Bangkok Bar Girls

Continuing my history and love affair with Bangkok Thailand I will now post some photos and accompanying anecdotes of some of the bar girls I have met during each trip from 2002 to 2014.  There are some gaps from 2004 to 2005 due to my Bangkok girlfriend checking my camera.

Bangkok September 2002

The first trip to Bangkok and the first gogo girl I take from the Nana Plaza. I first had a threesome with her and her friend in the short time hotel in the Nana.  But then bring this one back to the hotel with me.  So my first long time to.

Thai gogo girl
Nana Plaza girl

My first night out down soi cowboy and the first bar girl I barfine from soi cowboy.  My first short time.   In 2002 prices were 1000 baht short time and 2000 baht long time.  I remember cumming over her ass.

bar girl bangkok
Soi cowboy bar girl Bangkok

My first night out down Patpong and barfine this bar girl from the executive bar.  She wanted to be my girlfriend and come to Pattaya with me.  Remember her pussy was soaking when I first touched it and she had smelly breath.  I got rid of her.

bangkok bar girl
patpong bar girl

Of course the Bangkok bar girl from Christes soi 33 I fall in love with and then spend the next couple of years travelling back and forth to Thailand to be with.

christies bar girl
soi 33 bar girl

Some bar girls from Monet soi 33 I not barfine.  One gave me her phone number and was kissing me at the bar telling me her pussy sick.

bangkok bar girls
monet bar girls

A bar girl running a beer bar in soi 10.  Long gone now some sort of peace park there now.  This Thai beauty wanted 3000 baht long time which at the time I thought was too much.  She tell me not need to go with customers and thats her price.  Regret not paying it now.

bangkok bar girl
soi 10 bar girl

This was the quality of the Bangkok bar girls back in 2002.  Wherever you went from soi zero to soi 33 along the Sukumvit road there was plenty of Thai girls and always a few you were willing to barfine.  Hunting was easy.

Bangkok March 2003

I return to Bangkok for my second trip in March 2003 after my friend introduced me to a ex bar girl who used to work in the Golden Beer bar Nana soi 4.  After 7 old guys she made enough money to leave the bar and got employed in a top company in Bangkok after becoming the executives girlfriend.

bangkok girlfriend
bangkok girlfriend

She gave me the girlfriend experience for two weeks and took me to meet her family in the village.  I remember just after this photo, just arrived in Bangkok.  I put her over the bed and fucked her no condom and creampied her thai pussy.  Felt great at the time to be back in Bangkok.  Not pay her a penny for the two weeks together, she had a long term plan.

Bangkok Sept, Dec 2003

I return to Bangkok September 2003 and barfine a waitress from soi cowboy and take two Thai hardcore Milfs from Thermae coffee shop. But not snap any photos.  This trip I make contact with the bar girl I fell in love with from Christies on that first trip.

sexy thai bar girl
red lingerie thai girl

I then return to Bangkok Decemeber 2003 to be exclusively with my Bangkok girlfriend.  This trip to Bangkok and I not even look at other bargirls.  Remember buying her some sexy red and white lingerie down the Sukhumvit market stalls.  You know your smitten with a girl when you start buying her sexy lingerie to wear back in the bedroom for you.

Bangkok 2004

Return to Bangkok May 2004 to be with my Bangkok girlfriend and not stray with any other bargirls.  Return again to Bangkok in November 2004 not meeting my girlfriend at first.

I remember barfining two beautiful Thai gogo girls from the Rainbow Nana Plaza.  Took them back to the Nana Hotel where I was staying for short time, 1500 baht each.  Bafine must have been 500 baht.  Two lovely girls with beautiful thai hairy pussy.  I not snap any photos of them.

bangkok bargirl
bangkok girlfriend

Not even ask enjoying the sex too much to even think of it. I then meet up with my girlfriend then next day.  Maybe this was the reason subconsciously.

