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Pattaya bar girls 2002 – 2007

Before bringing you up to date with my latest mongering trip to Pattaya in Thailand.  I would like to share first my history with Pattaya.  As told through photos and anecdotes of the bar girls I have met when in Pattaya.

Pattaya is around a 2 hour taxi ride from Bangkok or suvarnabhumi airport.  As a newbie to Thailand you usually first experience mongering in Bangkok and then after a few days you head down to Pattaya.  Back in the good old days Pattaya was considered alot cheaper than Bangkok, almost half price.  Short time could be had for 500 baht and long time 1000 baht with the bar girls of Pattaya.

The added attraction of Pattaya is it is on the coast and a resort city.  Plenty of things to do during the day including just chillin on the beach.

Pattaya bay

The P4P scene in Pattaya is much larger than Bangkok, there are just beer bars and Gogos everywhere.  But generally there is alot more quantity but less quality than say Bangkok.  Pattaya is alot more popular with the cheap charlies of this world and alcoholics.  Pattaya is or was considered the Mecca of mongering.  Many old mongers head straight for Pattaya missing out Bangkok altogether.

Pattayaland, 2002

My first visit to Pattaya was back in September 2002 with a couple of friends and they bring with them their girlfriends from Bangkok.

Never take you girlfriend to Pattaya

I remember the evening well, its the first time wandering into a tailors along Pattayaland and being fitted up for some shirts and a suit. Then after the fitting heading across the road into a gogo and barfining my first gogo girl from Pattaya.

pattaya bar girl
pattaya gogo girl

Lovely girl, great tits and body, would do anything, even anal, took loads of naked pics of her.  But lost them to a virus on my computer.  Pays to load some of your images online.  My first porn star experience.   All for 1000 baht in the morning.  Your typical dirty bar girl slut from Pattaya.

Pattaya, March 2003

I return to Pattaya in March 2003 with an ex bar girl my friend had introduced me too.  Lovely time full on girlfriend experience.  We were actually staying in a hotel in Jomtien, alot quieter than Pattaya and just up the road.  We would then take a baht bus into Pattaya to enjoy the nights entertainment.

pattaya girlfriend
pattaya girlfriend

Very civilised visit and had to be a good boyfriend.  But while in Pattaya with my ‘girlfriend’ saw a couple of bar girls and wish I was on my own.  I surely would return to Pattaya one day alone to be a bad and naughty boy with no one to answer to.

Beach Road, September 2003

Well I do return to Pattaya alone in September 2003 and meet a couple of cute beer bar girls along Beach road.  Beach road on the side of the beach was also known as the Coconut bar.  Beach road you could really scrape the bucket and get a freelancer for 300 baht and no barfine.  Cheap Charlie heaven.

pattaya bar girl
beach road bar girl

The other side of beach road is lined with beer bars.  This bar girl was one was real cute and come and sat next to me . She had a  really tight shaved little Thai pussy, so eager to please me.  All for 1000 baht handed over in the morning with a kiss goodbye.

Walking street

Another cute bar girl I meet this trip to Pattaya was from Simons beer bar along Walking Street. Walking street has the highest concentration of bars and gogos in Pattaya.  Its a spectacle and sheer entertainment to just walk up and down Walking street.

pattaya bar girl
beer bar girl

This beer bar girl had such a Thai hairy pussy, it was like a gorilla.  Even too hairy for me.  Sweet girl though stayed with me all night, I dont think all the bar girls had mobile phones back then.  Great time, an old monger fucking Thai teens every night for 1000 baht.

May 2004

Im back in Pattaya May 2004 exclusively with my girlfriend from Bangkok, the bar girl I was in love with since my first trip to Thailand in 2002.

girlfriend in pattaya
pattaya sunset

I was smitten with her and still had long term plans about being together.  I was a good boy back then.  Good time to have a girfriend in Pattaya, the American marines were on R&R in Pattaya and prices double.

But the sun was setting on my love affair with this bar girl from Bangkok.  You just cannot help noticing all those other pretty bar girls when you are out with your girlfriend.   Must have happened a hundred thousand times in places like Pattaya with your typical two week millionaire John and bar girl Lek from Issan.

