Sosua Dominican Republic

The epi center of whore mongering in the Dominican republic is Sosua in the province of  Puerto Plata on the northern coast line. Most mongers fly directly into Puerto Plata and spend all their time in Sosua.  I was now heading to Sosua from Boca Chica to continue my sex expedition through the DR…

Boca Chica to Sosua

It was not clear how to get a bus from Boca Chica into Santo Domingo. to then catch my bus to Sosua  So took a taxi direct from Boca Chica to the Metro bus station for $40.  The bus was leaving at 11am to Sosua for just under 400 pesos.

santo domingo metro
metro to sosua

The advantage with Metro is it stops directly on Dr Rosen whereas the alternative Caribtours drops you off a couple of miles out of Sosua central.  Was a good day to take a coach as it rained all day the first I had seen all week in the Dominican.

Rockys Condos

Arrived in Sosua on schedule and headed 2 minutes down the road to Rockys. I had a reservation at Rockys Condos Trade Winds.   I was met by Rick who owns Rockys a very helpful and friendly Canadian guy.

rockys bar sosua
Rockys Sosua

Had to pay cash up front. Not sure what the problem is in the Dominican with accepting credit cards. Cost was $275 plus $100 deposit for one weeks stay.

I chose trade winds over the condos opposite Rockys as I thought I would appreciate the peace there more(remembering the del rey in costa rica) and it had a good swimming pool and garden. Trade winds was also close to the club Passions.  Rick drove me up to the condo and I was happy with my choice. Although through the week had a constant problem with the WiFi.


At least every other night in Sosua I would visit Passions, only a five minute walk from my condo at Trade Winds.

passions sex club

Passions has some classy Dominican girls working inside from Afro caribbean to latinas.
I always took the in house option full sex, 1 hour for 2500 pesos.

sex menu sosua
Passions menu

All my experiences with the chicas in Passions were good why I did many repeat visits. There is no messing about, very professional establishment and the quality of some of the girls was far better than any you will find along Pedro Clisante.

passions bar
passions sosua

Each night I visited you would notice some girls you had not seen before and handful you were already on talking terms with. There was always a couple of chicas you wanted a session with.

Passions latina girl

My first night in Passions Sosua and I took a tall pretty sexy and very friendly latina girl.  She gave very good service, was very affectionate.

sexy latina sosua
passions latina

In hindsight this 19 yo latina girl  would have been a good choice for taking all night or tudos la noche. She gave the girlfriend experience although would only give covered blowjob.   She was the only one who could actually give a good massage. The chicas are much better at fucking than giving a massage.  They all seemed to enjoy their work.

Passions Latina top girl

The weekend in Passions and it get alot more busy. I had my eye on a latina who was pole dancing topless, fantastic looking and perfect bodywork. More dudes were coming in and soon she would be taken. So called her over. No time for smalltalk, she agreed to come to the room with me short time.

sexy latina teen
passions latina

Again, another great performance, very enthusiastic. During the week days plenty of girls to choose from in Passions, very little competition.  Passions is one of the best sex clubs in the world for meeting pretty sexy latina and black girls.

Passions Petite Afro Caribbean

After two latina girls the next night in Passions and I fancied something a bit different.  I took a really pretty petite afro Caribbean chica. She was very keen to please me.

black chica sosua
passions ebony chica

The rooms in Passions are good, mirrors on the wall so you can watch yourself on the bed fucking the chicas doggy. Nice showers, fans and aircon.

Passions Moreno Chica

On my last night in Sosua heading back from Sosua beach to my condo and I took a detour to Passions arriving there around 5pm. This is when most the of the girls start their nightshift and so are fresh. You can get some daytime action in Passions with it opening at 11AM and closing around 3AM. Sat at the bar and this older chica was telling me I could do what I want to her CIM Anal.

sosua passions girl
passions chica

Decided to hold her to her promise and took her for my last session. Again another very good performance, although giving some BBBJ with lots of saliva never got round to anal or CIM.

