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San Jose, Costa Rica

It was May 2011 and a friend and I were booked up for 10 nights mongering in Costa Rica, central America.  The plan was to spend a few nights in the infamous Hotel Del Rey in the capital San Jose and then head down to Jaco on the pacific coast.

London to San Jose

Wanted something different than just keep mongering in Thailand and around south east Asia.  The year previous I had been mongering in Rio De Janeiro Brazil for the first time and enjoyed it. Loved the racial diversity of the girls, blacks and latinas and every shade in between.


It was not possible to get a direct flight to San Jose Costa Rica from London so had to go via the USA  and New York.  At London Heathrow we then had a problem as needed a visa even for transit through the USA. We could apply for an ESTA on the internet terminals at the airport.

We frantically done this but then the ESTA system crashed and now there was a large backlog. We were going to miss our flight. All we could do was book it for the same time the next day.

Once I got home checked on the internet and authorization was now approved. When booking up the flight there was no warning anywhere. At the airport there were dozens of people facing the same problem. The ESTA lasts two years from date of approval and you should apply 72 hours before departure.  What a fiasco, stress you could do without.

Hotel Del Rey, San Jose

The next day everything goes to plan and we arrive in San Jose on schedule, was a long journey though and was feeling jet-lagged. We checkin to the hotel del rey and then hit the lobby and blue marlin bar it being about 10pm.

Dominican Chica

I split with my wingman in the Blue marlin after meeting my first chica a girl from the Dominican republic.  I was horny and liked this chicas dark curvy body. She started at a $100 but got her down as low as she would go at $80. She wanted paying up front but just showed her I had the cash and we got down to business.

hotel del rey
Dominican chica

She was a good time girl and after sex I fell into a deep sleep in her arms with her stroking my head. Sometime later she woke me up and I paid her and she left.

I head back down to the bar and check out Key Largo looking for my wingman.  Cant find him anywhere.  It was now around 3AM, still really lively in the hotel del rey. I sat at the lobby bar alone and another girl from the Dominican joins me.

Another Dominican, Anal

This second Dominican girl is real sexy with a tight little dress on. I run my fingers up her smooth legs all the way and she got no panties on.  Fuck, im starting to think I should head over to the Dominican republic.  She wants to do all night toda la noche for $300!  She drops to $150 and wont go lower.  She wont take no for an answer either and sits with me at the bar for over an hour.

In the end I cave in and take her to my room in the hotel del rey.  Before you can take a girl to your room in the del rey you have to register your chica with reception and pay a $10 fee.  I had some great sex with this girl.  Her body was fantastic, her ass perfect.  She loved watching herself being fucked doggy in the mirror.

sexy chica hotel del rey
Dominican chica

In the morning, I pull that little dress up over her fine black ass, rub some KY Jelly into her ass and fuck her anal with no condom.  She would let me do that but no kissing.  Man I had to stop writing just now and go and have a wank.

No Money, No Honey

Later I meet up with my wingman, he had got seriously drunk went off to some other nightclub with the Tica he had met in the Blue Marlin the night before and was now minus his mobile phone. He returned to the Del Rey around 7am and took his first black girl who he had met standing outside the hotel, she was high on drugs. So he broke alot of mongering rules and I was worried.

san jose costa rica
hotel del rey

We then try to get some cash out of an ATM in San Jose, my wingmans card although Visa was not working. Turns out on Visa alone cannot draw out cash on international ATMs needs to be on the Visa Plus network. Can pay bills like hotels and restaurants. With Mastercard needs to be on the Cirrus network. We got round it as he could pay the hotel bill at the Del Rey with his Visa and then I could give him the cash equivalent.

Tica, Porn Star Experience

The great thing with the hotel Del Rey is there are girls available 24 hours.  Time to try out the day shift.  Im at the bar and two mature ticas are offering my  BBBJ CIM for $50 each, tempting.  Do love my cock being sucked by two older dirty sluts.  Not matter too much what they look like as long as they suck good.