Bangkok 2005

Back in Bangkok August 2005 and bafine a young thai beauty from Long Gun Soi Cowboy and we take her sister with us back who was fresh from the farm.  Really regret not taking any pictures of this girl. She also did modelling.   The next day I reconnect with my Bangkok girlfriend and then take flight for my first mongering trip into Cambodia

country road bangkok
Country road

I remember going into the Country road when it was on the Sukhumvit road for the first time.  Some nice bar girls working in there at the time.

I return to Bangkok December 2005 to be with my Bangkok girlfriend for the last time.  I remember at that time first exploring Washington square one afternoon when the girlfriend had to pop home for a few hours.  Nice bar girl working in the Texas Lonestar but not barfine her for a sneaky short time.  Had to peform with my girlfriend else she would know.

handjob bars bangkok
soi cowboy

I wander down soi cowboy and some bars are open in the afternoon. Three Thai bar girls then get my cock out sat at the bar and give me a handjob between them.  I cant help myself, its so erotic and cum all over their hands.  This was when I first discovered the handjob bars down soi cowboy.

Bangkok 2006

Return to Bangkok 2006 and barfine two cute bar girls from the Pickles cocktail bar down soi 22.  Students just trying to make some extra cash.  Really fresh looking.  Took them back to the Nana hotel but they would not let me take two girls into the room.  So had to go back to soi 22 and use a short time hotel down there that the girls knew.  Great threesome, great looking girls and I not get my camera out.

bangkok gogo girl
Rainbow gogo girl

The next night I was mesmerised by this girl dancing on stage in the Rainbow Gogo Nana plaza, she had great legs and thighs in red lingerie.  More than I could handle so took her back to the Nana hotel for a short time.  Not so into photography back then or blogging.

Bangkok 2007

Return to Bankok for the 10th time in September 2007.  First night in the Nana Plaza and really like the waitress working in the Big Mango while eating my cheeseburger I ask if she come with me. Wanted 2000 baht short time.

bangkok mango bar girl
bangkok waitress

Super fit little petite thai body, goes swimming every day.  I had her legs right back over her head pounding her little tight fully shaved thai pussy.  Released about 2 weeks cum into her that I had been saving up for my first bangkok fuck.  Still just snapping pics with only my mobile phone back then.

After spending some time down Pattaya I return to barfine this gogo girl from the Nana Plaza.

gogo girl bangkok
Nana Plaza gogo girl

Nice girl, lovely ass fucking her from the side on the bed.

Bangkok 2008

I return to Bangkok March 2008.  This time I am between jobs.  My first night after a jet lag massage down soi 22 I go into a beer bar within Queens Park Plaza down soi 22 and find this little cute Bangkok bar girl.

bangkok bar girl
beer bar girl

A few tattoos but a  lovely Thai hairy pussy.  Good first night back in Bangkok.  This is why I love wandering down the Sukhumvit road you always can find some cute bar girls working in Bangkok somewhere.

grace hotel black girl
Bangkok black whore

For something different you can pick up African whores in Bangkok that freelance outside the Grace hotel soi 3 Sukhumvit.  It not usually get busy until after 10pm at night and they will take you round the corner to a short time hotel.

Bangkok 2010

Return to Bangkok for the 12th time in August 2010 after nearly 3 year break.  First night meet this Bangkok bar girl working in a beer bar Crazy Horse down soi 7,1 next door to the Eden Club.

bangkok bar girl
soi 7,1 bar girl

Lovely natural pussy on this girl, I remember my tongue deep inside her and then my cock.  Just love Bangkok bar girls!  Just goes to show you can find a cute bar girl anywhere in Bangkok, pays to go hunting some nights.

4 hand massage
bangkok massage

A 4 hand massage down soi 22 for two hours with handjob was really cheap and a good way to kill a few hours in Bangkok during the daytime.  The girls are not usually as pretty though as those working in the gogos.

Bangkok 2013

Return to Bangkok June 2013 almost another 3 year break.  Things are changing on the ground now in Bangkok.  The quality of girls has gone down and prices gone up.  First night out down soi cowboy and cannot find a girl to barfine.  Almost get tricked by a ladyboy instead.  Some old Thai Milf gives me a handjob instead.

thai milfsoi cowboy
But half way through the handjob a young thai girl working in the bar joins her and suddenly watching their hands around my cock sat in the bar was very erotic a mum and daughter type fantasy and they empty my balls and my wallet.

