Tuol Sleng Phnom Penh

A good day in Phnom Penh, daytime tourist activities to the Tuol Sleng genocide museum. Then later, sex tourist night time activities down the hostess bars of street 136 where I find myself a shy conservative Cambodian beauty

I start the hot sunny day in Phnom Penh in a French  restaurant along street 51 where I enjoy some fresh baguettes, crispy bacon, poached eggs, freshly brewed coffee and squeezed orange juice for a few dollars.  A good breakfast sets you up for the day.  bon appétit.

Tuol Sleng genocide museum

I then take a Tuk Tuk to the Tuol Sleng genocide museum.  Through mongering around the world I have been to some pretty scary places before.  The Killing fields linked to Tuol Sleng back in 2005 when I first visited Cambodia.  Auschwitz concentration camp when I first visited Krakow in Poland.  Linked to Auschwitz the SS and Gestapo headquarters and the Berlin wall in Germany.  The death railway and the bridge over the river Kwai on a daytrip out of Bangkok.  The  African slavery trading station in Gambia.  All extreme examples of mans inhumanity to man, mans depravity.

genocide museum
Tuol Sleng

I spent a couple of hours in the Tuol Sleng genocide museum.  Very emotional and learnt about some Cambodian history.

 Tuol Sleng

But also the struggle of human civilisation.  You know there is always a pull towards chaos, Its called Entropy.   We have to push towards cooperation and co-existence.   Its always an effort to succeed.

and mankind is not but a single nation

Amazingly Tuol Sleng  was once a school, you could imagine hearing happy children playing in the courtyard to then be replaced by the screams of torture and mass murder by agents of the Khymer Rouge.

Tuol Sleng

Pol Pot had been a student studying in Paris France, but failed his exams multiple times.  He then returned to Cambodia rising to power in the ultra communist party to then murder all the intellectuals in Cambodia and any one else he not like. This is not persecution of a race, tribe or creed but a class of people.

I bet you as a child Pol Pot used to torture animals, enjoyed experimenting with inflicting pain and suffering and got some kind of perverted kick out of it. The way the powerless can exert some power.  No doubt his father was cruel and used to beat him too.  Pol Pot and his cronies murdered 25% of their own people, in just 4 years!  Sick puppies.

genocide camp
Tuol Sleng

The paranoia extended to Vietnam until eventually the Vietnamese army invaded Kampuchea and removed the Khmer Rouge from power.  Thank goodness for that else Pol Pot would have died a very lonely man and the Cambodian race would be extinct.

fear of mongering
David Lloyd

One fear of mongering is being in one of these third world countries when the shit suddenly hits the fan and unable to escape.  David Lloyd Scott who probably just liked some Cambodian pussy was caught up in the revolution accused of working for the CIA and promptly murdered. Poor man.

Very sobering place is  the Tuol Sleng museum when your feeling wrapped up in your own selfish little world feeling sorry for yourself and focused on your problems.

tuol sleng survivor

Amazingly this old man survived the brutality of the Tuol Sleng murder camp by making himself useful as a repairman.  Life is a piece of shit when you look at it.  You dont know when your last days are just round the corner.  When circumstances out of your control sweep over like a Tsunami and you are powerless to repel.

As a child myself I remember Cambodia being on the news in the late 70’s and the harrowing images and film of a brutalised and starving people.  I was a skinny child myself and at school I was teased and called a ‘Cambodian’.  I remember a record in the charts at the time called ‘Holiday in Cambodia’ by the Dead Kennedys as part of the punk rock movement occurring at the same time.  Cambodia was the last place on earth anyone would want to be.  So its kind of weird looking around and being in the nerve centre of all that terror now. From school to death camp to museum.

Tuol Sleng genocide museum

Phnom Penh is a vibrant happy place now, the young girls you will meet in the bars,  perhaps lost their grandparents to the Khmer rouge or their surviving parents have harrowing stories to tell.  Lets hope things stay that way, just bring back Sophies though 🙂

The Horror, the horror….


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  1. lets hole Pol Pot is burning in hell; if you notice some of the major rebels in life come from pretty comfortable backgrounds, i believe PP is one of them; Castro, Franco, Osama, Che Guevara….

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