Sikanoukville Cambodia

While mongering in Phnom Penh, Cambodia I often wrestled with the idea of returning to Sihanoukville on the coast.  From memory Sihanoukville had the most beautiful beaches but the girly options were not as good as Phnom Penh.  I visited Sihanoukville back in 2005 when I first visited Cambodia and thought I would give a flashback report and share some photos of my experiences back then.

Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville

After two of my best days and nights mongering in Phnom Penh I take a bus from Phnom Penh down to the coast Sihanoukville.  It was a 4 hour journey down a smooth stretch of road and the bus was mostly packed out with traveller types.

I had booked a hotel at the last moment using the terminals in the Flamingo hotel Phnom Penh and was staying at the posh resort hotel the Sokha. The recommendation was the Golden Sands hotel but it was fully booked.

Man, I have just dug up my original posting from the world sex guide  Bangkok to Phnom Penh.  This is a couple of years before I first started blogging and used to report all my sex travel adventures onto the world sex guide mongers forum.

Blue Mountain Brothel

When I arrived at Sihanoukville a motocycle driver took me to the Sokha hotel and would meet me tonight to take me around downtown Snookyville and show me all the whore houses.

That first night the motocycle driver takes me to three houses with girls available.  The first we make our way up some bumpy dirtrack with loads of little massage places on the sides of the road.

blue mountain
Omui road

The brothel was called Blue Mountain.  Most of the girls available in the Blue Mountain were Vietnamese and some must have only been around 16 years old.  I could not choose a girl though so he took me to some more whore houses.

Too Young

The next house, some way off from the other, down a dark dust road. Here I sat in a comfy room, leather sofas, TV, and about 5 girls come in, but quality not good. I was about to leave, when they ask would  I like to see some younger girls, but these girls I cannot take back to hotel.  OK, as the girls I had rejected were in their mid-20s,  Thought these might be 18-20. They must have been 13 and 14. They were very very cute and looked quite happy about the situation. But this is one limit i will not cross. So I said thanks but no-thanks.


I spend the days relaxing on the private Sokha beach very beautiful

private beach
Sokha beach

Some days I would visit the public beach Ochheuteal. Ochheuteal was one of the more popular areas for tourists to stay in.

public beach
Ochheuteal beach

What was distinctive was the sea was not chocked up with jet skis and power boats like Pattaya.  You could relax although there were peddlars trying to sell you garbage.

Downtown Ghosttown

I was having a problem losing my cherry in Snookyville.  One night I go into the downtown area and explore the bars there,  Angkor Arms, Marlin and Fishermens Den.


In the Marlin about 5 girls sitting on a sofa watching TV. I sit opposite them and switch on a fan as hot! they not even look over at me. No one else in the bar. The downtown area of Snookyville is empty.  More Spookyville.

I go over to Fishermens den, no one over here either, talk to 3 girls working in there for a while and just go back to hotel to sleep.  I was not impressed with the girls on offer in Sihanoukville.

I did manage a massage in the downtown area one day.   Cost was $3 for 1 hour. Girl starts to rub my cock and asks if I want massage here for another $6. But I decline, although horny now, do not want to release myself just yet. Massage not that good, had to remind her to do my back.  Just a total lacklustre performance.


Another night a motodriver takes me down to Biba by the port area.  Inside Bibas and its full of Khmer and very very loud. Karaoke night, Cambodian pop songs!

Bibas Karaoke

You sit down and the waiters bring over a jug of beer and some food. Then a book with photos of girls from which you choose. The girls I like have gone.

bar girls Biba
bar girls

Mamasan brings a girl over for me.  average.  We sit and drink, she cannot speak English the music is thumping. I want to go. But decide to finish my jug of beer. I then leave. Just too much for me in here.

Chicken Farm

The chicken ranch road is just that – a  “chicken ranch” little wooden shacks all on one side of a dirt track with massive puddles and mud in the middle of the road, Above each shack is a neon red light . There can be anything from 500 and to 1000 girls working each night mostly Cambodian girls and serving mostly Khmer men from the port area.

