Phnom Penh Massage

My last day and night mongering in Phnom Penh Cambodia.  Almost looking forward to returning to Bangkok Thailand.  I always manage to find nice Thai girls in Bangkok without too much effort.  Pussy hunting in Phnom Penh has not been as easy as it once was and not nearly as cheap anymore, which also limits your options for a good time.

National Museum

I start my last full day in Phnom Penh with some breakfast in the French restaurant along street 51 and then head back down to street 178 the art street to the Cambodian national museum.

phnom penh museum
national museum

Not nearly as interesting as the Tuol Sleng genocide museum, a bit boring actually, mostly Buddhist statues.  I made a small donation and preyed to Buddha that he may bring some happiness and contentment my way, failing that some nice Asian whores 🙂

Desire. the cause of all suffering

But I killed a few hours wandering around the national museum.

sisowath quay

Then a stroll along sisowath quay the riverside and stop off in the Paddy Fields for some refreshments and break from the heat and humidity.

A popular monger hotel along sisowath quay is the California 2 guest house.  If I return to Cambodia may stay here next time.  Apparently you are likely to meet some colourful characters staying at the California 2 hotel, including the owner.  This can be a good way to gather up to date info and intel on the best mongering in Phnom Penh.

Types of Freelancer

The other side of sisowath quay is suppose to have some Cambodian streetwalkers and freelancers at night where some cheap pussy may be available.  I think there are two types of freelancer available in cities like Phnom Penh.  Bottom of the pecking order, drug addict type $10 dollar whores who will do anything including cutting your throat and robbing you and giving you incurable diseases.  Usually these girls cant find jobs and could not work for a bar even if they wanted to.

Then you have the high class independent types stunners that dont want to be tied working to a bar, maybe have a professional job, during the day, are educated.  They can pick up tourists with pretty much ease from the nightclubs like Pontoon and Heart of darkness but usually you have to be out late for these girls and they can charge a premium for their pussy.

You cannot compare chalk with cheese or skanks with model type girls.  Desperate girls just want their next fix, independent girls like nice things and want to support their life style.  As always it finding a happy medium between your budget and the quality of the girls you like to spend your time with.

Street 130, 4 Hand Massage

I head pass  street 136 and seems some of the hostess bars are open all day.  I head up street 130 and decide to kill another hour or two taking an oil massage.  An oil massage is often a good option as generally means you have to get naked and the girls are more likely to touch your cock and bulls and maybe offer some extras like a handjob.

Decided to go for a 4 hand massage 1 hour, the two Cambodian girls were not bad and led me up some steep stairs, the cost would be a total of $14.  I had to lay down in a tiny space and there was only a thin almost see through curtain separating me and another punter having a massage next to me, so you were concious of not having much privacy.  The massage was pretty crap.  The girls did touch my cock a couple of times but that was it.  Not a good experience.

Most of the massage places now in Phnom Penh are of the Spa variety aimed more at ladies and couples, not dirty old men hoping to lighten their load.

Cyrcee Return

That evening up to Town View hotel for some pizza and to snap some more photos.

town view hotel
phnom penh sunset

For my last night in Phnom Penh I head back to the Cyrcee club along street 49.   Im considering going out with a bang or more precisely a threesome blowjob that would set me back getting on for a $100 after the barfine lady drinks and short time room.

Some nice girls in the Cyrcee young and fresh looking.  But I cannot get my act together.  Im not convinced after parting with that much cash I would even get an erection tonight.  Too much pizza and beer again and no guarantees how good the girls blowjob skills would really be.

Your biggest expense whore mongering is paying the whores so when you take a night off you save alot of money which is the positive way of looking at it but no memories and no stories to tell.  I regret not trying the Cyrcee girls now.  Hoping for a porn star experience, like in Sophies back in 2005, If that could ever be repeated, now that is a sweet memory.

I return to the PC Hotel with the intention of maybe getting some sleep and hitting Pontoon nightclub about midnight. and bagging a semi pro freelancer with cost not being a restricting factor   Well guess what?  More beer at the bar and sleep right through, so some unfinished business in Phnom Penh.  It not help with the beer tasting so good Angkor draft and being so cheap, like $1 a glass, alcoholics paradise if not pussy.







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