Phnom Penh Mongering Review

The day arrives for me to leave behind Phnom Penh and fly back to Bangkok.  I leave Phnom Penh with some regrets more due to lack of conquests.  Only two girls in 7 nights mongering in Phnom Penh.  My flight was late afternoon so still had half a day to kill in Phnom Penh…

Russian Market

According to the Wiki Sex Guide on Phnom Penh there is a place you can go for a sensual massage including extras.  Apparently you just ask the tuk tuk drivers to take you to ‘the building’ pronounced ‘Bo Dang’.  Well the couple of tuk tuk drivers I asked not have a clue what I was talking about so gave up on that.  Could not pin it on a map.  Anyone know where the building is exactly?

phnom penh market
Russian market

Instead I take a trip to the Russian market to get some souvenirs and some Cambodia fridge magnets.  The Russian market is cheaper than the central market with alot more on offer too.

Back at the PC hotel I pack and get ready to make a return to the  airport for my flight back to Bangkok.  The manager lets me stay in my room until 2pm where I then use the hotel Tuk Tuk driver to take me to the airport for $7.  So there ends my excursion back to Phnom Penh.  Not as good as I was hoping looking forward to returning to Thailand.

So now lets review my seven nights mongering in Phnom Penh.

Day 1 – Street 51

First night in Phnom Penh after checking into PC hotel, do some bar hoping along street 51 Walkabout and Shanghai.

Shanghai hostess
Hostess Shanghai

With street 51 being one of the best places to meet girls including the Golden Sorya mall and the nightclubs heart of darkness and Pontoon.  After a lack of sleep from my last night in Manila and too many beers I retire to my hotel room alone early.

 Day 2 – Cyrcee, Street 136, Sharky

On my first full day I get my bearings of all the red light district areas of Phnom Penh.  That night I try Cyrcee club along street 49. It was early no girls really strike me in the Cyrcee club so head down to the hostess bars of street 136.

Cambodian hostess
Phnom Penh Hostess

Do some bar hopping down street 136 but cannot find a hostess that ticks most of my boxes.  I also try Sharky bar that night up street 130 but nothing.  All the Vietnam girls gone.  Too many Angkor beers bar hopping so retire early again.

Day 3 –  Street 104

Day 3 pussy hunting in Phnom Penh and that night I try the hostess bars down street 104 off of the riverfront.  Another night and no pussy in Phnom Penh.

hostess girl
Khymer hostess

Getting disillusioned now with Phnom Penh.  It seems to have changed so much from 10 years ago.  I was keen to come back to Cambodia but now I was planning on leaving early.  Balls are getting heavy and need to lighten my load.  By 10pm too much beer again.  A pattern is emerging, maybe I should come out 10pm rather than calling a night then.

Day 4 – Fishbowl and Freelancer

Day 4 and down on the riverfront I decide to try my luck with a Tuk Tuk driver who is going to take me some place for some relief.  He takes me to a hotel with a fishbowl.  I choose a cute Vietnam girl but only have enough money for a massage and handjob.  Both crap.  Just when I think I have hit rock bottom I meet a freelancer in my hotel.

phnom penh escort

For 40$ she comes back to my hotel room and fucks my brains out basically.  Pussy drought over.  I like Phnom Penh again.  Relax that night Golden Sorya Mall and then Martinis where I meet some more nice freelancers but pressure off.  This girl kind of reminded me why I need to stay out late one night and try the Pontoon nightclub where the quality freelancers snare their game.

Day 5- Mr Butterfly

Do a nice river cruise along the Mekong and then spend a few hours in  Mr Butterfly hostess bar along street 136 where I get better acquainted with a few of the hostess girls but not barfine.

butterfly bar street 135
Mr Butterfly

I notice some cute girls in Mr Butterfly but got one girl all over me wanting to be my regular girlfriend cant shake her off.  I also try the Cathouse that night along street 51 but nothing tempted me.  Another night off, good for the wallet.

Day 6- Glamour Girl

Spend the day doing the tourist things and visit the Tuol Sleng genocide musuem which was very moving.  Well worth coming to Phnom Penh for on its own.  That night do some more bar hopping down street 136 and meet a cute khmer girl in the Glamour bar

glamour girl
bar girl

Bit shy, bit of a starfish, but I was not firing on all cylinders but lovely girl.  I think my experience with this girl kind of reminded me sometimes mongering can get a bit repetitive a bit empty, mechanical.  I would have liked to have taken this girl as a regular girlfriend taken her to a nice restaurant, shopping,  gone to the cinema, picnics in the country and maybe fallen in love and had a baby 🙂

Day 7 – Massage

My last day and night in Phnom Penh and I try a 4 hand massage up street 130 but a lacklustre performance and no handjob or extras.  That night I return to Cyrcee thinking of going out with a bang, a threesome and hopefully some Yum Yum and CIM.

town view hotel
phnom penh sunset

Inside Cyrcee some cute girls but not in the right mood.  Beer is numbing the senses.   Too much pizza on the roof top bar in the town center hotel.  I think my last night I will get some sleep then go out midnight and hit the Pontoon club, do some moves on the dance floor and maybe get some Cambodian pussy for free.  Well it not happen.
I would return to Cambodia but not in a rush too.  It just not the same when I first crossed the border from Thailand to try some Cambodian whore mongering.  So much quality pussy available back then in every bar, in the hotel all over and very cheap too.  Those days are long gone and wont be returning.  Prices are on the up.

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