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Jaco Costa Rica

It was kind of hard to leave the hotel del rey in San Jose Costa Rica but eventually we decided to take a trip down to the pacific coast to a resort town called Jaco with its own P4P scene.

San Jose to Jaco

Hired a minivan from the Hotel Del Rey down to Jaco for $120, which was the going rate.  If you book a day or two in advance the lady on the tour desk will find others to share the bus and the cost with.  Not too many though not with my long legs.

feeding the crocodiles
crocodiles costa rica

On the journey down to Jaco after 30 minutes or so you notice the climate change as it begins to get much more humid. We stopped for a break near a river and fed the crocodiles..

san jose to jaco
swollen river

Felt like we were on a different planet compared to London and Europe. Certainly Costa Rica is a completely different part of the same planet.

Claritas Sports Bar and Hotel

We were booked in at Claritas for 3 nights Saturday to Monday. We arrived in Jaco mid afternoon and our rooms at Claritas were comfy, firm bed, aircon, sat TV, empty fridge and safe. The bar is lively and does pretty good food.

Claritas jaco

Claritas is right on the beach and has its own pool. One disadvantage is its right at the end of the beach so at night when heading to the Beatle bar need the bar to call up a cab. This only sets you back 1000 CRC though.

jaco beach bums
Jaco beach

At weekends lots of Ticos and Ticas hit Jaco to party and chill. Quite a few in Claritas on Saturday night our first night in Jaco.  There was a local band singing that were very good. We were too exhausted from our mongering in San Jose in the hotel Del Rey and lack of sleep to venture out that night to the Beatle bar and we both just crashed out in our rooms.  Not ideal, so now we had missed Friday and Saturday night proper in Jaco.

Daytime Jaco

Sunday walked the entire Jaco beach both ways and relaxed in Claritas bar.  Jaco beach is nothing spectacular too look at, with a dark sand and a bit dirty in places.

jaco beach dirty
Jaco beach

The Beatle bar was not open until 6pm.  There is not really any daytime mongering options in Jaco although a few Ticas do show up in the Claritas bar.Claritas is very laid back and some friendly Americans also on vacation. Not too many though as the low season, pretty quiet really although the weather was great.

Jaco beach
Jaco surf

Did not see any surfers which I was expecting. The owner of Claritas is an American lawyer and tells us a few years back the Beatle bar was open during the day but recently has been a bit of crackdown on the P4P scene as Jaco attracts more family types.  Also tells us the Beatle bar is up for sale if we are interested.

Beatle Bar, Jaco

So Sunday night  and we head to the Beatle bar.  The Beatle bar in Jaco is where most of the putas hang out and the center of the mongering action in Jaco.

jaco beatle bar
beatle bar

There is a 5,000 CRC fee to enter the Beatle bar but they stamp your hand so can come and go all night. The Beatle bar stays open until 2AM.  Inside the Beatle bar and its very dark, I could see many ticas sat along the sides but due to the lightning hard to tell from a distance if they were hot or not. Have a couple latch onto us at the bar but not like them and my one her breath stank!

Dominican Putas

Later im sat at the bar watching a gogo dancer on stage and this very pretty early 20’s Dominican girl comes up to me but she had big fake tits.  The Dominican girl then introduces me to her sister, who had small natural tits, fantastic hips and she was very pretty. This puta just kept looking at me like she really liked me whereas with the other it was purely business.

I was trying to negotiate a threesome, as they were sisters but with one condom! They not having it though so took just the pretty sister for $100.  If the first girl had not introduced her to me, would have never have noticed her, not in the dark.   It was like she appeared out of thin air. Its  a good tactic to sit out in the open for a long time and let the girls choose you.  So take my pretty Dominican girl back to Claritas in a taxi.  Sign her in with the security guard and take her to my room.

jaco putas
beatle bar chica

She strips off and when she gets to her underwear I shout “STOP!” at this point I got to take some photos of her.  She looks hot I think you will agree?

Down to Business

She puts some music on an dances for me with me holding and kissing her hips. She lays on the bed and loves her little titties being sucked she is really responding. I pull those little panties off and have to go down on her pussy, she really enjoying it.  For me it is a shame all these lovely dark sultry beauties from this part of the world fully shave their pussies.  Where can I find latina girls with hairy pussy?

And so it continues like this I try to kiss her but she wont open her mouth and tells me no kissing. Not quite the girlfriend experience, but not bad all the same. I fuck her intensely on the bed.  She aged 22 and from the Dominican and already got two kids to support. She shows me some pics of all her family on her mobile. I really must visit the Dominican Republic on my next mongering trip.  I felt good though, mission accomplished mongering in Jaco.   I could relax better now.

Last Day in Jaco

Another bar just past the Beatle bar is the Monkey bar, Not make it in the Monkey bar and was told only open at the weekends during low season.  The Monkey bar is popular with the younger crowd and costa ricans but do get working girls in there later on in the night.

jaco monkey bar
monkey bar

The last day in Jaco we get a bit drunk in the day and lay low that night in Claritas which was alot quieter on a Sunday as all the locals have gone home by now.

Really enjoyed my stay in Jaco, could have spent a few weeks there just not doing much at all. Would definitely return to Jaco and Costa Rica. Around Jaco there are  alot of expats from the USA looking for business in the bars,  offering tours, deep sea fishing and taxis to the airport or San Jose – quotes for a lift back ranged from $75 to $100.  Got a minivan back to San Jose to spend our last few nights in Costa Rica.

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