Cambodian Glamour Girl

After my sobering visit to the Phnom Penh Genocide museum Tuel Sleng I take a Tuk Tuk back to the PC Hotel on street 51 and prepare for the night time activities pussy hunting the hostess bars down street 136.

Im restless in my room so start drinking late afternoon in the PC Hotel bar with a good view of the comings and goings of  Khmer freelancers and mongers in the Walkabout just across the road.

Walkabout street 51
Walkabout freelancers

Some of those Cambodian girls dont look to bad for the Walkabout.

Phnom Penh View

From my bar stool in the PC Hotel I notice on the skyline a new ‘high’ hotel just down the road with a rooftop bar.  Probably a good vantage point to take some good photos, so I go take a look.

phnom penh view
town center view hotel

The hotel is called the Town view hotel just off street 51 on the junction with the Walkabout. The rain is coming, almost like clockwork in the evening in Phnom Penh.  I take a Tuk Tuk down to the riverfront and enjoy some sausage and mash.

Phnom Penh ATM’s

I then head up street 136 where you have many hostess bars to choose from.  I need some more cash so head to the ATM kiosk along street 136.  There is a $5 charge for withdrawing money from most ATM’s in Phnom Penh.  The ATM outside the Walkabout charges $3. The US Dollar is the main currency used in Cambodia although the official currency is the Riel.  The Riel is non convertible so only good for small change.  Its best to just draw out a large amount of cash and keep it in your hotel safe than to keep getting stung by the ATM charge.

Glamour Bar, Street 136

I head into Mr Butterfly along street 136, I wanted to check if that Cambodian beauty I had seen walk into Mr Butterfly the other night was anywhere to be seen.  She was not but immediately the other girl I had been chatting to clings onto me and cant shake her off.

She tells me she been waiting for me all day, sure, she is all over me, tongue down my throat.  But its not really turning me on.  She comes on like she wants to be your regular girlfriend but is probably more grooming tourists to become sponsors.  She takes the golden eggs and nurtures the goose that lays them.  Some of these bar girls could teach business something 🙂

I manage to breakaway and straddle a few more bars down street 136.  Play some pool with a half Chinese Cambodian girl in one of the bars and then I head into the Glamour bar.  I notice a cute Khmer girl working in the Glamour bar and decide to buy her a lady drink.  I can tell she is quite new to working in the bar, she is shy and typically conservative girl.

Beautiful Starfish

Dont want to waste my time, no matter how attractive I find her, but she is prepared to barfine.  When I try to kiss her she turns her head away.  She wont dance with me either to the music, yes had a few beers now, even so I think she is beautiful so barfine her.

bar girl phnom penh
Glamour girl

Tuk Tuk back the PC Hotel and walk her through the restaurant in full view of everyone and there are a few people in tonight.  Its often called the Walk of shame when you have to walk through the hotel reception with your whore 🙂  But I detected some jealousy.

She is a little nervous when I try to remove her towel after she takes a shower.  I have to reassure her I only want to enjoy her beautiful body and not going to hurt her in anyway.  After which she relaxes and lets me grab and suck her fantastic firm Cambodian tits.  Her pussy is fully shaved, shame for me.   She is a bit of starfish, but partly my fault as not turning her on properly.

glamour girl
bar girl

I am having some dissonance about fucking these girls all of sudden. That its just an act to get done and I am going through the motions, not really enjoying it like I should, becoming mechanical.  Like I want something more than a cheap quick fuck, a regular girlfriend, some quality time, some affection.  But I dont go down that road ever with a bargirl.  Surprisingly she gives a blowjob OWO without asking.

Price of Pussy

Sweet girl,  she just needs more training.  She wants $50 but I give her $40 for short time.  These prices you will often read on the internet of $25 short time and $50 long time are those from 10 years ago mongering in Phnom Penh.

Expect to pay more on average for some pussy with some exceptions. But the exceptions do not make the rule.  You should negotiate up front and settle on a price before leaving the bar.  I would aim for $30 short time but expect to pay $40.  Thats after you paid $10 bar fine in the hostess bars and a $3 lady drink.  Freelancers generally charge the same but there is no barfine or lady drinks to pay.  Cheap Charlies should stick to the Walkabout where you could pay as little as $10 but wear a condom and lock away your valuables.

After she leaves I am not finished so head out along street 51 and enjoy some live music corny cover rocks tunes in Oscars 51

14 thoughts on “Cambodian Glamour Girl”

  1. MongerPlanet dancing?! why wasnt i there to see you?! 😛 those freelancers look quite good, you should’ve taken one, i would’ve done it…but Id be afraid of any tricks and shit happening…done the walk of shame a few times with Romanian street walkers here in Madrid; still waiting for you to hit Vietnam, mongering there must be interesting plus local women are gorgeous! i like what i am reading on Cambodia, now i believe it is worth a try 😀

    1. Yes takes some time to get into your groove and just accept the way things are and make the best out of it. Stop comparing to the way things were
      Its why I like to goto new places. All places I have been on this trip are on a slide Bangkok, Pattaya, Phnom Penh and Angeles.
      But cant say that about Manila as not been there before and enjoyed myself. Looking for pastures new, In SE Asia that are other regions of the same countries or different countries
      Burma Vietnam yes possibly but need to read and hear good things about them before investing all that time and money

  2. Regarding your travels I think you are definitely hitting the right spots
    Although it has improved a bit now, but not enough, I would still tend to miss out Vientane, Laos, and Myanmar Burma, both countries which are next door to Thailand and i suppose look tempting on paper. Was also quite disappointed with the lack of choice and girls in Kuta beach Bali (Paradise without the GF experience).

