Boca Chica Dominican Republic

My next stop on my sex tour through the Dominican Republic from Punta Cana was a little seedy town on the coast called Boca Chica, a notorious sex tourism destination.

Punta Cana to Boca Chica

Took the Bavaro Express bus from Punta Cana Fruesa to Santo Domingo 10;00 am prompt Sunday morning for 380 pesos. Alot less than the $175 quoted by the taxi drivers at Punta Cana although they were prepared to drop to $125 as I was the lone ranger. Boca Chica is just short of Santo Domingo on the same road and the bus stopped for me. Straight onto a motohoncho driver taking me to Hotel Europa.

Hotel Europa

Check into my room at the hotel Europa, overlooking the beach with a balcony for $45 a night. Happy with my new base in Boca Chica. Two brothers run the Hotel Europa and were friendly and helpful.

boca chica
Hotel Europa

They warn me about the Dominican girls and all the hustlers in Boca Chica, that if I want girls they can recommend a good club, quality girls, 2500 short time or 5000 peso Tudos La Noche or long time. But I wanted to try my luck first.

Beach Hustlers

For a Sunday the Boca Chica beach was crowded with families down for the day from Santo Domingo.  Sure enough hustlers, girls and beach walkers were hitting on me every step of the way.  I was a new face in town, just arrived.

boca chica beach
beach walker

I let two hustlers take me a couple of blocks back to a casa where there were suppose to be 25 girls but once inside there was only 7 and was not impressed, not even average, hardcore tired looking. On the beach for 3 drinks got stung for 750 pesos, so no more working through hustlers for me.   Every so often we need to re learn lessons.

Piano bar Chicas

I find the Piano bar that first afternoon in Boca Chica along Duarte opposite Hotel Europa.  There was a handful of girls sat around  inside, most were pretty young but fat!  One told me to follow her into the toilet she would give me a blowjob for 500 pesos.  Good start, my kind of bar.

boca chica
piano bar

At this point I noticed a really cute young curvy black chica and called her over. She had sunglasses on, when I took them off she was high on drugs.  I was horny and wanted to fuck her.

boca chica prostitutes
piano bar chicas

I was then being hurried to take her back to the hotel.  While checking her in to Hotel Europa  a big Polish guy interrupted us and accused my chica of stealing two of his mobile phones!  She was not to leave until the tourist police had come.  I just laughed and left them to it and went back out onto Duarte.  I was warned about the chicas in Boca Chica, my first experiences were proving this to be correct.

A bit further along Duarte, another bar called Route 69 had one or two sexy black chicas as well as some fat ones.

black chicas dominican
boca chica chicas

Fatties are quite abundant in Boca Chica. Alot of the mongers in Boca Chica are aged and Italian. Later back at the Piano bar struck up a deal with a cute chica and took her back to the hotel Europa.

boca chica
piano bar chica

Good sex session paid her 1500 pesos but then she got very angry as wanted 2000 pesos!  So I just paid up.  Need to always agree the price up front before taking any of these girls back to your hotel.

Turning Ugly

Back out after my session and into the Piano bar, the disco is on now and I am pratting around dancing with a few of the girls. Im pretty drunk and decide to call it a night. A black chica follows me out of the Piano bar and wants to come back with me. Im not interested and tell her to go back, now she wants some money for keeping me company and dancing with me in the Piano bar. I just laugh and look for somewhere to buy some water.

She follows me into hotel Europa, I tell the security guard I dont want her but he does not stop her following me up to my room. She is telling me she will give me a blowjob for 300 pesos. I enter my room and she pushes her way in. She sits on the bed, I get my cock out and stuff it in her mouth.   She sucks my cock really good actually.

As she is sucking my cock she is slapping her own big black booty. She not the prettiest girl but got a good body. I bend her over the bed and fuck her doggy slapping her ass likes she wants me to do.

Its fun but I cannot cum having shot my load earlier and being a bit drunk. When its over I give her 500 pesos. She wants 1000 pesos. I tell her to get out, she then picks up a beer bottle. I ring the security guard who comes up to my room. In the end I give her another 200 pesos and she leaves. Boca chica is proving challenging and things could turn ugly if I am not more careful.