Later I get chatting to a Tica in the lobby bar, she is pretty very curvy and sexy with black rimmed spectacles.  She looks like a nerdy nympho secretary.   The interview went well, she dropped to $80 and even said I could take pics of her naked.

hotel del rey tica
costa rica tica

She is sucking my cock BBBJ and I cum a little in her mouth, but want to cum between her huge tits.  She is very obliging, up for anything, these girls seem to enjoy the sex as much as taking your money.
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I give this tica a lovely pearl necklace as a gift and she happy for me to snap some pics of my cum dripping down her cleavage.  Got to love the Hotel Del Rey.
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Earthquakes and noise

That afternoon im sitting in my room watching TV in the hotel dey rey on the 5th floor and the room starts shaking, fucking earthquake never experienced an earthquake before, it was quite strong at 6.0 magnitude and I thought for a moment that it was game over.  Im still shaking like 1 hour later.

One problem with the Del Rey was I had a room at the front of the hotel and in the early hours of the morning gets very noisy outside with taxi’s using their horns through the night and kept me awake. Best to ask for a quiet room if you must stay at the hotel Del Rey.  A monger needs his rest.  The hotel Del Rey should be experienced at least once. Great to go down in that lift… Girls were mostly pro though.

Sportsman Lodge

We spend a few days down Jaco then return to San Jose but this time staying in the Sportsman Lodge.  Check in and the rooms are very comfy and the mini bar and fridge are packed out with booze.  We spend some time relaxing at the bar in the Sportsman Lodge.  The Sportsman lodge is a lot quieter than the hotel del rey and seems more popular with the more senior guys from the USA.  There are a few nice girls about that afternoon but we decide to head into town the Gringo Gulch.

Back to Hotel Del Rey

Well we just cant stay away and its not long before we are sat at the bar in the Blue Marlin Hotel Del Rey.  There are some lovely barmaids working in the Del Rey too.   Soon we are chatting to two young cute latinas and we take them back to the Sportsman lodge for a good fucking.  A taxi from outside the hotel del rey to the Sportsmans lodge was 800 CRC.

san jose tica
costa rica tica

My girl is a pretty young tica, long black hair, olive skin, big brown eyes, curvaceous figure and shaved pussy.  Most of these girls shave their pussy in Latin america it seems.  The service was not bad and paid her the agreed 40,000 CRC.

We spend the remainder of our time in the Sportsman lodge playing some pool. More girls about in the evening and a few are really cute. But we have already shot our loads so no pressure.

The girls freelancing in the Sportsman lodge require some sort of membership to be able to ply their trade there. There were Dominicans, Ticas and Nicas. At midnight the bar closes and the Sportsman lodge goes completely quiet, another big difference to the Del Rey, over there the night is just beginning.

Lovely Flower, Latina

My last day in San Jose, Costa Rica and I am back in the Blue Marlin Hotel Del Rey, but I am on the lookout for a particular girl I had noticed that only works the bar in the afternoon.  I spot her and buy her a drink.  Got to fuck this gorgeous young curvy latina.  She wont come down from a $100 unless her friend joins us for a threesome and then its a $150 for both, but I just want her.  So I take her back to the Sportsman Lodge alone.

At the sportsman lodge a doorman checks the ID of any girls you bring back, but there is no joiner fee.  This is true also for any girls you might take back to your room working inside the Sportsman lodge.

flower hotel del rey
san jose latina

I take the lovely flower back to my room and cant wait to get those big natural firm latina tits out.  You are going to have to login or register to take a peek at those lovely big teen latina tits…
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Flower is a nice girl, got lovely tits and a tight latina pussy. She is a friendly girl too but young.  The experience is neither girlfriend or pornstar. I guess the really good looking young girls with great bodies dont have to try to hard, some would say the starfish experience.


The last evening in San Jose, Costa Rica we pay our departure tax in the Sportsman for $28. My wingman wants to get drunk and go over to the Hotel Del Rey but we got an early flight and need to check out at 5:30AM.  Eventually he takes two girls in the Sportsman lodge one looking like a supermodel, the best looking girl I had seen.

