Bangkok Soi Cowboy

My plan tonight, my first night back in Bangkok before heading onto Pattaya was to spend some time down Soi Cowboy and have a look inside After Skool.  After Skool is a gogo bar down Soi Cowboy but it doubles up  as a  handjob and blowjob bar.  Naughty Thai girls dressed in School uniforms will take you to the Naughty boys corner and give you some special treatment.

Phnom Penh to Bangkok

My flight back to Bangkok from Phnom Penh with Air Asia went without incident and I was straight through passport control at Don Muang airport.  I had to join a large queue for a public taxi.  I then realise I not have any Thai baht so had to leave the queue and find an ATM.  Rather than re-joining the queue and maybe an hours wait I hire a private car from one of the taxi booths in the airport.  Cost was 700 baht not including 110 baht tollway fees.

I checked into the Manhattan hotel down soi 15 and have a lovely large room.  I like the Manhattan hotel, stayed here a few times before on trips to Bangkok.  The Manhattan  is a girl friendly hotel with good breakfast and an OK swimming pool at a budget price.

Soi Cowboy

I head out that night straight down the Sukhumvit and into soi Cowboy.  Its Friday night and no obvious signs of a curfew in place.  The bars must close in Bangkok by midnight, the curfew runs from 1am to 4am by which time you must be off the streets.

bar girl
soi cowboy

I am feeling a bit tender and sit down and relax with a few bottles of beer.  You not alone long in a bar down soi cowboy.  Soon an attractive older Thai MILF bar girl joins me and keeps me company and I buy her a lady drink.  But I wanted a younger girl with a fit tight body.

soi cowboy bangkok
soi cowboy

As the night progresses soi cowboy gets alot more busy not just with sex tourists.  Since a couple of popular films featured soi cowboy its the place to be seen now.  Alot of mainstream tourists now pass through soi cowboy some with kiddies on their shoulders.

Paying for Pussy

There are lots of young western men pumped up on a night out drinking down soi cowboy and traveller types taking a peek.  I hear a conversation about never paying for it.  You always pay for pussy, I remark one way or another, direct or indirect.  Just depends on what level of emotional involvement you want with the sex.

If the majority of the guys out down Soi Cowboy are not paying for it, then the bars must be making a profit from drinks alone.  These clubs and bars in prime real estate areas need to make a profit.  Its also like these guys with their pumped up bodies and arrogance think the bar girls are going to give it to them for free! Wankers!

I think these Pickup Artists call it ‘shoring’ rather than whoring.  You strike up a friendly conversation with a bar girl and then tell them you never pay for it.  She is then so dazzled by your game and good looks she offers it to you for free.  I think its more of case younger men just have an issue, the stigma, of admitting sometimes they pay for pussy.

If shoring is happening, its is only because the girl is financially flush from a sponsor.  Her boyfriend is not in town, she is lonely and maybe horny so can pick and choose, although she would rather make some more money.  So shoring is really being a parasite.  If your so good at pickup, then why prey on vulnerable prostitutes?

After Skool

I head into After Skool and then realise I have been in here before a few times and had a handjob.  Its a little dark and seedy inside AfterSkool,  There are few dodgy characters sat around,  I decided to give it a miss tonight.  The plan was to maybe try a blowjob in After Skool but not tonight.  A quieter night in the week would be better or earlier in the evening.


I head into a gogo Cowboy 2 and immediately get three fuglies sit with me and start demanding lady drinks.  You can spend a small fortune on lady drinks if you are not careful and should only do so for the lady you want to spend company with.  I tell them no and then call down a cute Thai girl dancing on stage naked.

Eye Candy

Super fit little curvy body.  She sits with me, I buy her a lady drink, then she tells me she is only 17 yo and not barfine.  She then tells me she is 18 and then 19.  Unfortunately this is the kind of bullshit you have to put up with down soi cowboy now.

street girls soi cowboy
soi cowboy girls

There are more girls working outside down soi cowboy than inside the bars.  The meeters and greeters, the eye candy to trick you inside.  If you ask one of these girls to join you inside, she may come for a lady drink but then wont barfine or ask for 10,000 baht.  Alot of it is bullshit now and makes you wander why fly around the world for this?  Where your parting with over $100?  Mongering used to be efficient, quality pussy for little money. Not anymore.


Some of the best looking girls down soi cowboy these nights are in fact he’s ladyboys.  Cockatoo is now a popular bar down soi cowboy for its good looking ladyboys.  I had to pay 300 baht to snap this pic of them else they would sue me 🙂

cockatoo ladyboy bar
soi cowboy ladyboys

I have had enough of soi cowboy for one night and head up soi 22 for a massage of which there are still plenty of options within budget.

Soi 22 BusyBee

I head into the Busy Bee just down a little sub soi off soi 22.  I had noticed some cute girls working in Busy Bee when I was in Bangkok a few weeks ago.  Just one nice looking girl working tonight but with a big tramp stamp on her back. Decide to take her for a massage.

She takes me to a grubby little room with a mattress thrown on the floor and then puts some clean towels over the dirty mattress.  A sensual massage costs 500 baht and she will offer full sex for 1500 baht.  I want blowjob with CIM but she will not do.  She rings her boss.

Her boss comes into the room and I am laying there naked with a big erection and the boss is looking at my cock.  The boss will do BBBJ and CIM, she is attractive, late twenties, so I agree and she takes over.  She is a bit aggressive with my cock and she not really take it in the mouth.

Iv spent alot of money on my first night out back in Bangkok which is often the case and I am not feeling really satisfied.

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