Pattaya Super Baby

Taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya sets me back 1500 baht.  Im staying in the Sunshine Residences up soi 8 off Beach road in Pattaya.  Soi 8 is pretty much central location in Pattaya right in the heart of the mongering action and the Sunshine residence was at a bargain price.

Day 1 – Not Impressed

Checkin to the Sunshine residence up soi 8 and not overly impressed with my room or the hotel.  But you get what you pay for.  The bed was OK, so was the TV and WiFi.  Lots of Indians staying there, I guess because it was cheap.  A few years back you would never seen Indians down soi 8.  Many with their wifes and families too.  Felt strange, felt different.

beach road
Pattaya Beach

My first night in Pattaya and I do the rounds.  The usual chronic cheap charlies in the beer bars along Beach Road.  Try a few Gogos. the Nevada, Tahitan queen and the two Silver Stars up soi 8 and soi 7.  Not impressed with the girls on offer either.  Quality has taken a nose dive or its just the wrong time of year.

Day 2 – Boring

The breakfast in the Sunshine residence is good, the pool not bad, but the noise level terrible.  Especially from Indians on the corridor into the early hours of the morning.  I would not stay here again for this reason alone. A monger needs his rest and beauty sleep.  I go on walkabout again around Pattaya.  Up to soi buakhao and third road.  Spend the best part of the day trying to relax on the busy Pattaya beach.

walking street pattaya
walking street

That evening check out soi 6, but not see any girls worth barfining.  I then head down to soi 2, nothing happening and then a baht bus up to Walking street.  Try a few gogos, Secrets, Champion and Madarin.  Pussy stunt shows with ping pong balls and razor blades.  Its so boring sitting in a gogo with only unattractive girls to look at.

Day 3 – Fuglies

Another day on Pattaya beach and then that evening try a few beer bars along second road making my way up to Soi LK Metro.  Just fuglies working the beer bars.  I mean the beer bar girls are so fat old and ugly I felt physically sick.

soi buakhao
oasis gogo

I do a gogo crawl through soi LK Metro.  Soi LK Metro is the new mongering hot spot in Pattaya now as Walking street turns over to mainstream tourism.  Must be about 15 gogos operating within Soi LK Metro now.  The best gogo IMHO was Bachelor but the seating is all wrong.  Just not getting the horn with the girls on offer.  Three nights in Pattaya and not lost my cherry.

Day 4 – Crap Massage

I had noticed some nice looking woman outside massage paradise off soi buakhao and returned today to check it out.  Take a pretty girl upstairs, grubby little cubicle with curtain and dirty mattress on the floor, very uninspiring.  Will check out the rooms first in the future.  This girl then not do blowjob so change girl.

Massage was crap, blowjob not bad but wanted me to cum after a couple of minutes.  When I start to cum she just stop.  They think this is enough, I am expecting them to continue until my balls are empty and her face is plastered and mouth full and dripping out.  It rarely works out like that, only in our minds, our fantasies.  Pattaya is crap!

Soi Diamond, Super Baby

That night still not satisfied I head out and check the beer bars along soi 7, nothing happening.  Then take a baht bus to Drinking Street. One cute girl working in Drinking street but ignores me. Getting some bad vibes off some Arabic guys playing pool so decide to leave.  There are alot of cunts on holiday in Pattaya, you need to be careful, but you dont need to share the same bar with them.

I check out the Soapy massage parlours but no girls I find attractive in the FishBowls.    Baht bus back to Walking street and along soi Diamond and into Super Baby Agogo.  Often bar fined from super baby before on previous trips to Pattaya always some nice girls.

Even in Super baby the girls were not good then suddenly I notice one right down my street.  She darker girl, got little lacy panties on and I can see she got a dark bush below.  Im getting horny looking at her so call her over for a lady drink and an interview.  She speak good English, in the dark she look very beautiful, sultry and sexy, she is half Malaysian.

She tell me she just start working in Pattaya, come down from Bangkok due to curfew.  Only work Japanese bars.  Never been with farang before, I will be her first.  Who really knows the truth of what bar girls tell you.  She looks like she is going to be fun though so I barfine her and baht bus back to my hotel.

pattaya gogo girl
super baby

Barfine was 600 baht and girls fee for short time is 2000 baht which has to be paid upfront to the bar.  No problem with Sunshine residence being girl friendly not even need to register her.  Good fuck with her, but not kissing me properly, we exchange contact details.  At last lost my cherry in Pattaya, mongering has been really bad this season.  Not sure if its down to bad luck or just a general decline of quality pussy available in Pattaya.