In the morning we have a room call and my wingman not look good, been hitting that minibar through the night. We make it to the airport OK and as have an hour to spare he falls asleep. When its time to board the plane I wake him up and he is not looking any better. As we are about to board the plane he collapses and then he cannot fly. He had to much to drink. I warned him against this and not prepared to wait at the airport for another 24 hours nursing his hangover so leave him there. He makes it home the next day minis his luggage.  Its experiences like these why I like to monger alone.

Enjoyed mongering in San Jose, Costa Rica.  The action is of course concentrated in the hotel del rey.  It would be better if the girls would give the girlfriend experience, I mean kissing, if the price was more around the $60 mark for the pretty chicas and not have to pay that $10 joiner fee.  Wish it was easy to get to Costa Rica from London too.

13 thoughts on “San Jose, Costa Rica”

  1. Costa Rica is fantastic… Nice diversity of women and a short drive to anywhere in the country. You can have breakfast watching the sunrise on the Caribbean side in Lemon and a sun downer on the Pacific side all on a day. Those girls are uninhibited. I was exhausted after the nine months I lived there. Those Nicas and Columbians know how to please. The Ticas in the south are absolutely so hot.

    1. I understand there is a mountain in costa rica that you can visit on a day trip where you can see both oceans? I did want to do that while in san jose but got distracted in the hotel del rey 🙂

  2. Man I would fuck all those latina Ticas! I got a friend who lives in CR, but I don’t know how I would feel in Hotel del Rey, being the age that I am sorrounded by 35+ year old mongers! I would prefer Asia, plus looks like there is not much to do in San Jose besides mongering -I heard that in Hotel Del Rey you gotta talk things upfront if you want bbbj cim or anything like that or others wise if you get to the room and ask for it you’ll have a bad time. In Spain for the equivalent of 65$ you can get a girl of your choice of nationalitny for 30 minutes (sometimes an hours) who does bbbj, cim, and fk….

    1. You are always bringing up age, no one cares, so you should not, mongering is not about competition, there are always some young ones around too
      Filling in your time when not mongering is an issue in come cities which can be great for mongering but little else.
      That is why I like to be by the coast, as can just relax on the beach, weather permitting. Helps if your hotel has a nice pool area. Use the downtime to read or listen to music
      Usually there are day trips you can take, if you bother too look. More recently I am making some decisions to visit places based on tourism and sight seeing while at the same time wanting to get off the beaten track too
      I mean sex tourism is not just the sex 🙂

      1. Then it’s time to come to Madrid! Lots of things to see and among the best P4P scenes on the planet, remember is mongerplanet 😛

  3. That was a great post, all the girls looks first class. Makes me really want to go back to Costa Rica, minus the family of course. Feel like a missed out a little the last time I was there lol, but still had a good time. There are plenty of tourist things to do in the area, like vist a volcano! There was this water park that had natural hot springs from run off water from the base of a near by volcano.

    1. I was rubbing my cock into her ass crack and she not mind, but i am sure had I pushed it in all the way she would have protested. Most girls with some form of education will require you to wear a condom. Its not to hard to get BBBJ and CIM but FS I dont know. You can only ask and offer them more money if they refuse. I know some mongers do get it no condom. It use to be going with a girl long time, after a few days under the illusion she was now your girlfriend you would go bareback. I dont recommend it of course, but know it happens.

    1. Yeah its looks that way in the photo. She was the first girl I took in the hotel Del Rey, just unpacked, down into the bar, got chatting and she looked like she would just be a really good fuck and wanted to suck on those big black natural tits and I was horny. She was a big girl compared to many other chicas, but quite a bit smaller than me. 🙂

  4. Recently was in San Jose and I went not only to the Del Ray (ground zero) but The Pirate Club based on a friends recommendation. I really enjoyed Pirate. It is a sports bar with rooms and the night I was there I was the only foreigner besides the owner Keith. Very popular with the locals. Keith is originally from the USA and runs a tight ship. Approximately 15 women, 7 to 10s, no hard sell and you pay the bar directly. $40 for hour and tip the girl if you want. Highly recommend fellow mongers to give it try.

  5. Coming for 2 week around Halloween. Looking for a pretty, petite young girl with nice tits to suck me dry and swallow every drop deep. Need the right one everyday when she would be available. The right price and having fun, great. Email Photo if possible . I am 61 and white retired man

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