    The world is changing and India in some odd way is now starting to wet my appetite, as a possible stop off destination on the way to SE Asia.

    1. Mathew love Indian women and would love to have a Indian pussy feast. I was not aware India was becoming a mongering destination? Its not my favourite country visited Goa once before

      I am ready for another mongering trip but nothing is really jumping out at me to go. Especially this time of year. One place I am considering is Madagascar stopping off in the capital Antananarivo and then flying to Nosey Be and Hellville which is the main tourist attraction. Love some black booty,

      Want a change from Asians having overdosed on Asian pussy lately. Other places worth considering are Mexico, Columbia for some latinas, but not sure. I want it to be cheap too as considering another month away.

  3. These aren’t prices from 10 years ago. Only 3 years ago the standard price was $20 for ST with bar girls or freelances at Martini. Walkabout was cheaper – usually $10 or $15. Either the prices have doubled in the last few years or you overpaid.

    1. Well i wasnt expecting full agreement on that. Just as it happened for me compared to my first visit
      Martini girl wanted 30$ short time
      Girls in the fishbowl ask for $100 but should be able to get them for $50 after paying $20 to hotel
      Freelancer in hotel wanted 40$ she was not coming into my room for anything less
      bars girls want 40$ short time after 10$ bar fine.
      So yes freelancers are cheaper in Martini and Walkabout.

      Of course its what your happy to pay. 40$ is still a good price for me, without overpaying
      But like Thailand the girls want more money now, its just inflation, supply and demand.

      Its not the same as it was, you could get two girls for blowjob in Sophies CIM for 20-30$
      Now the same in Cyrcee would set you back $100 for threesome.
      My impression is as more tourists are now pouring into Cambodia business is picking up and so are prices

      1. Frequent PP visitor, the prices are still valid. Never pay more then $25 st, $30/$35 lt. To much tourists pay higher, girls smell newbees. $100 for fishbowl is crazy, just leave here alone. Cyrcee, $100 for 3 is good. The owner and the girls are near all serious. Not cheat money out, underperform and demand double afterwards. Girls at riverside are good too, $25 for st. Trick is you suggest the price and not ask then they know you know, no cheap charly drama.

        1. Most good looking girls down street 136 will not do short time for less than 30$. you will never get long time with these girls for 30$| Now I am talking about the pretty ones who are very popular so can call the shots. Now freelancers picked up late at say pontoon walkabout etc no doubt will go for that amount. But anyone visiting the hostess bars should aim for 40$ short time which includes 10$ barfine thats without drinks.

      2. Canadiansexpat

        Dude you are all paying WAY to much and all it does it make it harder for the rest of us, i have lived in Phnom Penh for 8 years now and even now only pay 20-25 ST from hostess bars, you can even get BJ in some of the hostess bars from 5.00. the girls at walk-about and martini’s are crap and not even worth the 10.00 they ask for. if you cant negotiate a price under 40.00 then dont bother taking her. she is only asking for 50.00 because some piss drunk tard was willing to pay it, now she thinks that she is worth that kinda of money. DATED August 11th, 2015.

        1. There were plenty of girls I could have taken for 25$ but the better looking ones like glamor girl know they can get more. the price is not fixed. She can simply say no to cheap charlies knowing another guy will snap her up soon.

          Prices will always creep up as more and more tourists come. In Thailand they refer to them as the two week millionaires. Alot of these tourists are not hardcore mongers but will indulge in some P4P. the monger equivalent of semi or non pro girls.

          I work within my budget, the price that sexpats pay is the least of my concerns. I pay what I think a girl is worth while knowing the base price. I never expect the price to be fixed or for it to remain where it was 10 years ago especially as a country becomes more popular.

    1. Well the freelancer hangouts like Walkabout, Martinis and Golden Sorya mall there is no barfine and price is negotiable could end up paying anything between 20-40$. But the hostess bars is a $10 barfine now and a $3 lady drink. I think generally you have to buy a drink before the barfine too. Its possible to get a girl out for $30 short time.

      They are simply following the business model like in Thailand etc.

      I think a pretty girl with above average intelligence is always going to want to maximise her income.

      Its my experience that generally you will find better quality looking girls in the hostess bars than the freelancer hangouts. Not always true though.
      I spend just more time in the hostess bars, Im not a late owl, best time for freelancers I guess is late at night. You can get some stunner freelancers in Pontoon heart of darkness semi-pro types doing a bit of moonlighting. I really need to stay out late one night 🙂

      I can also appreciate a pensioner or unemployed man is going to hate prices creeping up and look for someone or something to blame. Whereas a well paid employed man is not going to wine over $10.

      Swings and roundabouts and economics.

      Also I think things are changing in recent years. With the internet and such like, cheap travel sex tourism is now mass tourism and some people are going to want to educate and control this.

    1. gi done Kuala Lumpur back in 2007 the beach club was the place to be lots of freelancers from all over Asia very few Malaysian though, some African and latina girls. Wanted 100 long time 60 short time. You had the Spa options too. Would not have minded some Indian girls while there, maybe use the Indian taxi drivers hanging around

      Done Jakarta last year. recently reposted my summary on my Jakarta mongering trip
      Please add anything we have not covered?

      Saigon, yes Vietnam maybe one day

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