Thailand Tuk Tuk Patrol

Tuk Tuk drivers usually take tourists around whatever city they are in within Thailand and scam and rip them off.  Tuk Tuk drivers prey on newbies and are best avoided.  But not the old sex mongers over at Tuk Tuk patrol.  They have their own Tuk Tuk and driver who takes them around Bangkok hunting for some Thai Pussy.

They just drive around Thailand in a Tuk Tuk picking up real Thai pussy and film these sexy Thai girls being fucked on camera.  No actresses or porn stars just real amateur Thai girls needing to make some extra baht.  Some of the Thai girls have or do work in the bars or freelance the nightclubs.  If your a regular visitor to Thailand and like to fuck Thai whores you may even recognise some of the girls being fucked inside Tuk Tuk Patrol.

Brownie is a cute Thai girl with a lovely hairy Thai Pussy and she works in the bar. She looks just like that girl I fucked out of the Nana Plaza gogo. Her pussy was the same. Just watch this little Thai whore getting her pussy filled by a big white Farang cock.

Where can I find this Thai Milf Nanny? I would love to fuck this Thai woman. She is a little maturer, more full figured for a Thai woman, but man I just love that Thai hairy pussy on Nanny

Man I would love to bury my cock in that curvy Thai’s hairy pussy.

Two tight-ass Thai babes share cock in MFF threesome. yes been there and done that. Having a threesome with two Thai girls is something every monger must try in Thailand, its comes easy if not so cheaply these days. Better to find two thai girls who are bi sexual into cock and pussy.

Watch Bee and Miaw devour this tourists cock between them and take a load of cum over their pretty thai faces and in their mouths. Alot of Thai girls give blowjobs with CIM especially those working in blowjob bars and alot of girls working massage too will give you extras for some extra cash.

Young Thai babe with big tits and phat ass strips gets fucked. As a middle aged monger who often takes sex vacations to Thailand, its really exciting some nights to take a young thai girl out of the Gogos or the beer bars and fuck her little pussy and watch her mouth around your big swollen cock, its so erotic. Every old mans fantasy fucking a young asian girl

Watch Paw get her young pussy fucked hard and suck this lucky tourists cock. Just another day in Thailand fucking young Thai girls like this.

Chubby Thai fuck puppet pleases foreign white cock. Nice looking Thai whore this. Thai women can be extremely beautiful and they are so friendly and eager to please their man in bed.

Dont know where Chubby Thai Tan works in the day, dont care as long as she sucks tourist cock good. When she needs some extra cash she will freelance one night a week in Bangkok nightclubs.

Superbly soft and hairy Thai amateur seduced and fucked by male tourist, some thai girls are just so submissive by nature and sweet with it and will do anything if asked nicely.

Dont you just love cumming over a thai girls face. Some dont mind some do, if you want CIM or cum on face with your Thai whore you need to ask her up front if she will do it. Then make sures she takes your heavy load back in your hotel room, else kick out without so much as a taxi fare. Man Up!

Horny Thai amateur with great tits gets fucked and creamed. Some Thai girls have got great tits and I love this thai girls big dark erect nipples

The first Thai girl I meet in Bangkok was in a massage place. Had to pay extra for her to get naked and she had a fantastic pair of Thai tits. I sat on the massage table and she cupped my cock between her tits and gave me a great titty wank. In return I gave her a pearl necklace. These are some of the sex adventures you can have in Thailand with sexy Thai girls when your on the ground. When you are at home fantasying about being in Thailand, fucking some young Thai girls in a threesome then you have Tuk Tuk Patrol.

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