Soi 13, 2004

Return to Pattaya in November 2004 with my Bangkok girlfriend but she had to leave a few days before me.

sundown pattaya
pattaya sunset

Alone in Pattaya and I have a threesome with two girls in the Kittens gogo down soi 13.  One of the girls was beautiful and from Cambodia.  My first Cambodian girl.  Due to girlfriend checking my camera, not snap any photos of them.  The cost for this threesome in the Cats club set me back 5000 baht including hiring one of the short time rooms in the attached Penthouse hotel.

pattaya soi 13
pattaya lights

Girlfriend is still in the picture during this time but not 100% committed anymore. Enjoying the best of both worlds some loving and some whoring. But the cracks are widening with the loving.

Soi 7, September 2005

After a great mongering trip through Cambodia I make my way from Sihanoukaville to Pattaya and meet a lovely beer bar girl working in the Only Fools and Horses beer bar down soi 7.

pattaya beer bar girls
soi 7 bar girls

I was considering a threesome with both bars girls but the one in white was already taken.  She was the bar owners Thai wife.  So I take the girl in red back to the Flipper hotel where I was staying.  She was 19 yo and had a great ass and enjoyed fucking her doggy.  In the morning she tell me she love me.

Barfined her a couple of nights over this trip, hard to beat her.  All that sexy fun back then left such a small hole in your wallet, 300 baht barfine, 1000 baht long time to the girl.

Soi Post Office, December 2005

Return to Pattaya December 2005 to be exclusively with my Bangkok girlfriend but she gets bored and goes back to Bangkok leaving me all my own in Pattaya.

Pattaya sunset
pattaya beach road

That same night I have two girls give me blowjob with CIM in the pump station along soi Post Office. Xmas Eve and I break my foot, on crutches for the remainder of the holiday.  Still manage to barfine one or two bar girls from soi 7 and my Bangkok girlfriend returns to Pattaya for my last day with her.  This trip I am noticing alot more mainstream tourism to Pattaya especially Russians. Previous to this Pattaya was the dominion of sex tourists and whore mongers mostly from the west.

Walking Street, September 2006

Return to Pattaya for the 8th time in September 2006 after a great trip to Singapore, Batam and Angeles city in the Philippines.  Its the first time in the rainy season I really see Pattaya flooded.

Pattaya flood

Now I see why the curbs are so high.   Undeterred I still crawl the gogos down Walking street and then one night find this sexy Thai girl working in Angel Witch Gogo.

pattaya bar girl
Gogo girl

She had the most perfect Thai natural pussy and in the morning gave me a nice wet blowjob with CIM.  All for 2000 baht long time.  The Pattaya gogo girls were more expensive but generally better looking girls, no kids, tight tummies on show.  barfines were around 500 baht.

September 2007

Return for some mongering in Pattaya during September 2007. Meet a really cute gogo girl in Silver Star Agogo down soi 8.  Had a couple of lovely long time sessions with this cute Thai girl.

pattaya bar girl
silver star gogo

Eventually I had to stay away from the Silver Star Agogo, I was getting to like this girl too much.

sexy pattaya girl
Pretty bar girl

No more getting emotionally involved with Thai bar girls.  Quality and sexy bar girls do exist in Pattaya, but often hard to find in the sheer quantity of bars girls and widely spread out.

bar girl pattaya
beer bar girl

I meet this cute bar girl with big Thai tits in a beer bar along the far end of second road just up from soi 2 and the soapy massage parlours.  Long time for 1500 baht and a 200 baht barfine.  Cant be bad.  A quality bar girl found in the least likely place.  Pays to go Walkabout some nights in Pattaya.

bar girl pattaya
Buffalo bar girl

One night to try something different I head up to the Buffalo bar along third road in Pattaya.  Meet this cute bar girl working in the Buffalo bar and barfine her long time.  short time was not really on the cards back then, long time was intended and expected.  She was a bit up tight in the hotel room, so had to make her relax.  Spent over an hour talking with her, watching TV etc.  After she jumped on me and fucked my brains out and again in the morning.

walking street
European girls

Gogos dedicated to European girls are now appearing down walking street like Galaxy Agogo no doubt catering to the increasing number of Asian and Arab tourists in Pattaya.  For something different late at night you do get Russian and African hookers plying their trade down Walking street.

To be continued,  this post on Pattaya bar girls is getting too long. Just been to Pattaya too many times and fucked so  many bar girls, not all of them I have photos of.  But 2002 to 2007 were the golden years in Pattaya.  Quality girls could be found, barfines were small, long time could be had from 1000 to 2000 baht.  Experience was either girlfriend or porn star more times than not.  Happy days 🙂

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