Sosua Beach

Every day I would spend relaxing on Sosua beach.  At  weekends the beach gets alot more busy especially on Sunday with locals. A recliner and umbrella will set you back 200 pesos for the day.

sosua beach
Sosua beach

I tried about 5 different restaurants  along the beach, all served good food. The beach was really nice, swimming in the sea was good to the point that not use the swimming pool at the condo, no need could do all my swimming in the sea.

sosua moon light
Sosua sunset

If you stay on Sosua beach until the evening there are some great sunsets to view before heading back to your hotel.

Pedro Clisante

I did wander into downtown Sosua on a few nights, once or twice this was after a session in Passions, so was not feeling desperate for some pussy.  Another club nearby to Passions was CMP, but most chicas were average in there and too hot inside, stuff your not concious of in Passions.

cmp club
sosua cmp

Iv never been keen on dealing with freelancers and streetwalkers even in places like Thailand. One night down pedro clisante got chatting with the waitress in the bar outside Latinas, she would come back to my condo after work but not finish until 3AM.

latinos barmaid
sosua waitress

Way pass my bedtime, did not think it would happen.  Sosua is popular with sex tourists from the USA especially Afro Americans from New York city.  The clubs like latinos and classicos get busy late at night and lots of dominican girls to choose from, just watch your wallet.  Like Boca Chica alot of these chicas would rather steal your wallet than have to fuck you for less money.

Got chatting with a bunch of chicas in a quiet bar a few blocks up Pedro Clisante called Bar Las Flores.   Not realised a few hours had passed in bar las flores, chatting to the chicas with me paying for all the beers.

bar girl sosua
Sosua chica

This sexy chica liked me, wanted a proper date though, not a freelancer.  She was just chilling with her friends after working in a restaurant.

Wandered back down to Latinas to check on that sexy waitress with the great ass. Sat at the bar at latinos waiting for the waitress to finish her shift and got chatting to a very attractive afro caribbean freelancer at the bar.  This freelancer was more mature a few extra pounds but lots of charisma and charming.

afro caribbean girl
sosua freelancer

Would have taken this Afro Caribbean freelancer had I not already have my sights firmly fixed on the waitress. Then between them, they suggested for us all to have a threesome. I agreed 2000 pesos with the freelancer and the waitress.  So come 3am we jump on two motohonchos back to my condo.

Sosua Threesome

Back at my condo and In the bedroom, the waitress was a bit shy, a lacklustre performance from her,  fantastic ass though that took a good slapping and a shaved pussy.  The maturer black chica was good though, she gave me a BBBJ with lots of spitting and saliva while the waitress just watched us.

The black chica wanted extra for BBBJ performance though, to CIM she wanted 5000 pesos! We messed about on the bed for a while, changing condoms I was losing my erection, staying in the bars until 3AM had drunk a fair amount of alcohol too. The bed was creaky too, not ideal for a threesome considering trade winds is popular with the elderly, not an ideal mongering base for bringing the chicas back to your room.

Domestic fight

During a sex session I often stop and start, after a couple of times these chicas were using it as an excuse to finish. Ok, so I gave the black chica 2000 pesos and the waitress 1000 pesos and told them to get out! They were not going, the black chica picked up the saucepan and threatened to hit me with it. I was in the mood for a fight, but had my elderly neighbours to think of, I must have already woken them all up, they were probably enjoying the early morning domestic.

In the end I just paid up, to get them out. When you get into these situations with the chicas it makes uncomfortable to frequent the same bars again especially when they work behind the bar, Im sure they are well connected too. I just try not to repeat the same mistakes, persistence pays off in the end, keep trying.

Passions is much more to my liking, get your rocks off in passions and then just enjoying the vibe down Pedro clisante,  Sosua beach is great too for chilling in the day, would definitely return to Sosua for Passions and the beach. Next stop Santo Domingo before heading back to Punta Cana for my flight home to London.

