Bangkok Mandarin Girl

I had unfinished business being back in Bangkok for a few days.  There was that beautiful hostess working in the Dali bar down soi 33.  There was also that young Gogo girl dancing in the Madarin Nana Plaza.  Rather than hunting around Bangkok the next two nights I would revisit these two bars and try and barfine these two girls.


Why I not barfine them when I had these two gorgeous girls in the hand I dont know now?  Usually its because I like what I see but its too early, I have had too much to drink, I dont think I am horny enough or they are asking too much money in combination with the other reasons.

The other option while in Bangkok is the black African hookers freelancing outside the Grace hotel during the night.

soi 3
grace hotel

Would not mind something different from just Asian girls.  I love fucking black girls doggy.  I rarely perform this act with asian girls due to lack of a nice big round booty.  Never satisfied.

When I am in Asia I wish I was in South America, When I am in South America I wish I was in Asia

So I had some options a loose plan for the next two nights in Bangkok before heading to Pattaya for my last week mongering in SEA.   When not barfining you are at least doing some reconnaissance wandering from bar to bar now I could act on that intel.  No guarantee though the girls will be working in the bar when I walk through the door.

Daytime Bangkok

I spend my day in Bangkok wandering up and down the Sukhumvit road as I often do to kill the time.  Along soi cowboy and I check out soi 24 then a foot massage down soi 22.  Back up to the Nana and a few beers in Big Dogs and watch the day go by.

Big Dogs

I then stop off in the Bush bar next to the Thermae coffee shop and have some Thai food.  Now of course there is plenty of ways to unload during the day in Bangkok, blowjob bars, handjob bars and sexy massage, but was saving myself for one of my chosen girls tonight.

I return to the Manhattan hotel down soi 15 and am considering a day trip for my last day in Bangkok.  The floating market but pickup is 6:30AM in the morning then there is a canal cruise at 1pm.

Bangkok tonite

I start the evening off heading up to the 32nd floor of the Novotel hotel along the Sukhumvit.  On the 32nd floor they have a bar and restaurant and a balcony with some fantastic views over Bangkok.

bangkok city

Looks like I picked the right evening to snap some photos, lovely rainbow over Bangkok just after it stopped raining.  Drinks were expensive though for the privileged.  Bottle of beer 250 baht.  Nice bar to impress your Bangkok girlfriend with, if you got one?  Take her out onto the balcony and enjoy the sun setting over Bangkok and the Sukhumvit road.

cityscape bangkok
bangkok sunset

Well lets head out for another boring night in Bangkok 🙂  All that pussy crawling about down there waiting to be snapped up.

Madarin, Nana Plaza

I head down the Sukhumvit road and there are some black African hookers on the street between soi 3 and soi 5, but these African girls are fat!  Not good quality at all compared to some of the African hookers I have fucked before in Bangkok.

Bit early for the freelancers outside the Grace hotel being around 8pm so head across the road into the Nana Plaza.  I head straight into the Madarin, I have a particular girl in my cross hairs tonight.

Nana Plaza Madarin
Madarin gogo

Im sitting in the Madarin, the stage is packed out with young Thai girls dancing with short little skirts on and half of them topless.  I dont think my girl is there, suddenly I notice her over the back.  After some time watching her she begins to notice me.  She is dancing topless, nice tits on her, I am getting turned on looking at her, a semi erection.  I know she is the right girl tonight.

Its funny how we can reject hundreds of girls for this and that and then one just does it for you.  Something cute about her, lovely face, she reminds me of my Bangkok girlfriend of old, could almost be related, her niece or even daughter now! Perish the thought.

The interview

Well no good just keep looking, if not careful some other monger will come in and barfine her before me.  Still need to do the interview and check she is going to be fun.  Looks are not everything not when your handing over a few thousand baht for the pleasure. Mamasan wants me to choose a girl and I point my girl out and she brings her over to me.  I buy her a lady drink and begin the interview.

She speaks very little English not helped by the thumping music playing in the Madarin and sat next to a speaker is not the best place to try and talk.  Mamasan shows me the prices in the Madarin for barfining a girl on a menu.   2000 baht short time and 600 baht barfine.  She is cute aged 19 years and I slide my hand into her panties, her pussy is trimmed.  Lets do it.

In the Madarin you have to pay the short time fee along with the barfine to the gogo up front.  I pay up to the Mamasan and my girl goes and gets changed.  Mamasan hands me over two condoms and wants another 350 baht for using the short time rooms in the Nana Plaza.  I tell her I want to take her back to my hotel.  She asks which hotel I stay at and is OK with the Manhattan.  I wait for my girl to return and she comes back with a cute ribbon and little poca dot dress on.  Looks really cute.

Girlfriend experience

Tuk Tuk back to my hotel with my girl and wants 100 baht.  No problems taking my girl up to my room in the Manhattan although she has to register with the concierge.  In the lift its full on French kissing, she knows I like her and is responding, going to get the girlfriend experience tonite in Bangkok, with the cute gogo girl from the Madarin.

Really good fuck with the Madarin girl, she loved me kissing her neck, got a full erection throughout, not take me long to cum.  The only blemish, she had already had a child and her tummy was not so tight.  She would not let me take any photos of her, so she remains only in my memory.

All in all though its coming in around 3000 baht to barfine a gogo girl out of the Nana Plaza or soi Cowboy.  So still coming in under $100 with today’s rates, but prices are creeping up. 10 years ago in Bangkok this would have got you long time.  Most girls back then were up for doing long time now very few are interested,








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