick fire and all the rage at the moment. The 20 something guys in my office love it they get 2 or 3 girls a week of it for casual free sex but I think its a young mans game. But you never no. Got to be in it to win it!

            Latest CL sounds great it is I like about there will always be a gem that comes along. Let me know how your latest add goes!

            1. Yeah may give Tinder a go. It links to your facebook profile I believe?

              An older man has to use his wallet to get the younger girls. Its something you have to be indirect about on craigslist cant say cash reward. small rewards seems to get pass
              I have noticed on Sundays more of my ads get deleted if explicit. Im guessing its older women flagging them as it frustrates them that older men are looking for alot younger females.
              I could never imagine meeting someone off Craigslist and having a serious relationship. I once experimented stating looking for love and marriage 🙂 and got loads of 40 something Russians replying

  3. I’ve checked out Craigslist, but still have difficulty finding pretty thin attractive black girls, have you any tips or contacts with ones you’ve been with or what to look out for on there?

    1. Searcher, keep searching. honestly perseverance furthers with craigslist. I never no when a young ebony stunner is going to take the bait and travel across London to be fucked by me for a £100. Usually they are horny too and really out for a sexual adventure.

      What you need to do is first believe they are there, the girls reading maybe the most recent ads but not at all times of the day and night.

      In your craigslist account it lists all your ads. Every 48 hours or so you can renew your craigslist ad and its puts it back up the top. Do this at different days and different times of the day. Its a bit like google SERP most surfers dont look beyond the first page.

      Other girls search for craigslist ads containing phrases like cash reward. These are not always your best bet, they are desperate to pay the rent or something or go out and get wasted.

      Change your keywords, really bring out your fetish or whatever it is that turns you on. I think girls get turned on reading the craigslist ads, but you dont want to come across as a weirdo.

      I dont really write up about my craigslist sexual encounters anymore but had a gorgeous young black girl over couple of weeks ago. She was so horny, as soon as we were in my house it was full on kissing and her hand on my cock, love it! having a dry period now. Hope this helps somewhat

      Since I am getting more what I want from craigslist I never use dating sites anymore. The same girls who come through on craigslist would never show any interest to a profile up on a dating site. I also love craigslist because its anonymous. Increasing becoming important.

  4. Are those black girls from the Caribbean?met a black Caribbean girl from Grenada but she acted like a diva, perhaps because all the Spanish guys at the bar wanted to get with her, she was hot though

    1. I have met well over 20 black girls from Londons craigslist over the last couple of years. Most are British black with African roots. From all over Africa. A few were from Africa and been in the UK a few years or do.
      I can think Angola, Sudan, Congo, Zimbabwe to name a few. one or two from the Caribbean. One or two Afro American girls too, tourists students etc. So many more that got away too. Score rate would have doubled if I lived in central london or zone zero. Most of the black girls I have met off londons craigslist have been at least 20 years younger than me, young enough to be my daughter. Never lied to them about my age, Most were into or had a fantasy about being fucked by a white daddy figure 🙂 Nowt stranger than folk

  5. Hey. Man I have met 20+ black girls on Craigslist since the last 5 years I’d say. Mostly for fun but had the odd paid massage and happy ending. Gen her name was huge tits big smile around 3 years ago

    1. Rob, Craigslist was great especially if you lived near a big city like London, you never knew what you would hook into next but often really good quality girls looking for a little cash and sex. Its a shame along with Backpage, craigslist personal is now no more. Years ago gumtree used to be really good too, but all gone. So what is moving into the place of craigslist personals?

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