11 thoughts on “Sosua Dominican Republic”

  1. I liked them all! Would love to doggy and see naked the afrolatina mature whore 😉 seems like the DR is worth a visit, just too many hustler and jineteras~ love the afrolatinas more than their exotic counterparts

    1. Dominican is an interesting country to visit and monger. If not for the Passions nightclub though I dont think I would have enjoyed Sosua as much. The girls working in Passions were hot and well behaved with a set price. I like that, in fact at the time I rated Passions as one of the best whore mongering clubs in the world. Gorgeous young black, latina chicas, they liked working in their too, it was safe for them. On the streets is a different matter altogether. I nearly got into fights with the girls and some other punters. Lots of Afro Americans from the projects there and white trash too 🙂 Sosua is tame compared to the hustlers in Boca Chica. Lovely beach on Sosua too.
      Sometimes its the second or third trip that is the best as you know the territory and your expectations are at one with reality. So yes would like to return to Sosua sometime. In the last few years though I hear of many crackdowns, police raids, imprisonment, not sure Passions is open anymore? But the girls are still on the streets and in the bars. I do hate moral crusaders, they do more damage than good

      1. Used to live in East Coast of the US, flying from there to the DR is as low as 300$ if booked on time -so is the closest and cheaper sex destination, plus many black Americans like women thick. American punters are not known to behave well, same as the British, but most people still prefer the Brtis, I really don’t care- Torbe told me a couple of years ago that the DR is turning into some shit, they wanna get rid of that sexual paradise image, they just can’t, countries like Thailand are trying hard but at the same time the economy is booming, not so much in the DR when half of them are in NYC and Spain

      2. I feel the same way. Sosua has gotten the attention of many in the United States and now Americans moralists are trying to figure out a way to deter American men from going there. You have to be careful of setups now. Check Cedulas very carefully. The moralists would love to have you arrested for prostitution as they do in the U.S. but its legal in DR so they are attempting to trick you into picking up a minor so they can nab you for child prostitution.

        Passions is closed. Ironically the closure of Passions in Sosua was a turn in the wrong direction as the girls were safe inside and it brings the prostitution off the streets. I think it should have been expanded but unfortunately it was not in a good location. The club should have been in a designated red light district like they do in countries like Brazil, or the Philippines. Also girls should be getting health checks every month and STD tests every two weeks. This is the safest way to do it.

        I believe prostitution should be legal and regulated so its made safe for public health and free of threats of violence. Encouraging condom use, verifying age with background checks and requiring prostitutes to have licenses. Also require security to be nearby so at to keep crime like violence or drugs out of the picture. This is how they do it in the Philippines and I don’t know why not in Sosua DR. Its just to close to the United States I guess and Americans want to keep prostitution dangerous in the back alleys so as to deter it.

        This is why I love the Philippines. Angeles city has a red light district so to speak on Field Avenue. Go into any one of the clubs and all the girls are safe, 18 years old and up, health checked. And ready to serve you. The only place in the U.S. where you can legally get full sexual services is BFE Nevada. The cost is also very high cause its in the middle of nowhere and 1 day drive from anywhere.

        1. Ken thanks for your insight, I find it absolutely ludicrous that anyone can believe they can extinguish the oldest profession. Where there is a demand there is always a supply if not legally then by the black market. I can understand that some people may be uncomfortable with what others choose to do with their life but as long as their is no victims then there is no crime. Just consenting adults doing what nature intended. Anyone with a problem with this has a problem. No laws that I have not sanctioned will ever change my mind. So Monger on brother!
          As for the moralists the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Choose the lesser of two evils, often that is the only choice in life.

          If I was the Mayor of London, I would turn Soho into a world class red light district and adult entertainment zone, that would put Bangkok to shame! 🙂

  2. I love Morenas y Negras so the DR is somewhere I am definitely looking to visit and monger. I like curvy, busty women and don’t like waif-thin ladies without hips & an nice meaty ass.

    1. Yes I prefer the bodies of and looks of the Blatino girls over Asians. But Asian girls are sweeter, even if it is an act. I find I prefer to hang out in Asia over latin America. Yet to try Colombia
      In some respects places like the Dominican, Rio are like a water that is over fished, too many mongers from the USA, not surprising as only a short trip away. Cuba could be worth a visit again was there in 2006

  3. Thanks for this entertaining set of trip reports. I think that for someone who hasn’t mongered before, Sousa is a bit ‘full on’ and quite intimidating! Well, it’s not for the faint of heart, let’s put it that way. I go to the DR really for a week of R&R or I&I (intoxication and intercourse) with girls who have some of the best figures to be found. Really, really shapely.. Rather than go hunting up and down the beach at Sousa, I stay at BlackBeards.