Day 5 – No girls I like

Start the night off down soi 6 but no girls I like.  Check out the Honey 1 massage but no girls I like.  Back up to Walking street to try a few more Gogos.

walking street

If only you could barfine some of the greeters, the eye candy, the girls who work outside enticing you in.  I try Angel Witch, but no girls I like, I am running out of energy and out of options. I decide to take a massage down second road.  The girl not even want to massage me, just goes straight for my balls wants to make some money.

Day 6-7, Girlfriend Experience

My last weekend in Pattaya and the non pro girl I had met in Bangkok comes down.  I nearly cancel this as not want to get involved but she was already on the bus.  We agreed I would pay her 4000 baht for the weekend with me paying the bar tab as well.
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It went well enjoyed her company, the best option considering the bar girls available in Pattaya.  My girlfriend from Bangkok stood out like a healthy thumb.  It felt good showing her off. Better places to take your girlfriend than Pattaya though.

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  1. Why can’t you barfine the greeters, the eye candy? I wonder if they get any comission of all the mongers they ”invite” inside the bar. Here in Madrid whores don’t stop sucking your cock with you’re cumming, infact, they keep sucking even when your balls are empety! Feels like your intestines are getting sucked in. I really would like to hit Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, I just have this fetish for Vietnamese, since you keep it real would be nice read your perspectives on both cities. I also really want Beijing and Shanghai to be in your missions, I heard those cities are full of Barbeshorps, Massage Parlors, and KTVs offering more than haircuts, massages, and music entertainment…..haven’t come across a blog that talks about what is going on in those places in FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE. In the main streets of Beijing and Shanghai there are lots of women offering you girls coming to your room, would be nice if you give it a shot, still haven’t read anything from FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE. I just want you to do so many things 😛 do not forget to come to Madrid 😀

    1. Its not a hard and fast rule you cant barfine the greeters, but usually not, they are often underage and just work outside. I guess they are allowed to do that.
      Of course some girls do give great blowjobs but I was not lucky in this instance. Its not something you can really check up beforehand until you start to cum
      Iv no plans to travel to Vietnam or China at least this year. Requires visa and not keen on communist countries especially in Asia. Might change my mind if I read some good info on them
      There have to be other things to do than just some whore mongering, may take up an hour of your day, if your not doing the girlfriend thing
      Now would like to visit China and Vietnam as a tourist but requires alot of planning to get the most out of it

      Sometimes you just like to go back to a place you know best and not try to hard. Other times you want new adventures. Each year is different.
      Last time I got fed up with Asia and Thailand was 2008 and went west to Brazil, Dominican etc but done that been there now

  2. Interesting Paul.
    Have followed all your blogs, religiously now, on a daily basis and it has now become part of my daily morning routine. Well done and please, (when you are travelling of course) keep them coming in.

    I was lucky to live in Pattaya for 3 years back in 2010 so it was interesting to be kept up to date with most of the neighbouring countries which I had to visit (I had no choice) to keep my passport Visa Stamps up to date to allow me to stay in Thailand.

    What hasn’t changed is probably the lack of really attractive girls in Pattaya (or on a scale of 1 to 10) ladies from 7 plus onwards and it was for that reason that I would use any excuse to go up to Bangkok where the choice was always much better. In Bangkok my main Mongering haunts was in and around the Grace hotel and the bars nearby where the girls had more pointed noses and tended to be more EuroAsian or Malaysian or Indian in looks.

    Back to Pattaya, many a time I took a chance (but always wore a condom) with the better looking freelance girls who work at night on the Beach Road. This was always a risk doing this of course as these girls obviously at worst could not work in any of the bars for whatever reason and I often wondered why. But having said that I used to pay around 500 to 800 baht (with no extra bar fine to pay) to have the full gf experience for all night and most of the next day, or longer if I wanted it. This way I used to take some lovely girls back to my Condo and most times I would order pizza and we would watch a movie or some TV first just to ease into it slowly and get to know each other first. HAPPY DAYS.

    A little tip though for you and your readers here, for any holiday or vacation in Pattaya, definitely for the BEST CHOICE OF GIRLS, best weather and best atmosphere, the 4 weeks around and including the CHRISTMAS PERIOD IS THE BEST TIME TO VISIT PATTAYA. New Years Eve is exceptional and many non pro Thais come down from Bangkok to stay for the holiday period and in the bars and discos some even make themselves available to help pay for their holiday.

    What has changed though are the prices.
    You mentioned nearly £30.00 for a taxi to Pattaya, that is now almost London minicab fares AND around £50.00 for short time with a bar girl, to me that’s expensive for Thailand even with the prices starting to rise.
    Shame though, sign of the times.