Boca Chica Beach

During the day in Boca Chica its nice to relax on the beach and watch the time go by.  Prime time is around 2pm where you get quite a few “beach walkers” chicas will come over and sit with you and if your interested you buy them a drink and talk business.

beach walkers
boca chica beach

Most girls look like they have been working the beach too long with a few exceptions. All the recliners and umbrellas are connected to the restaurants they provide you with a menu. I stuck with De Nancy and was eating fresh fish everyday.

Boca Chica Streetwalker

At night Duarte is shut off to the traffic and tables and chairs line the road.  There are some nice places to eat and even some good girls work some of the restaurants down from Santo Domingo.

boca chica girl

With more persistence I could have got this waitresses phone number and met her after work.  I think she liked me :-).  But why bother so many girls on the streets of Boca Chica.

Streetwalkers parade up and down and stop off at the various bars. I notice two slim black chicas outside Piano bar and call one of them over. For 4 hours price is 2000 pesos, for 2 hours she wants 1500 pesos. So I take her back to the hotel for 2 hours of sex.

piano bar streetwalker
black dominican chica

She gives me great blowjob with CIM. Was surprising to see how sexy a chica can look in a tight little bright coloured dress and then only be disappointed naked. She had some big scars, skin was a bit rough and not well toned. Paid her 1500 pesos, she leaves without a problem.  Everything had been agreed up front, went with the flow, I was learning.

Robbing Chicas

Back out to the Piano bar. Notice one or two really cute chicas but most were fat and average, hardcore looking. I had 3 hitting on me at the bar. One pulled me into her chest and held me there for a few seconds. Another chica was to the side of me. A few minutes later I realised some loose peso I had in my shirt breast pocket had gone missing. I had been pick pocketed.

They denied it of course, I aggressively push the one to the side away from me and tell the others to fuck off. A bit later their Pimp comes over to me, he looks me in the eye, looks very unsavoury, then just laughs pats me on the shoulder and walks off. Close.. thought things were about to get ugly.  The thing is you should not interact with a group of chicas only one at a time and dont let them touch you, keep them at a distance.

Boca Chica Experienced

After my experiences dealing with the streetwalkers of boca chica on my last night agreed with the brothers running hotel europa to let them take me to this sexclub they recommended. At 9PM they ring my room, but I sleep through so not make it. In the morning I leave for Sosua, taking a taxi into Santo Domingo to the Metro bus station catching the 11AM bus to Sosua.

Boca Chica is pure sex tourism.  Most of the girls are hardcore and gangsta bitches.  Boca Chica is teaming with hustlers who have a short time frame to extract as much money from you as possible if you are not careful.  You really got to have your wits about you in Boca Chica.  Its also full of paedophiles and perverts.

9 thoughts on “Boca Chica Dominican Republic”

  1. Again another post of you mentioning your grooving skills, I just picture you like one of those middle aged Englishmen dancing with a beer in hand at popular discos with spanish girls in Madrid city center :p It’s just funny and cute how you write ”Toda la noche” as ”Tudos la noche” I picture you like one of those gringos trying to speak spanish whore mongering in Calle Montera 😀

    1. I did spend a few months trying to learn Spanish, picked up quite a bit, but difficult to learn a new language, but it did help. I used to listen to audio in my car driving to work in the morning
      If ever I come for a weekend mongering in Madrid, maybe I can show you a few moves on the dance floor. 🙂

      1. Hahaha really looking forward to the dances moves A la Paul MongerPlanet!

        Like I said Madrid should never be an IF EVER destination, a WHEN instead 😀 I guess I will have to buy you the tick myself! Stay tune Asian Whorehouses in Madrid Pt.1 coming tonight

  2. The Wild Wild West 🙂
    I has now got to the stage there where most of the street hookers on Street Duarte don’t even bother to try and hide the fact that they trying to pickpocket you. One bitch there nearly got her fingers broken when I slammed her such a strong karate chop for blatantly rifling through my pockets one afternoon when all I was doing was standing at a counter having a cup of coffee and constantly telling her I wasn’t interested.

