Bangkok Non Pro girl

Was my last night mongering  in Bangkok before heading to Pattaya for my last week in Thailand. After I would be returning home where the following week I would start a new job in the city of London.  My plan for tonight in Bangkok was to head back down to soi 33 and try and barfine that Thai beauty who was working in the Dali hostess bar.


Once I get into a fucking routine with quality bar girls I feel horny and want to fuck everyday.  Its what leads on from having a good experience from the night before with the girl from the Madarin Gogo in the Nana Plaza.  Makes alot of difference paying for a sexual experience you really enjoyed.  You want more and so do you balls, consequently you feel horny.

crazy house gogo
soi 23 Bangkok

I do my usual rounds up and down the Sukhumvit even checking out the Thai girls on offer sat outside Bangkoks blowjob bars, always tempting after that other great experience inside Kasalong.

Soi 23

I head back to the Manhattan hotel have a swim and relax by the pool for a couple of hours reading my book.  Recharging my batteries for tonight down soi 33.  Later that afternoon I walk down soi 23 into the British pub called the Britannia and as its Sunday have a lovely roast dinner.  Not the cheapest way to eat when in Bangkok, even so like to eat at least 75% western food else my guts play up.

There are some P4P options down soi 23 at night which joins onto the back end entrance to soi cowboy.  There is the new Crazy house Gogo and the Siamese twins bars and anything can happen inside Siamese twins if you are not shy.

I have my usual problem cant stay in my hotel and have to hit the bars early.  I was told last time in the Dali the girl I was interested started work at 4pm.  Inside the Dali around 5pm and she is no where to be seen.  The Mamasan tells me most girls start work at 7pm so would return to the Dali hostess bar later.

hostess bars soi 33
soi 33

Plenty of other hostess bars down soi 33 to fill in the time, I check a few others out like Napoleon and the Office, not much happening though, need to be careful not to drink to much beer if I want to barfine and not waste my money tonight.

Bar Fly

I notice a few old mongers sat outside bar fly so decide to go inside and take a look.  Almost empty inside except for a mature chubby bar manageress and a young looking Thai girl sat at the bar her face covered by her long dark black silky hair.  She looked slim, sexy and firm, she had a bottle of beer beside her and a check bin container.  Something was unusual about this situation, so I sit beside her and order a beer.

Get chatting and turns out she come to visit her aunt who manages the bar.  Her aunt used to run a bar in Washington square off soi 22 before it was demolished and now runs Bar Fly.  I stroke the girls arms but she brushes me off, the direct approach is not going to work with this one, she is not a bargirl but feel she may be game.  She is gorgeous to look at, so obviously not a bar girl, fresh face, she works full time office job.

Non Pro

Alot of the bars now have an internet terminal playing music videos from youtube.  We take it in turns playing some favourite records, she likes my tunes, I am basing my choices on hers. She is a small petite Thai girl and If I am going to get in her panties tonight, dont want to worry too much about the cost, its going to be just a one off if it happens,  Like it has not happened before 12 years seducing only bar girls in Bangkok.  I am buying her drinks and the mamasan.  They are now getting much more friendly.

Soon the aunt whispers in my ear, she has come into the bar to try and borrow some money off her.  Her aunt tells me if I pay 1000 baht barfine and give her 3000 baht she will sleep with me tonight long time.  Not sound like a bad deal to me.  She looks like one of those Thai girls you wished did work in the bar, tonight was my night.  So I guess she was more a non pro to semi pro girl, occasionally coming into the bar when she needed some money.  The truth not really matter, the cost was reasonable and I am going to fuck this cute Thai girl tonight.
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So finally I seduce her with music, beer, money and last but not least my charm and good looks 🙂  Taxi back to the Manhattan is 49b on the meter.  Taxi will put the meter on if you got a Thai with you.

Girlfriend Experience

She takes a shower and comes back to the bed wrapped up in a soft white towel.  I remove the towel, she got lovely little body, small tits and curvy little bum and natural hairy thai pussy to die for.  In fact her pussy is like Japanese pussy.  I go down on her pussy and she taste lovely and she orgasm.

We fall asleep for a few hours cuddled up.  Later I awake and fuck her good.  I let her go early as she has to be at work by 9am and has a chance to get  a couple of hours sleep.  I know what its like trying to get a good nights sleep in a strangers bed, its hard enough having a stranger in your own bed.

Another great night of sex in Bangkok getting the full on girlfriend experience.  Its experiences like this, totally unexpected  is why Bangkok is still my favourite Asian city for mongering and I keep coming back for more.

We exchange contact details and she may come and stay with me next weekend in Pattaya.  Lovely girl, if she not come to Pattaya it will because I could get to like her too much.  Been there, done that – falling in love with a Thai girl, at least this one was not a bar girl or not a pro. Not yet anyway, but flirting with the idea and the real money she could make rather than 10,500 baht a month in a boring office job somewhere in Bangkok.

Tomorrow I head for Pattaya and let the good times keep rolling and the quality Thai girls keep coming my way…

4 thoughts on “Bangkok Non Pro girl”

  1. why your banner on her face man? cant wait for London, whenever i read the mongering stories in the L i feel like if i was the main character

    1. Because I need to protect her identity, after all she is a non pro girl. Surely you understand that?
      Mongering in London is shit! Thats all there is to say about London unless you like expensive escorts or rip offs
      I not mean I am writing about London or mongering in London, just I will be returning to London, there is not much to say about London

      Your the main character, not with you? you smoking something?

        1. I may well be returning to SEA soon. Im bored with working and just want to doss somewhere for a month or two, Asia is good because you can live really cheaply still and fit in some pussy
          I was considering a return to Africa, Madigascar but best to do a 10 day trip first to put the feelers out.
          Its better to be working and then take mongering vacations, as price is not really a concern.

          As for London, most of my stories were from girls I met off craigslist. I never really went whoring there recently or regular, its only down the road, if there was something worthwhile there then sure I would be there
          In fact Iv met such cute girls – semi pros off craigslist who have often stayed the night for like a £100 sometimes free, its kind of taken the attraction out of mongering and travel for pussy
          I will repost some of my London craigslist stuff soon
          The other option is Adultwork, put in the postcode of where you will be, and you get loads of local prostitutes, not sure how popular it is in other parts of the world, but its very popular in London

          Most girls advertise on here, that work out of London and then there are 100s of escort agencies, but then costs twice as much. In fact when a place has 100s of escort agencies then its purely about profit and run by the middleman
          who risks very little

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