    1. Thanks Mathew, never done any of the girls on beach road aka the coconut bar 🙂
      So you must have got to know a few more intimately, any interesting stories as to why they work beach road
      The general consensus is because they cannot work the bars?

      1. Coconut bar, never heard that phrase used before but I Like it :), very apt.

        Before replying to your questions, for those who are not familiar with Pattaya beach or the South Beach Road to be precise, the Beach Road refers to about a 3 Kilometre pedestrianized walk way running parallel to the main road but right next to the beach following the bay from north to south Pattaya.

        Pretty by day with tropical Palm trees, and, I suppose an OK sandy beach, and almost family friendly again in broad day light with its beach deck chairs, seafood food stalls and souvenir sellers, by night it takes on a completely different personality which has a dark almost creepy side to it too. With the exception of the scary Lady boys, with their own territory which I mention later, all the Beach road working girls tend not to be night owls starting from around 7 in the evening making themselves scarce around 12- 12:30 midnight.

        3 Ks is quite a long way to stroll for a bit of window shopping first, but I would say most of the action doesn’t cover even a third of this. Where the main action is, and in my opinion the best choice of girls starts in the South Pattaya end after Starbucks across the road from Soi 13 or for another landmark as a reference, the small Mikes Shopping arcade, passing (all on the other side of the road – heading north) the Royal Garden Mall shopping Centre, Mike shopping Mall up to about Soi 10 before the new Mega Big Bangkok style Central Festival shopping Centre.

        Further on and still walking north from Soi 9, and past Soi 8 onwards this beach part becomes remarkably quiet, considering just across the road are dozens and dozens of some of the liveliest and raunchy Go-go and girlie bars in Pattaya. The reason for this is the close proximity to the police headquarters near Soi 9. (Yes, some street prostitution is illegal in Thailand. Notice how I say some.)

        Still walking north past the junction of Central Pattaya Road, the brightly lit up shops, shopping Centres, restaurants and bars across the road give way to some of Pattaya’s better and grander more expensive hotels which stand alone in their own large grounds. Beware though, back across the road by the beach walkway things become darker and quieter in this part as you pass hotels like the Montien, Hard Rock and AA Royal Cruise hotel all the way up to Soi 3.

        I said Beware and I mean it; if there is such a thing as a no go area in the main tourist part of Pattaya at night time then this section of the Beach Road walk way comes very close. Here are where the bodge or Botch Job Lady Boys prey at night in packs like stray aggressive dogs. Mentally they are not there and physically they are just a mess to look at. Eerie, scary and not funny at all real horror Halloween material, they tend to hide and creep up on the unsuspected and get physical and try and beat the person, tourist to a pulp if they do not get the money that they demand just because the person happened to be walking at the right place but at the wrong time. Very cruel I know but these mentally deficient outcasts are frightening and the main reason why the Pattaya police are making more and more frequent raids at night on all the girls who work the beach road which I think in a way is a great shame.

        With that warning out of the way, I mentioned the best section to monger is heading north along the Beach road from around Soi 13 up to just beyond Mikes (Large Shopping Mall) which is about a slow leisurely 10 minute walk or so along the seafront. People do actually walk along here just for the sake of taking a stroll and taking in the sea air to walk off the heavy dinner they have just had perhaps before turning in for the night at their hotels. For me living in Pattaya it was part of my daily routine, doing this walk along the seafront, whether shopping, going out to dinner, meeting friends or going to see a movie, or just having a walk to take in the sea air too, or even packing up my things from the beach a couple of feet away having stayed on there later than normal to watch the sunset.

        Here the Beach road girls are very territorial and feeling safer in numbers I suppose, rarely work on their own all though it may appear that way. It can be very tough for them out there by the beach wall sometimes so they have to be very, very streetwise and extra vigilant at the best of times from dealing with fake Thai undercover or fake Thai uniformed cops trying to extort bribes, to the Pattaya Mafia and wannabe male Mafia gangs demanding protection money to the real police who arrest them, detain them and ask questions later. This probably explains why nearly all make themselves scarce around midnight when most of the nearby businesses close and the area becomes quieter.

