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Naked Africa

Some of my plans for mongering in the future is going to include Africa.  Mongering in Africa is the last frontier.  I love black girls and ebony pussy.  Seems alot of you love African girls too as my Shocking tribes post is by far the most popular on mongerplanet.  So here is a fresh dose of Africa’s shocking tribes and some African mongering pics.

Africa Travel

I have done a fair bit of mongering in Africa in the past. I first visited the African continent in February 2005. I took a vacation to Kenya stopping off in Nairobi and Mombasa.  Both offering some excellent opportunities for some black pussy,  Those Kenyan whores giving both the porn star and girlfriend experience.   Of course Africa is cheap too if a little dangerous.

My next trip was to Marrakesk, Morroco in June 2007.  And then Gambia West Africa in March 2014 where again many opportunities present themselves for fucking African girls.   My future plans are to visit Addis Ababa in Ethiopia often called the Bangkok of Afrcia and Madagascar 

Shocking Tribes

To get a real taste of Africa from a mongers and travelers perspective I love the images and videos that abound in the African porn site Shocking Tribes.

naked african girls
topless African girls

Look at these white female tourists posing with loads of naked African girls.  Trouble is with some of the most interesting places to go mongering in the world its usually got a lot of backpackers too.  And never the twain shall meet.  Where is that African village? I want to fuck all those young Africa teen girls.

What these white female Africa travelers are not showing are the orgy they had with loads of young African men.  Or these white female tourists call it Romance tourism.

group of black cocks
Nude African men

I bet they let all these African men fuck them and got down on their knees and sucked off all those black African cocks.  But they wont put those pics on their facebook page.

african tribe dance
African pussy

Now this is one African tribal dance I would love to witness.  Love those costumes pulling tight into their black African pussies.

When whoring in Africa it is so easy to take two or three girls back to your cheap accommodation and fuck the girls silly.  Often these girls will fuck with no condom love to taste cock in their mouths.  Of course that sort of play not come without risks.

african girls group
black girl threesome

These three black African girls are preparing to be fucked by a fat white sex tourist.  Everyone is happy.  Of course if you want to play it safe then you only need to visit Africa Shocking tribes.

african pussy
naked black girls

African girls are alot of fun too.  they got no hangups about fucking, its just part of life in Africa.  I hope this small selection of Naked Africa whets your appetite for some black African pussy and maybe even a trip to Africa.

Have you mongered in Africa?  Ever visited Ethiopia or Madagascar, would love to hear your tales of sex in Africa?



13 thoughts on “Naked Africa”

  1. Sounds a great plan there Dave, hope you have a great time. Just be careful about the Ebola issue as that looks to be spreading, even if you are not anywhere near that region.

    1. Thanks Monty. Was considering a return to Gambia maybe over the xmas period, prices are way down due to ebola scare. I spent a week in gambia with same girl, waste really with all those hot african girls about. Is this Monty from World sex guide and pattaya addicts?

  2. BTW the picture you labeled “African Pussy” is in the Amazon… Yeah, I’ve been to Addis Ababa… with my wife… it’s nothing like Bangkok. Feels more like being in a giant village than Nairobi does. The country is poorer than Kenya. I had alttitude sickness for 2-3 days – take lots of painkillers in case this a problem for you.

    1. Never had altitude sickness not realise Addis Ababa was so high up?
      I guess for mongering going with your wife is not ideal? I shall research the place before visiting maybe spend 5 or 6 nights there
      I read some reports of guys getting blowjobs cim in the hotels by the maids who also bring along their friends etc. Love those types of possibilities

  3. Yes NAKED AFRICA, that sounds about right.
    The only time I took a black African women back to my hotel room was in Las Palmas in the canary islands. She was hot and so horny with so much energy and has wet my appetite for more.

    Addis Ababa sounds great and interesting too is Ethiopian Airlines becoming another Gulf Air in the sense of the cheap flights ticket business to Bangkok with a flight change in Addis Ababa. Makes a change doesn’t it from the usual Bahrain, Abu Dhabi or Dubai stopovers.
    Ethiopian girls look so beautiful with their lighter, but not too much lighter skin and almost western Indian looks.

    Randomly, just now, here’s a link I found


    1. Yes i have read naughty nomads reports on Ethiopia. The guy does not admit to being a whore monger, yet i know he is
      He goes to all the sex tourist destinations and then reports the whores give it to him for free
      Makes me laugh that he recommends LA Cafe in Manila as a place to go to pickup Filipino girls. these are mostly hardcore hookers who are desperate for cash

  4. ever thought of Ethiopia, Senegal and Tanzania? I heard those places are pretty good; Madagascar should be interesting as their women are pretty exotic

  5. In Dubai there are ten of thousands of Ethiopian women all very beautiful i must have fucked hundreds even fell in love a few times visited addis aswell just check into the hilton or every cent sheraton and they will all be lounging around the bars and outdoor markets just takes a smile from a foreigner too get laid and its cheap and worth

    1. Konjo, love Ethiopian women too, was fucking one regular a few years back living in London, met off a dating site
      Addis is on my list, not sure about Dubai though. Are you or anyone interested in submitting a report on Dubai and Addis? Readers would love to hear some stories from those part of the world?
      For instance is not Dubai expensive and where do you take the girls to fuck them? From a tourist perspective looks good for 5 days or so

      My next trip to Africa may well be Madagascar was also considering a return to Gambia early 2016, just love those fit naked african girls

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