    It’s not a brothel, but a hotel in a gated community who bring girls in. Hit up the web site, sign up for the newsletter and see what you think. The girls start to come into the hotel at about 2 or 3 in the afternoon, if you want a short time fix, but the focus is really on all night. There always is enough choice to find something you like. Prices are set up front. You fill out a feedback form for the ‘management’ about the lady the next day and you can be 100% sure nothing is going to get stolen or any other monkey business. If you don’t want to, there is no reason to leave the grounds of the hotel!

    The downside is that it can get a little boring in the afternoons. You really need to bring a book or your laptop/table (WiFi is okay). But, I always get like that when I am mongering on my own. Half the reason why I take girls long time in Asia is to have some company at least in the morning for the next day. I don’t go mongering for periods much longer than a week at a time (as I have usually tacked it on to the end of a business trip to save money), so it’s not too much of an issue, but I do get lonely sometimes. However, it’s a short walk into town or you can use the afternoons to go diving or take a PADI course. Entertainment is there, but you just need to be proactive.

    If you are going to be spending a long time in the DR (I have met mongers who spend months there) then booking the first week at BlackBeards seems to me like a good way to get started while you look for a rental in the town. I have never done it, but I have heard stories around the bars about how what you see on the internet when you are making the booking is not what it really looks like when you get there. This way, you check it out first.

    Anyway, I don’t have shares in BlackBeards or anything like that. It’s just a good place to start in the DR. Low risk and easygoing. Food can get a bit repetitive but the beer isn’t too expensive. However, the local airport (ABIA code POP) is really expensive to fly into. For me, only Delta or AA go there. I usually try to get over to the DR when I have business in Miami and the short flight tends to be about $500. You can fly into Santiago, (code STI) or the capitol (Santa Domingo) both of which have more flights and are a little cheaper. Santiago is about 2 hours away by taxi. Taxi from Santa Domingo is about $200! The bus is a lot cheaper but would take maybe 3 to 3.5 hours and you would still need to get a taxi at the other end. BlackBeards will send a taxi to pick you up from either airport if you really want the door to door package.


    1. Scruf, even if you were connected to BlackBeards in the Dominican I would not mind the posting of monger related links. Especially with your very informative comments. Thanks.

      Afterall it is the internet and should be linking to related content. I hate those austere moderators on some of the world sex forums, The forums should just be hubs of information exchange and not terminals. In fact it was one of the reasons why I started my own whore mongering blog back in Xmas 2006.

      I can imagine a stay at Blackbeards in the DR could be a good way to start your adult vacation. Not sure it is for me though, like to take my chances on the mean streets 🙂

  4. Thai girls taste soooo much sweeter!
    The Kitty Cat Club Sex Vacations
    Thailand’s No1 Sex Holidays resort with all-inclusive packages where we do all the thinking and everything is done for you. Well, almost everything!

  5. I am turning 58 soon. I was in college in Toronto driving my bicycle home some 36 years ago when I was struck buy a car. My minimal injuries provided the funds for my first of 7 trips to the island of Hispaniola. Once I got the funds I called a travel agent said I want to go somewhere hot and warm, and I would like to leave tomorrow. . It rained like a monsoon for the first 3 days while I stayed in Los Carimicos .. then I found Sousa the beach. The reef, and the beautiful women, restaurants,bars etc. I
    At that time it was completely different..the people that travel there were primarily French Canadian ,and. German Tourists. I now have two cousins that live there. Of course things have changed .Hell’s Angel’s driving their bikes in Cabarete, my cousins mother in law shot through a door way was killed. . My last trip I rented a Jeep and spent time in the beautiful country side around Samana. Scuba diving, etc. I really enjoyed Las Galleras, peace and quite, Yes they have girls there to.

    Traveled to 18 countries,,but I have a love affair with the Dominican Republic. And it’s people. I speak French and German ,spanish next. Hoping to go to Las Terrence next trip.
    In my 36 years or traveling to the DR :: definitely indulged back in the day ,and when I get off the plane, there is a smell in the air unlike anywhere I’ve been .

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