    Was there for 5 nights but probably saw the most prettiest and sexy Chicas there on Friday and Saturday night which I am told are the best days of the week to monger in Boca Chica. I Liked the Piano bar in particular and had a nice time mingling, and dancing in the disco before taking a 28 year old white Dominican girl back for $50.00 US as agreed for a short time blow job. Only I got naked so just as I was cumin in her mouth I pulled my dick out and jerked off all over her face, something she wasn’t expecting.

    1. You been around Matthew, something unique about Boca Chica, it is wild. Yes I guess you get a bit more class at the weekends, maybe girls coming down from Santo Domingo
      I never tried the sex clubs there. Did you? highly recommended at the time by the hoteliers

  3. $50 for a blow job, you shouldn’t be paying more than 400 pesos for a short time session. You guys have to seriously step up your negotiating skills, I was in Boca Chica 3 years ago and it is seriously gangster, I even had a pistol pointed at my head at point blank range, people there are constantly trying to hustle you, rip you off, pick pocket and steal from you more than any place I have ever been in the world and I have been to at least 15 countries and have mongered at many places, all of that is constant over there and it never ends. That girl in the sailor uniform looks like she is from “La Isla Bonita” bar, I guess they changed the uniforms there, the owner lives on top of the bar with a cross dressing man that lives as a woman, I liked it there, I like any mongering place I go to. Also the police were often on my case searching me and trying to find drugs or whatever else to try to have an excuse to ask me for a bribe to let me go, even drug dealers that take you into their own house to live with them will rat you out to the police, what fucked up shady shit that is.

    There’s this one bar that all of the young people go to that you have to walk up some stairs to go to, well anyway it must have been a Friday or Saturday and I saw one of the most gorgeous hookers I have ever seen at any mongering city I have ever been to, this girl was stunning in every way, man she was beautiful, she looked white with a light mix of Native American and Black, she later left that night alone on the back of some motorcycle back to her house I presume.

    I thought that the prices they charged were way inflated and after reading your blog I see why, you’re paying up to 4 times or more what you should be paying and these girls have caught on, they’ve probably been overcharging and ripping off foreign tourists for decades over there like they’re doing in Thailand and in other places, also a lot of the girls in Boca Chica are very violent and angry, they’ll cause scenes and lie and charge you much more than the agreed price after you’re done fucking them and they’ll threaten to call the police on you if you don’t pay up.

    One night I spoke to a Politur a tourist police and he told me if that ever happens again just call my number and I’ll deal with it, but I told him I was afraid to because these girls could make anything up, they could make up even worse stories than you paying them less and you end up in jail, the police often don’t have any proof that you are telling the truth. i told him I was afraid of getting locked up if I called them and they believed the girl if she made up a farfetched story, he then pushed me several times trying to provoke me so that I would retaliate so that he could have a reason to arrest me, but I stood my ground and did nothing and later walked away when we finished talking.

    I just constantly had the feeling the cops there just always give out this vibe that they just badly want to go around arresting tourists for bribes.

    1. Paul it not surprise me you are having guns pointed at your head, police hassling you etc, you are such a mean hearted cheap charlie.

      I do agree with you about Boca Chica being seriously gangster, but after a few days they left me alone and I learnt some basic rules when dealing with the chicas and bar girls. One is not to try and under pay them. Agree price up front. Dont pay them what you think they are worth, that is asking for big trouble. Boca Chica is just a small town after a few days everyone knows you.

  4. I did fuck this crazy black chick over there, that black Dominican pussy of hers might have been the best pussy I have ever fucked, it felt different from any that I have ever had, it was amazing, definitely top 3 out of 64.

  5. hey me and my buddy are turning 21 and want to go to domincan for a crazy time with women where do you suggest sosua or boca chica or where is the best place for the women ? and how much do u recommond bringing in cash

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