        Less serious but can be very annoying too for the beach road girls (and some mongers) are the Cheap Charlies who grab a large bottle or two of the cheaper Chang or even cheaper Leo Thai Larger Beer from family Mart or 7 Eleven across the road and make a whole evening of it sitting on the beach wall watching the world go by including that of the working girls and even starting conversations with them. Most annoying for me (and I have done it many times and slapped by own wrist many times over it) is when I have been out looking for it especially, seen someone exceptionally attractive but just carried on walking with the idea of coming back to her later if I hadn’t seen anyone even more attractive further on up the road and when I hadn’t, I would turn back and return to where I thought the person was, and when she wasn’t there believing maybe she had decided to stand somewhere else, (maybe I didn’t want to believe it was more probable that right then she was being fucked to the brains in some sex tourist’s hotel room) end up killing myself walking maybe 5 Kilometres up and down the Beach road with no joy.

        Another lesson to be learnt about the Beach road girls, they always tend to work from the same spot so 9 times out of 10 if they are not there that night they will be there tomorrow at the same place but not necessarily at the same time.

        On the contrary, by my own choice, I never got to know any of the girls really intimately. At the end of the day these working girls (businesswise) are as ruthless as any successful lawyer. At the beginning they take an interest to you and will do everything to service your wants and needs and make you feel great but the clock is always ticking. Once they know you really need them, the price will go up, and the more intimate the relationship appears to become then sick Buffaloes up country, overdue rent matters and family problems needing urgent financial support come into it. Sorry, but I have heard it, witnessed it, experienced it and seen it all.

        With any paying arrangement like this I tend to always keep my distance, but, that is not to say I never took the same girl back twice. At least five times, but maybe more than that, always searching for her across the road from Soi 10 I took back to my home a lovely cute white skinny Thai Chinese girl, under 20 (I think) who was as Horney as hell, was into everything sexually and wore glasses but did not speak a word of English. Otherwise clean and very presentable, as far as I was concerned her lack of foreign languages was the main reason that she was not working in a tourist bar. Sometimes she would disappear for weeks at a time maybe to Bangkok so that was probably why I wanted her more, but knowing that I wanted her, what she did do was put her price up a little bit more every time I met her again which I had no problem with. In any other business though you would expect a discount.

        The same was with two sisters from Myanmar (Burma), who frequented an ordinary tourist come bar restaurant on Walking street and a sole trader also from Myanmar who’s patch was near the Starbucks end of South Pattaya, the sisters early 30s and browner Indian looking in appearance and the sole trader late twenties and almost European in looks and all attractive, when they too vanished often for weeks on end I would often miss them a lot when I had the urge and went looking for them. They spoke good English and were able to tell me they were working as freelancers in Thailand illegally which I believed to be true. The same is to be said about the Cambodians and (not so many) girls from Laos who also while taking a big risk from being arrested and deported work from the Beach road.

        Yes the general consensus is that the girls who work on the Beach road only do so because they cannot work the bars. If that is the case here are what I believe to be the main reasons. 1. (Mostly) because they are not medically fit to do so due to having a sexual transmitted disease or something even more serious along those lines. 2. They are working, or working as a prostitute in Thailand illegally. 3. Have difficulty learning and becoming fluent in a foreign language (Like 99% of we adult Brits) 4. (As a Thai person) wanting to increase their income but don’t want the stigma and therefore choose not to work in or have anything to do with a girlie/Go-go bar type working environment.

        I can confirm this number 4. with two very attractive waitresses from the Alt Heildelburg restaurant on South Beach Road, a straight female Thai dancer working in a tourist cabaret place (I was on holiday in Thailand during those occasions), and when living there, another pretty waitress working in a French restaurant off Soi Buakhao (but working in Thailand illegally), 3 shop girls also of note, working in an electrical, mobile phone shop and computer DVD shop in South Pattaya. I also had a great session with a lovely sexy hamburger hot dog seller working near the 19th hole pub bar off Walking Street in south Pattaya, but had to wait until 5am until she finished her shift and another hour on top of that while she showered for Thailand to get rid of the smell of all those hamburgers and onions. Also the girls who did have real day time jobs were more than happy with around 500 baht (Taxi money) or even less, but I’ll tell you it is not easy and it takes a bit of time and you really do have to live there to enjoy it.


        1. Excellent insight Mathew. Wow should be a post in its own right Beach Road, Pattaya. Next time I am in Pattaya may have to extend my hunting zone to include that stretch of beach road. Like the sound of the girls from Burma Lous etc, rather than the stereotype disease ridden girls. I think first appearances can tell you alot.

  3. Hi Paul
    well done with accounts of all your travels!
    Maybe next time you should go to Phuket; much nicer beaches and holiday vibe!
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Jake, appreciate the feedback, sometimes I think I am just talking to myself
      will try Phuket next time and Hua Hin maybe. Been to Phuket once before but with the girlfriend at the time

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