Travelling to the Dominican republic for a sex vacation?  Or on holiday with the wife and family? maybe you going to the Caribbean with your bride to get married?  But you know you want to meet some sexy Dominican girls on the sly?  You want to experience some Toticos?

So what is toticos?  Its the Dominican word for small pussy and Toticos is full of real amateur Dominican girls showing off their pussy being fucked and sucking cock.   Toticos mostly features an Afro American monger travelling across the Caribbean island of the Dominican republic smashing those little Dominican toticos.

Check out this Horny Latina Dominican girl eating a black bone before getting seriously fucked by it doggy style. This Dominican girl just loves sucking cock and some cum in her mouth. Just everyday action that could be happening in your hotel room if you take a sex tour of the Dominican republic and fuck as many of those little brown toticos as you can.

On the Caribbean Island of the Dominican republic you can find alot of racial diversity from latina girls to black Afro Caribbean girls. Alot of the dominican girls are mixed race, something between latina and black african. They got the dark skin tones, these hot caribbean girls have got the brown booty, they got the tits and they got those tight pussies, those toticos.

You got 2000 pesos? You want a threesome with two young Dominican teens? Want to fuck their pussies in the shower? All your fantasies can become reality on the Caribbean island of the Dominican republic. As long as you got some pesos man. Check out a pair of hot Latina Dominican teens shower together before tag-teaming a lucky black guy

You can find these dominican chicas all across the island from Punta Cana, Boca Chica, Santo Domingo but the best place for some sex tourism is Sosua. Sosua is where its really happening, some great bars and nightclubs to meet all those sexy dominican whores or just chill on the lovely sosua beach.

Check out this beautiful sexy Dominican Black Latina teen with killer body gets nasty with cock. These black latina teens love to fuck and suck day and night. They just like a few pesos for the pleasure too. These girls have families to feed and sexy lingerie and small skirts to buy.

Are you in the need of some stress relief? Need to get out of your home country? Got dramas, court dates, or outstanding warrants? Take a trip to the Dominican and you will fit right in! Sosua is the epicenter of Caribbean whore mongering on a tight budget. You can spend a little here or a fortune it’s entirely up to you. Just like Vegas only bring what you can afford to lose, as most mongers leave here with their wallets on empty and ear to ear smiles, sweet memories. You don’t have to be a superstar to get sexy girls in the Dominican. All you really need is a pulse and an ATM card. There are a few do’s and don’ts you should know about on your sex trip to the Dominican and inside the members area of Toticos you’ll find a wealth of information to help you better enjoy your time here in the DR. Toticos is more than just amateur home made porn movies with Dominican girls, Toticos is a sex travellers guide/journal of sorts for all the average joe out there needing to take a break from the hum drum of home and needing pussy on tap.

Like your Dominican women a bit maturer, with big phat black booties and ass. Like to fuck those Dominican hoes in the ass, yes alot of these girls are up for some anal sex too! They know what you like.

To meet the most Dominican hoes on your sex vacation to the Dominican republic Sosua is the place its really happening. Check out this mongers map of downtown Sosua.
Chuleta is such a maturer Dominican hoe with a big black phat ass or loves being fucked in her pooper or anywhere else you want to put your cock.

sosua sex map
sosua monger map

This is the kind of great intel you can tap into if you join Toticos. To get the most out of any sex trip to the dominican you should do your research. Its pays off, you know where to go to get the best Dominican pussy, pay the cheapest prices. Where to chill, the best food and accomodation in Sosua is all detailed in Toticos.

I had a great sex trip through the Dominican republic, but some girls are more hardcore gangsta bitches and you need to know how to avoid these kind of Dominican hoes. If you just want to enjoy some Spicy young Dominican babe like Jennifer being fucked doggy over the couch, Jennifer is a spicy Dominican hoe who works a load out of black cock then fuck intensly over the couch.

Dominican porn

So these is a taste of the hot sexy girls you can meet on the Caribbean Island of the Dominican republic. Do yourself and me a favour and make sure you join Toticos before you travel. Have a great sex vacation to the DR!

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