Not working in London

Working in the city of London was losing its novelty.  If I lived to work or thought more long term I may have subordinated the bordom of sitting in an office all day for what looks good on my CV.  I was not engaged at all, I left my job and began to think about what I would do now with myself or where I would travel to next.

Future Plans

I now had no aspirations to return to work until early 2015.  This whole episode had been a mistake, taking another permanent job.  When I do return to work it will be as a contractor only.  This mode of working more supports a mongering lifestyle as you can take big chunks of time off.  Your not tied to one place, no need to fit in, you get variety and real jobs to do.  Over the next decade I want to work less, a gradual wind down.  Of course beggars cannot be choosers.

I am going to spend a lot less money on liabilities, no more retail therapy.  Of course travel and mongering around the world does not come cheap, but this luxury is now a necessity.

When at work we look forward to the weekend.  But alone, come Saturday afternoon and the weekends can become boring too.  You are at a loss with what to do with yourself.  To fill the void and being a horny old man I began experimenting on Craigslist London again.

Craigslist London

Got a couple of responses off Craigslist just re-posting my stock of craigslist casual sex adverts that cover all my fetishes.  Mostly black girls which is fine with me.  One girl looked promising but then kept delaying actually meeting up.
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This usually leads to nothing.  But this girl kept coming back and then one Friday after work it was on.  Up until now I had not been drinking any alcohol, this was to increase the probability that I would get up each morning and goto work due to a good nights sleep and the the lack of hangovers.  Its seemed to be working.

Now of course when your meeting a sexy girl off Craigslist for the first time and entertaining her in your house you need some social lubricant if only to calm any nerves.  I pick her up at the local train station and drive back to my place.  Its going well we are both relaxed and the wine tastes good after such a long dry period.


I then ask her if I can fuck her doggy.  She smiles and reminds me that is why she is here.  She gets my cock out and it is exploding.  I have not seen my cock so hard in years.  Some abstinence does some good.  She asks if she can lick and suck my cock?  Eventually I take her upstairs.  She sits on the bed and I begin by fucking her mouth and then fuck her doggy intensely on the bed.  She is making a lot of noise.  I cum before she does and collapse.  She wants me to continue but cannot, totally drained.  She is now disappointed.

In hindsight I reckon why some girls delay in meeting me is because their pussy is shaved and I tell them I like hairy pussy.  That hairy pussy is a big turn on for me.  So they then prospone by a couple of weeks to grow some pubic hair back.  For this girl there was no fee.  She was a professional also working in London as an Consultant looking for some sexual adventures with older white men.

For the remainder of the weekend I finish off the wine and goto work Monday morning with a different perspective on life and a hangover.

There are so many sexy girls working in London and lots of tourists too especially during the summer months and July 2014 was exceptional.  Im walking around with a semi erection all day trying hard not to think about sex but gathering a lot of wanking material.

Craigslist Students, Cash Rewards

A few weeks later I meet another cute black girl off London Craigslist.  She is a 19 yo student and needs some cash rewards.   She had replied like 3AM in the morning, this usually means they are drunk just come in from a night out, horny and browsing through the craigslist ads.   Usually these are dead ends, I pick her up on this and she assures me she is genuine.   Her pic was just a face shot which usually means they are hiding their body due to being overweight.  Also taking a selfie with the flash makes a dark skinned girl look a lot lighter.  But she has huge black tits, FF.

Same setup, pick her up from the local train station and take her back to my place.  The wine is flowing and its not long before those huge firm black tits are out and I am cupping them in my hands.  Sucking her nipples and then wanking my cock between them.  She quite a tall girl and I fuck her standing up doggy over the couch.  Very comfortable and it not take long to cum.  Both of us this time.

 Adult Work, London

In recent years mongering abroad has lost some of its lure because of the pretty exotic sexy young girls I can meet of Craigslist usually for a small fee.  The only problem is it can take some time to meet up.  When your horny you want to meet up and fuck now.

I am not a big fan of the local mongering scene around London.  Through escort agencies you can fuck any type of girls you like.  But for me its too professional and too commercial.  One of the best options for meeting whores and sluts in London is through AdultWork.

Often the girls on Adultwork go on tour or have a roaming profile working out of a local hotel.  They head to areas where the demand for pussy is greater than the supply and hope to cash in.  Adultwork is worth checking from time to time and is one of the most popular options for mongering in London.  Its pretty easy for a girl to setup a profile and make some cash and so attracts semi pro girls.

