Punta Cana Dominican Republic

After my experience with lots of hot Dominican girls through my mongering trip to Costa Rica , it was only natural I should visit the Caribbean island of the Dominican republic. I would be starting my 3 weeks sex vacation in the Dominican at the resort of Punta Cana.

London to Punta Cana

My flight to the Dominican was with British Airways direct from London to Punta Cana.  Punta Cana was not my first choice as suppose to be popular mostly with families and couples. Punta Cana is also a place where couples goto to get married.
When researching the mongering in Punta Cana on the international and world sex guide forums I found it funny and alarming grooms to be were asking where the nearest brothels were relative to their hotel in Punta Cana! You expect this from married men of at least a few years, what does marriage really mean to some men?

But being a monogamous pair bonding but adulterous species there would be some chicas available even if not many mongers. Had booked up an apartment in the Cortecito area at Villa princessa. Apartment OK, was lacking some basic kitchen utensils and TV bad interference. Lots of mosquitoes too, definitely need a strategy for dealing with mosquitoes in the Dominican.

Plaza Bavaro

Around 8pm ventured out, motohoncho driver to plaza bavaro was 100 pesos. Not many in the bar this time of night, but a bit later a really cute black 19yo chica joins me, very fit and she up for some fun. Wanted a $100 initially after bargaining settled on $80.Rather than go back to my apartment walked across the road to a short time hotel Sosu. $20 to rent the room.

The rooms were clean and comfy they supplied the condoms too. The girl gave good service, BBBJ etc. She had a nice trimmed pussy.  Because she had given me BBBJ she wanted more money and was blocking the door. Was becoming a problem. In the end gave her another $10.

punta cana
Plaza Bavaro

Walking down Calle Italia there are another two lively bars with many chicas.  The first was the escape sports bar.  Seems the girls here work for the bar and are for takeaway.  Chatting to a cute latina but then she wanted me to buy her some champagne which I refused so she left me alone.  Another bar further along, couple of sets of girls offering me threesome’s.

Later walked back over to  the bar in the center of Plaza Bavaro being around midnight now was alot more busy.  Again got a couple of offers for threesomes girls dropping to 2000 peso each.  But I was tired and empty so went back to my apartment.

Punta Cana Beach

Punta Cana beach is beautiful and a lovely walk in the morning. It is difficult to find a recliner or deck chair if you not renting a beach front condo or staying in an all inclusive hotel.

punta cana, dominican
punta cana beach

When you walk along the beach there are some mature black women offering massage with extras but I declined.

punta cana massage
beach massage

Lots of beach hustlers offering chicas, even some of the souvenir  shop owners.  Again I not explore these options, time was limited and I new what I wanted to do.

Cool club, Fruesa

Saturday late afternoon after checking the day scene around Plaza Bavaro took a motohoncho into Fruesa looking for a club called La Punta.  La Punta has changed its name now to the cool disco bar and is attached to the Bavaro 2Hotel.

fruesa punta cana
cool club

In the courtyard was introduced to two nice Dominican girls. Initially they wanted a $150 each and again a room in the hotel would be another $20. This is as much as I had brought with me knowing the price for a chica at La Punta wa $150.  I know this is expensive but wanted to try the P4P here and was only one night out of my life.

I showed the girls my wallet, no credit card and I spoke a little Spanish. They told me what I had would be enough, grabbed my arms and took me into the hotel. We booked our room and the girls ordered some beers. cigarettes and stuff with the money I had already handed over.

Cool Threesome

The hotel room was nice, big firm comfy bed, jacuzzi etc. We relax, the girls sucking on a lollipop. The little chica takes a shower and the big chica gets her tits out and I have a suck, she gets my cock out and has a suck on that. We begin fucking, im trying hard not to cum, want to fuck that little chica too who is still in the shower.

threesome cool club
punta cana chicas

We stop fucking and both go into the shower. The little chica is in a sexy little silk bathrobe. I begin french kissing her and the big chica cocks her leg up on the sink and I fuck her doggy. We take the little chica into the bedroom.

dominican threesome
dominican chicas

Again the big chica cocks her leg up on the table and fuck her doggy again. And then fuck the little chica on the bed. We only have the 1 condom and they let me switch between them only wiping the condom clean.

cute dominican girl
punta cana chica

There is a knock at the door and this third chica comes in the room really stunning, she looking at my big erection while she steals a cigarette then leaves the room. I cum in the small chica and the door knocks again. The third chica returns again, I think she wants to join in the sexy fun too.   One of the best threesomes I have experienced with two whores.  What helps is not keep changing condom.

I pay the girls $150 I have in my wallet, thats $75 each. They are happy, we leave the hotel together and I promise I will return.  I think little chica wants to be my girlfriend.   I now notice some more really cute chicas in the lobby. Next time I might stay at this hotel 🙂  I am happy, mission accomplished in punta cana which most mongers dont even come to when visiting the Dominican republic.

Punta Cana to Boca Chica

My last night in Punta Cana wanted to try the Mangu club connected to Hotel Occidental, just round the corner from the Plaza Bavaro area. But not make it. The next morning 10AM I return to Fruesa to catch the Bavaro express to Santo Domingo with them dropping me off at Boca Chica for 390 pesos.

Good time mongering in Punta cana. No mongers but plenty of mongering to be had, and the price does not have to be too high. Would definitely pass through Punta Cana again.

3 thoughts on “Punta Cana Dominican Republic”

  1. I really like your web site. Lots of good info for like minded people. I’m headed to Punta Cana next month. Anything new and fresh that would interest the MongerPlanet community and me?

    I’m interested in the Walking Street of Punta Cana… if you know what I mean.


  2. Bob there is nothing like Walking street in Punta Cana but I know what you mean – the best spot for some whore mongering in Punta Cana

    I was in Punta Cana 2012 and that spot would have been plaza Bavaro. There is a big beer bar just like Pattaya in the center of plaza bavaro that comes alive at night and can meet many freelancing chicas there. There is a short time hotel across the road they will take you too. In this area there are two or three bars across the road with chicas available too. besides this the motocycle riders will take you too some clubs a little out of the way if you not find anything you like
    I fucked some lovely chicas in punta cana, had a good time there.
    But for the best mongering in the Dominican you need to head to Sosua the other end of the island.

    Any other mongers reading this with some recent info on Punta Cana for Bob?

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