Filipino Trike Patrol

When mongering in Asia hunting down some cheap Asian pussy you will often use a Trike or Tuk Tuk to get around as one of the cheapest forms of transport.  Well Trike Patrol use it as the main means of finding some Filipino pussy.

With MongerPlanet in Affiliation with Trike Patrol who also produce Asian sex diaries, I had to share with you their latest offerings from Trike Pussy Patrol

two filipina whores
Filipino threesome

The title of this collection is Lucky tourist gets fucked by pair of friends in hot Pinay threesome.  Now I woke up horny and what strikes me about this Filipino threesome is three things I really like and all together.  First two slutty looking Asian Filipino girls who want to share and are bi sexual too.

two hairy pussy
Filipino hairy pussy

Second two Filipino girls with tidy natural hairy pussy.  Imagine these two pinay sluts, you just met them on the street or in the shopping mall.  Take them back to your hotel and they stand in front of you and drop their colourful panties to show off their natural hairy Filipino pussies.  You know your tongue and cock is going to be in those tight asian pussies very soon.  Your mouth is watering, your cock wants to explode.  Yes I have woke up horny this morning and want a Filipino threesome.

threesome blowjob
Filipino cock sharing

Then third these Filipino whores just love giving blowjobs together.  They love sharing a cock.  They love sucking that cock and licking that cock together.  And you love laying back and watching as two Pinay girls devour your cock in their mouths and with their hands.

These two Pinay girls are so horny too, they dont mind you fucking their pussies without a condom.  You can fuck them both doggy back and forth.  Finally they kneel down and open their mouths as you cum all over their pretty Filipino faces into their gaping mouths and down their throats.  Check out the video of this lucky sex tourist fucking two Filipino girls in his hotel room.  All for a few pesos so these pinay girls can go home a feed their families.

Sounds far fetched?  This kind of sex scene is going on in hundreds of tourists hotel rooms across the Philippines from Angeles to Manila and Cebu.  Trike Patrol will show you how.

So much content like this on Trike Patrol. If you like Filipino reality porn where you could easily be the porn star in your own porn movie getting the porn star experience then Filipino Trike patrol is where you need to go.

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  1. what a lucky man! would love to have a threesome with those two girls right now, perfect way to start off the day. we all know what happens when you wake up horny and there isnt any woman in your bed…

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