Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

I would be spending my last few nights on this mongering tour through the Dominican republic in the capital city Santo Domingo. This was my first sex vacation to the Dominican republic and was keen to experience all the main tourist resorts and the city.

Sosua to Santo Domingo

Took the 11am bus from Sosua to Santo Domingo with metro. Arrived in Santo Domingo around 3pm and jumped into a taxi to Hotel Riazon on Av Independencia for 200 pesos. Hotel Riazon is $60 a night and chica friendy located in an area of Santo Domingo with the highest concentration of clubs and casinos.

santo domingo
hotel riazon

Thats my room in the hotel Riazon, top left balcony.

Baby Dolls

I headed down to the sea front and first tried the  baby dolls club along the Malecon next door to Foxys.

baby dolls santo domingo
baby dolls

Was late afternoon and about 5 dominican girls inside, little hardcore but above average looking, they wanted 3500 pesos for takeout which I think is expensive but seems to be the price in the clubs in Santo Domingo.

foxys santo domingo

Was tempted as was horny and all the girls were rubbing my cock through my jeans trying to sway me.

Av Pasteur Sky High

Later that night I tried the Sky High club down along Av Pasteur. Not impressed with the girls, about 8 dominican chicas stood around me all looking tired bored and totally uninterested.

sky high santo domingo
sky high club

All around Av Pasteur area there are lots of hustlers trying to take you to clubs you already know about. Your prices will likely be higher if the club think they have to pay the hustler some commission.  I must admit to not having done much research for Santo Domingo, thought I would do it on the road. Well I was in the right hotel and seemed I only needed this mongering map of Santo Domingo.

Calle El Conde

I visited a few of the casas listed on the Santo Domingo mongers map but could not find them or they were gone. I wandered down Calle El Conde,  There is a popular 24 hour restaurant on the corner of calle el conde.  I  did have a maturer black freelancer wanting some business, but I was not interested.

el conde santo domingo
calle el conde

Another dominican chica who spoke English caught me looking at her and come over to me, I not have my phone on me or a pen or notepad, so she took my facebook handle.  She had to goto work so could not come with me there and then.

Calle Cervantes Massage

Later a hustler around Av Pasteur took me to a massage parlour at no 2 Calle Cervantes, about half a dozen girls inside, one was really nice so chose her.

Calle Cervantes Massage
massage parlour

A one hour massage was 1200 pesos. Massage was excellent, a strong well built latina girl. On my front I had a full erection which she was touching she them offered me full sex for an extra 1000 pesos. Had a really good session with her on the massage table, but she not let me suck her puff nipples and the blowjob was covered.

Outside I gave the hustler 100 peso tip and he now had his motobike with him and wanted to take me around the casas. But was relieved now so declined his offer.  But this was an option I should have tried while mongering in Santo Domingo.  He seemed OK, trustworthy.

Once you find a good hustler then stick with him and take some risks.  Through him I had now lost my cherry in Santo Domingo.  I not like the sex clubs in Santo Domingo, prices are out of my range relative to the quality of the chicas.  I think these clubs are more geared to business visitors rather than sex tourists.

Santo Domingo Casino

My last night in Santo Domingo was in the Jaragua casino for a couple of hours playing roulette, a few freelancers in the casino, but nothing special.

santo domingo casino

Some of the casino hostesses are lovely though but need to speak fluent Spanish. The hostesses bring you over free drink and food as long as you are gambling.   It was a little sickening to watch cock fighting on the big screen inside the casino.  But its part of their culture.


Checked out the Dollhouse my last night in Santo Domingo. Thought the Dollhouse might be really upmarket with some really hot dominican girls, but was disappointed.

dollshouse dominican

After paying an entrance fee was sat down and just one girl dances at a time, the best girl I saw was a latina an 8 at most, she come over to me and asked if I wanted some company, but declined,  I read in the dollhouse it was 200 dollars a chica.  The girls in the Dollhouse had a whiter skin tone and seems locals with money will pay a premium for this trait.

I wandered back along Av Independencia, almost deserted this time at night. I was going to try the 305 club and hope to take a chica on my last night in Santo Domingo from the 305 club. But not make it and stopped off at my hotel and fell asleep.

The next morning took the Bavaro express from Juan Sanchez Ramirez bus station back to Punta Cana for my flight home to London. Mongering for me in Santo Domingo had not been good, much better places to concentrate your efforts in the Dominican republic like Sosua.

4 thoughts on “Santo Domingo Dominican Republic”

  1. The DR is interesting, but I think I would not take the risk to monger there, hustlers, unsecure, and stuff like that, from what I read Buenos Aires is a good bet

    1. Yes Argentina would be a good trip I am sure. Some beautiful latinas. DR is very popular with some mongers, but mostly Sosua. As I had to land in Punta Cana, I just planned a trip through the whole country, which is always interesting whatever happens. And of course something to write up about and share with you. I would return to the Dominican but spend all of my time in Sosua. Sometimes the second or third trip to a place is better as reality meets your expectations. Problem is in the last couple of years there has been clean ups and crackdowns. Dont even think Passions is open anymore. They accused the German owner of people trafficking. Passions was one of the best clubs I have been in across the world. The girls who worked there, liked the environment the security, they were all there on their own freewill. Some people assume if a girl works as a prostitute she must have been coerced

  2. All in all man the whole DR experience didn’t seem worth it, to much drama with some of these girls, or their pimp. Now I was born in that country, its never been a place I considered mongering in, and now I’m sure that I’ll look else where when I leave abroad and start mongering on my own (one day). But still enjoyed all the DR post, always feel like I learn stuff when I come here lol. Keep up the great work.

    1. The people in the DR are very friendly. But yes dealing with the prostitutes and their pimps can be very challenging. I would return to the DR but only really interested in Sosua.

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