Mongering Pattaya 2008 to 2013

Continuing my mongering history in Pattaya from 2008 to 2013.  More of the bar girls I meet in the Gogos and beer bars spread throughout sin city on the coast.

March 2008, soi buakhao

Return to Pattaya during March 2008, my 10th visit in under 6 years travelling around the world to Thailand.  This trip I am between jobs so looking to be more frugal with my expenses.  I stay in a hotel along soi Buakhao.

soi buakhao

Everything is much cheaper along soi Buakhao due to being less tourist centric, I guess also rents must be alot cheaper reflected in the prices of goods.

Oasis Gogo

There are quite a few mongering options along and off soi Buakhao too including soi LK Metro.

Oasis bar girl
Oasis gogo girl

This trip I am having problems finding my first attractive bar girl to fuck.  Eventually I barfine a girl out of Oasis Gogo along soi buakhao.  The session was not that good but I end my pussy drought.  Needed to lower my expectations and extend my comfort zone.


Things get alot better as one night I meet the lovely Yim in Secrets just off Walking Street.  Before midnight the barfine in Secrets was alot more but could not resist her, my kind of bargirl.

pattaya gogo girl
Secrets gogo girl

We went to the cinema that night and watched a movie, holding hands and kissing in the backrow.  Back to the hotel and she stay long time with no problems.


One night trawling through the Gogos of Walking street about to give up and head into the Voodoo gogo.  Get chatting to a nice girl and with some persuasion she was willing to do long time with me for 2000 baht

pattaya gogo girl
voodoo gogo girl

She not have a clue who Jimmy Hendrix was.  What I am noticing this trip to Pattaya is alot of Indian tourists, girls less willing to do long time, coyote bars are springing up and its getting harder to find attractive bar girls.  Im getting fed up with Pattaya and Thailand.

September 2010

Almost a three year break from Thailand and Pattaya.  Since 2009 was mongering in other parts of the world including Rio De Janerio in Brazil earlier this year in June.  The contrast of mongering in Brazil inspired me to return to Pattaya in Thailand just for the sheer number of bars and bar girls available even if is mostly quantity rather than quality.

Soi 2

This trip to Pattaya and I am staying in a hotel down soi 2 for the first time.  The first beer bar I stop off in soi 2 and I am confronted by a very cute bar girl, she seems to like me too.

pattaya bar girl
soi 2 bar girl

She is an intelligent girl and very happy go lucky.  Im chatting to her and her mobile phone keeps ringing on the bar.  Each time it rings a different picture of a foreign boyfriend pops up.  She not answer, we laugh and joke.  She knows I know the score.

She must have at least 4 sponsors.  An American soldier is returning from Afghanistan in a couple of days to take her on a 2 week vacation, so will need to barfine her soon.  She tell me she not go with customers, not need to, but she like me ;-).

Soi Diamond

Few nights later barfine a lovely looking Thai girl from superbaby agogo down soi diamond off Walking Street.

gogo girl pattaya
superbaby gogo girl

Superbaby always has some nice Thai girls working.  Its mostly Asian and Japanese customers but anyone welcome.  First gogo in Pattaya I pay the barfine and girls fee all up front to the bar.  The girl will only do short time too.

Soi 6

Checking out the girls down soi 6 some nights a few not look bad.   The girls working down soi 6 only do short time in the rooms connected to the back of the bars they work in.  The price is 700 baht with a 300 baht barfine, good if your feeling horny and just want a quickie.

soi 6 pattaya
soi 6 bar girl

Soi 6 is very seedy even for Pattaya and most things are on offer down soi 6.  This trip to Pattaya was the first time I barfine down soi 6.  I take two girls for a threesome who give blowjob, OWO and CIM.  Not a bad performance for total fee of 2000 baht.