Im alone and horny one Saturday afternoon and want some immediate relief after surfing some porn.  This eastern European escort was advertising on Adultwork and I call her.

adult work escorts

She will do anything for £60, cim anal I can film her too.  She had a flatmate too who can also join in for a threesome.  Man was I tempted to pay her a visit.  Almost sounded too good to be true?

I think I could hear some male voices in the background though and she was based right in the center of town, not exactly a discreet location and there would be difficulty parking.  A few days later the eastern European  girl up for anything had a warning against her profile and then later it was removed.  Some punters had complained.


So once again, I am working, but alone, filling the void with booze and lots of casual sex with semi pro girls off Craigslist.  Rather than persevering on a new course and turning a corner a few  weeks later I leave my job.  I have some money in the bank and can afford to take at least a six month break.  Maybe travel again, but where to?  I have recently just returned from a mongering tour around Asia just before I started this new job in London.  In the past I always put up with being a wage slave, dragging myself out of bed to service my debts but I am out of the red now.


For those that do manage to stay the course and work their whole life, often they are just part of the ratrace.  If I buy a bigger car move to a bigger house I will then be happy.  Showing off to the neighbors, competing with the Jones.  The truth is they will feel more miserable.

They take their two week vacation to some sterile all inclusive that are the same all over the world.  They look forward to retirement.  Once retired most shrivel up and die within the first 5 years as now their life is meaningless.  There families have moved away and never visit.  As a wage slave they had a purpose to get out of bed each day.  Different day, same shit.

Die Rich, trying

Currently I cannot retire permanently.  Money would run out before my time on this planet is up.  At the same time there is no point in dying rich, although if you have kids they may secretly wish for it.

Without working the pot is being depleted and not replenished.  I prefer mongering with money.  Any future travel would be restricted by a budget more like a cheap charlie existence.

Running out of money is a grim prospect especially in your old age. So a monger needs to plan for his retirement too.  I intend to continue working over the next 10 years but with a different perspective on my future.  I want to drop out and tune in.

Green Grass of Home

I guess when I was younger, had I invested more time in meaningful genuine relationships and taken a different trajectory I would now have a large circle of friends even some grandchildren running around.   Be in senior management. You reap what you sow.  Careful what you wish for.

During the summer months here in England, old friends will have BBQs and social gatherings, fair weather friends almost.  Some will remark being envious of my lifestyle, they themselves being married with families.  I cannot deny a big part of me is envious of them too.  I do what I do because I have no responsibilities, they dont do what I do because they do have responsibilities and dont run away from them.  The grass is always greener on the other side.

fuck love
fuck love

I just never developed a parent ego.  Never truly fell in love or able to conform to social norms.  After all love is nature’s way of duping you into having children so that the species may survive.   Im aware of my biological program and am one step ahead of nature.  If nature knew it would rite me off as an evolutionary dead end.

I will never know what it is like to be a parent, married, have a wife and hold and love my own children. The problem is this dream we all have the reality can become a nightmare, the odds are against you.

There is no right or wrong path just the one you choose.  The mongering road is a relatively easy one and downhill.  If you reach the bottom and then decide this life is not for you, whoring is emotionally empty more like an addiction.  The road back to where you started is hard, all uphill and requires many sacrifices, there are no shortcuts.  The devil will always be there tempting  you back down.

I dont need to contribute to the human population and dont need to work to support a wife and family.  Its a mongering life for me, albeit somewhat lonely.

You cannot break the law, you can only break yourself against the law







5 thoughts on “Not working in London”

  1. 50 shades of Paul MongerPlanet, whenever you talk about your London mongering experiences whether is craiglist or adult work, I feel like if I was the main character, told you many times! When you are back I would like you to uncover monger the big L, specially craiglist and adultwork -too horny? Just go bar hopping and see if you can score a hottie!
    This is the part I will never understand about aults, leaving their job because they are boring….? perhaps I should get a real job and I see it myself – you must’ve made good money/saved alot/made good investmets, not a lot people have luxury to do that, but I know for a fact that in the IT field paying is good especially when you got experience!

    This post gave me a different look on you, your more filosophical way of seeing/living life?