Its very dark along Chickenville.  Again the girls not up to my standards even in the poor lighting conditions. Really a bit rough down here, be careful.  I talk to one whore a young Cambodian girl, and she want $10 dollars for suck and fuck.  If not cum, not pay.  But little fella not interested.  This is not the kind of environment I like to fuck in.  But it was an experience to take a look.

 Victory Beach Hill

My last day in Sihanoukaville and I visit the Victory Beach and Victory Hill aka Weathertop hill area.  Back then this was mostly the traveller hangout.

victory hill
Victory hill

Victory Hill has lots of Druggies and hippies too, drugs are readily available on Victory Hill and its one of the main reasons some travel to Sihanoukaville, rather than for the pussy.

Victory beach is a lovely place to relax during the day and at night has the best sunsets.   Some really nice looking western traveller girls on the beach in their bikinis.

victory beach sunset
victory beach

My last night in Sihanoukville and I  head back up to the Omui road area the Blue Mountain brothel. A place where many Vietnam girls work.

Vietnam Threesome blowjob

By now  I am getting used to the poor conditions and the simple contrast that is the luxury of the Sokha hotel and the poverty of the downtown area. I choose two Vietnam girls, about 19 yo each and 10$ each for 1 hour in small room within the courtyard of Blue Mountain.  The short time room is grubby and would not use the toilet or shower if you paid me alot of money. You can also buy a can of beer for $1. They going to “Yum Yum” me good. They both running there tongues up and down my cock, one very good, the other not so. Eventually I begin to cum, and they stop and I stop cumming. Oh well only $20.

Sihanoukville to Pattaya

The next day I take the ferry boat out of Sihanoukville to Koh Kong and then onto the border crossing with Thailand.

boat to koh kong
ferry boat

At the time could not recommend Sihanoukville for quality mongering but took some getting used to.  The beaches were fantastic though.  I not fuck any girls only couple of blowjobs.

asian sex diary
trimmed pussy

Mongers to get a real taste of mongering through Asia which recently includes loads of videos and info on Cambodia check out Asian sex diary.  Asian sex diary Cambodia exposes the parts that MongerPlanet cannot.

Because of the quality of pussy problem, I had memories of in Sihanoukville and the decline in Phnom Penh I decided to give Sihanoukville a miss this trip.  Victory Hill is now suppose to be the main girly bar area of Snookyville and cheap budget hotels. Blue mountain closed down years ago now during the crackdowns and all the Vietnam girls sent home.

3 thoughts on “Sikanoukville Cambodia”

  1. this place already has the untouched beautiful beaches, with smart investing, good food, the women and a nice enviroment this could be a mongering paradise

    1. Yes that was my impression back then, was tempted to invest some money in a property within Sikanoukaville
      There was some threads on the world sex guide of some mongers who opened bars, but most fell flat on their faces, you have to have a business plan and make a profit if you want to survive
      The other problem with Snookyville is the border crossing with Thailand and no local airport. So you have to fly into Phnom Penh and then take a 4 hour road journey to Sihanoukaville
      A bus would cost you $10 and private taxi should set you back $50. Maybe one day they will get their act together and turn Sihanoukaville into a world class sex destination and resort
      Then I will return. A big part of me wanted to return and try my luck mongering again there.

  2. yeah, Blue Mountain has pretty much mostly shut down, it probably had its last gasp back in 2011, the first time that I visited, the girl he motobike found for me was easily a 10, but just as pretty as she was she was just as insane. The girl was gorgeous, but even back then not a lot was going on there and in 2014 there was nothing left. A few years back I had never been to Victory Hill, but Ochheuteal Beach and Serendipity Road had a lot of girls and a lot of pussy, it’s not like that anymore, Victory Hill is a good choice, but I loved the chicken farm as well, there are still girls at the bars on Ochheuteal Beach, I got it for as low as $5 for short time at the chicken farm, the young girls every where else are used to ripping off and getting spoiled by the older guys they usually only exclusively go with, out of all the mongering that I have been doing for the past 5 years I have yet to see any guys anywhere near my age picking up girls, I must be one of the rare few or lone exception.

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