6 hand massage
bangkok massage

Same night early in the morning up soi 22 you can get 6 hand massage for like 600 baht.  The girls will want another 500 baht each for a handjob but usually can reduce price to 200 baht each. You just need a big cock for six hands, if not a big wallet.

This trip to Bangkok I take a trip down the Ratchada for a soapy massage in Posiedon and choose a girl from the Fishbowl.

bangkok fishbowl girls
posiedon fishbowl

The girls in the fishbowl are no better than the bar girls you will find working around some of Bangkok best red light districts.  I sometimes wonder if the girls in the fishbowl are working on their own freewill?

Bangkok 2014

Between jobs again I return to Bangkok May 2014 for the fourteenth time in 12 years mongering in Bangkok.

bangkok gogo girl
Nana Plaza gogo

I barfine a gogo girl from the Nana Plaza who now wants 2000 baht short time, thats after a 600 baht barfine and a few lady drinks and shit. She did have a lovely Thai natural hairy pussy.

nataree sideliner
sideliner girl

I then make a return down the Ratchadaphisek Road and meet this thai cutie in the Nataree.

So there you have it, my mongering history  in Bangkok and some of the Bangkok bar girls I have had the pleasure to meet.   I have to report a general decline in the quality of bar girls available in Bangkok.  Requires alot more hunting unless your lucky and leaves a much bigger dent in your wallet.

Please vote on your favourite area in Bangkok to meet Thai girls and bar girls for sex?





7 thoughts on “Bangkok Bar Girls”

  1. I like the Nana Plaza girl, the Monet Bar girl, and my favorite the Sow Cowbow bar girl, a question, are you that man next to that sowcowbow girl?

    1. You can tell you never been to Bangok! Its soi cowboy not sow cowboy
      Soi in Thai means small road or lane
      Sukhumvit road is the main drag from soi 4 Nana down to soi 33 and beyond. So the sois branch off the Sukhumvit
      The Sukhumvit road from soi 4 Nana down to soi 33 is the main red light district of Bangkok. It where most mongers stay in Bangkok in budget girl friendly hotels
      Problem is now since 2002 new hotels and shopping plazas, condos and offices have sprung up and so normal thai people get to see the seedy side of Bangkok and all the farang
      They dont like it needless to say. So in general the area from a whore mongering perspective and sex tourist destination is in decline.
      Soi Cowboy is the area most in your face and highly commercial with many mainstream tourists now walking through even with small children on their shoulders.
      Back in 2002 some nights soi cowboy could be really quiet, you could have all the girls in gogo competing for your affections, those days long gone now.

      1. i need to go to Bangkok before that shit turns into long gone memories! just like Eastern Eu. My uncle told me he used to have Full sex GFE for 10usd in Belorussia when there was an iron courtain, where are those days now? lets pray for Thailand! came across thai whores in Madrid but they are too expensive since there are few and everyone wants a piece of them…fucked a Lao woman in Sweden, you will hear about it soon….

      2. I wish I had experienced Bangkok when there were fewer tourists. It must have been great in the late 90s and early 2000s. I first went there in 2014 and have been a few times since. I love it but it is a really busy place, loads of conventional tourists and sex tourists alike. It seems that now the Indians, Pakistanis and Chinese have discovered Bangkok too.

        1. The difference being Bobby I used to goto Bangkok 3 times a year, now its once in three years and each return it gets harder to find quality Thai bar girls. I still enjoy Bangkok but it has also got alot more expensive

    1. They were all lovely Bangkok bar girls past and present.
      Its such a shame I not get photos of the three threesomes I had in Bangkok
      The two bar girls and sisters from long gun soi cowboy
      The two gogo girls from Rainbow Nana Plaza that took back to Nana hotel
      The two bar girls from Pickles soi 22 that were students

      I just not even ask to take photos not that they said no. They were all the better looking girls too
      Problem was thai girlfriend was still in the background and the first thing she would do is check the photos on my camera and then know I was talking shit 🙂

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