    1. Im trying to link together many negative concepts 🙂
      Work for the most part for most people is tolerating suffering, but for what?
      If you have a family or large mortgage then for that, but then you are just a wage slave
      Let it be a warning to younger mongers out there. Don’t waste your money, save it
      you can retire when you want if you got enough money

      Im not really into bar hopping around London. The other mongering option around London is adult parties
      5 or 6 whores and many guys pay something like £80 and you can fuck all you like but with all the other guys too
      not tried it myself, im a one pop man so not economical for me
      try looking up pams parties, lady marmalade etc

  2. I totally understand it, feel it, breath it, everything you stated Paul.
    I too live and work in the London area and have done nothing but thought about and dreamed about my next mongering trip(s) as an only way sometimes of getting me through the long humdrum working week in that suffocating office.

    I have lived like this for 20 years now and life does go on and sometimes I feel I have been left behind regarding living a normal life, if there is such a thing.

    Once I was happy and content to just have 2 weeks away, somewhere, as part of my annual holiday and the other 2 weeks, one week at a time I would be happy to spend at home. Mongering never crossed my mind in those days, all my relationships leading eventually to sex were formed in the slow, slow snail paced way through friends in pubs, bars, discos and through friends of friends and occasionally (though not recommended in the short time sense) through work.

    Actually, I was introduced into the mongering world purely by chance when I was in my very late 20s and saw for myself just how easy and convenient it can be. I was on a flight from Spain to the UK when due to a technical mechanical problem we were all put up in a hotel for the night. The hotel was great, 5 star I think with a nice bar and a disco going at full swing. Only problem was that I was alone, quite shy then and felt really self conscious sitting alone in the dining room with no one to talk to. Anyway I plucked up the courage to go to the bar, sat down politely chatted to a couple people, clinked glasses and started to relax. Then a very attractive lady appeared on the scene asked me if I minded if she joined me…

    Okay, I won,t bore you with all the details above but basically I was sitting there on my own, feeling very horney and was just about to go next door to the disco to try my luck.
    Yes to try my luck would be first to go onto the dance floor and start dancing with someone nice, or to go up to someone and ask that person if she wanted to dance AND, OR, start up a conversation by shouting in each others ears so we could hear each other above the loud disco noise, to buy one, two or maybe three drinks, to show or pretend to show an interest in whatever the topic of conversation was, but with no guarantee whatsoever of having sex afterwards in that lovely classy hotel room of mine with a view, with a king size bed, satellite TV and mini bar.

    Yes I knew that person was on the game, I wasn’t that naïve. Yes it cost me around £50 in todays money I think for one hour (she first told me wanted a lot more than that but I suppose she saw me as being new and not posing a potential threat or problem to her in anyway and she would be back down in the hotel bar in no time no doubt to chat to another potential customer.) VERY CONVENIENT FOR HER AND FOR ME>

    Once in the room as soon as I had closed and locked the door and handed over the money she stripped off, and beckoned me to do the same. No shower first for both of us, just hot raunchy but quick sex and I came straight away. Wasn’t even half an hour I think before she took her clothes with her walking naked into the bathroom, came out again immaculately dressed again, kissed me on both cheeks and left.

    Conclusion; I felt very horney, was probably feeling quite tired and was going to try my luck anyway for at least a couple of hours in a disco on my own with no guarantee of getting any action afterwards but guaranteed to wake up the next day for that very early morning flight out feeling like shit with a terrible hangover. That dark skinned gypsy looking girl with long black curly hair and wearing a short leather skirt and the most Kinkiest looking boots made my evening and prepared me well for a lovely nights sleep before I woke up feeling content.

    So where has all this led to?
    Well it has taken me all over the world, mongering that is.
    To Western Europe, France, Belgium and the Canary Islands, to Denmark, to the Ukraine, to Bulgaria, To Hungary, to Cyprus, to Dubai, even, 😉 to Thailand, to the Philippines, to Cambodia, to Laos, to Indonesia and to the Dominican Republic.

    1. Good to that you’ve mongered all over the world, speciallu in Spain where i reside, check out my blog i will be uncovering Madrid, mongering stories in Sweden, USA&Spain most action takes places in these two nations

    2. Mathew my first time with a whore was in Amsterdam, I was 19. After that I got addicted to a brothel in Brighton called Tip to Toe at the time. Always beautiful girls in there, mostly students from all over the world.

      There was something on the news recently that scientists say over 75% of our jobs could be better done by robots. Thats exactly how I felt in my last job – a robot. This so conflicts with our nature. We are not specialists, hunter gatherers and opportunists. People goto work, come home and for comfort they eat drink to much, watch tv spend their salaries on retail therapy. Got to break the vicious cycles we find ourselves trapped in. Of course our economies depend on such miserable existences. When we retire we are just liabilities.

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