Walking Street, Champion Agogo

One night down walking street I am asking the tourist police where I can find a bar, but he not know and recommends Champion Agogo.  One cute girl was working in Champion Agogo.  She stood in front of me and lifted up her skirt.  She got no panties on underneath and got the most mouth watering hairy little Thai pussy.  Deal done I barfine and take her back to soi 2.

walking street gogo girl
Champion agogo girl

The deal was long time.  Early in the morning like 3am she get a call on her mobile and her house mates are locked out and she has to leave to let them in.  Sure, before she leaves I give her another good fucking and give her 500 baht less for leaving early.  This is a common tactic of the girls now to try an extract a long time fee but bail out early.

Naughty School Girl

That cute bar girl working in the beer bar along soi 2 notices me taking these gogo girls from Walking street back to my hotel and looks a little jealous.  The night before she disappears for two weeks with one of her boyfriends I barfine her long time and take her back to my hotel for a nights good fucking.

beer bar girl
soi 2 bar girl

Naughty girl, she liked me talking dirty to her and treating her like a naughty school girl, loved playing with my cock and squeezing the pre cum out of it, very kinky.  Took her contact details but just leave it, not want to become another one of her sponsors.

Overall this was a very good trip to Pattaya.  Its seems having a break for a few years did some good.  I knew what to expect and was pleasantly surprised with some of the bar girls I meet around Pattaya.  Of course luck plays a big part being in the right place at the right time.

July 2013

Almost another 3 year break and I return to Pattaya in July 2013 after having been mongering in Jakarta Indonesia for the first time.  Im having some fresh fish in my favourite seafood restuarant along Walking Street and the waitress asks me where is my girlfriend? Well later I meet her when she finishes work and take her back to my hotel later for some long time. She is from Burma but with Indian heritage.

Burmese waitress
Waitress Pattaya

Still give her 1000 baht in the morning.  Nice lady wanted to be girlfriend and meet her again.  But I like the younger girls with firm bodies too much.  I not come to Pattaya because I want a girlfriend.

Soi 7 beer bar

One night in Pattaya Im out pretty early and stop at the first beer bar at the bottom of soi 7 to take a rest and prepare for the nights pussy hunting.  Out of nowhere a really cute curvy young Thai girl joins me and want to play bar games.

beer bar girl pattaya
soi 7 bar girl

I want to play games back in my hotel so bafine her.  short time is now costing 1500 baht.  Probably should have negotiated a lesser price.  But quality girl, lovely body no kids.  full on girlfriend experience.

soi 6

Wandering up and down soi 6 early one evening checking out the bar girls on offer about to give up then notice this thai cutie.  short time fee was 1000 baht for the better looking girls down soi 6 now.

soi 6 girl pattaya
soi 6 bar girl

Good short time fuck though, did the job, lovely natural Thai hairy pussy on this girl.  Not so keen on soi 6 myself though, prefer to take my girls back to my hotel.  Dont like fucking in grubby short time rooms on beds that have the cum and sweat stains of 1000s of mongers before me.

Walking Street, African freelancer

My last night mongering in Pattaya and I notice some African girls sat at a bar down Walking street.  Pop over and sit next to an attractive black girl and get chatting.

walking street black girls
african freelancer

She was from Ethiopia, nice friendly girl, looked new to the game.  We compromise on a short time fee of 1500 baht with no barfine with the freelancers.  Back at the hotel, nice black booty and some intense doggy fucking and black ass slapping 🙂  Just like the good lord intended.

pattaya walking street
walking street

Pattaya is still fun, still plenty of options for getting laid and not breaking the bank.  But it is slowly being overtaken by more mainstream tourism from other parts of the world.  Russian, Turkish and Indian.

Asian sex diary
Pattaya sex diary

For mongers who want to see the hardcore side of Pattaya the likes of which MongerPlanet cannot show,  check out Pattaya sex diary.

Sex tourism to Pattaya from the west is in demise.  More gogos are now opening up along soi LK Metro.  Pattaya has got a few good years left yet.  I will return I am sure.  Please vote on your preferred mongering location in Pattaya?

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