Mr Butterfly Phnom Penh

Another day in Phnom Penh, another day in Cambodia.  My luck changed yesterday so will stick with the return flight to Bangkok Friday for now.  Pressure off, had lost my cherry in Phnom Penh, what to do today?  tonight? Pussy hunting is hard work here, better off just staying put in some bar.


Just stroll about Phnom Penh the daytime. head down to the riverfront for a cooked breakfast in the Paddy Fields.  Check out street 118 and then head back to street 51.

phnom penh

Its hot and I am sweaty.  I stop off in the Golden Sorya mall and order just a water. The waitress cannot understand me, no matter what way I pronounce ‘warter’.  Frustrated I walk out and head back to the PC hotel.  It not hurt to learn a little Cambodian, the local Lingua, just some basics words. You will only receive respect for it ‘teuk’.

Mekong river trip

Sleepy during the hot and humid days in Phnom Penh, feeling lazy and its times like these good to have a hotel with a pool and a good book to read.  The weather looks good for the evening and I head down to the riverfront to experience a river cruise along the Mekong for $5.  Get on the 5:30 PM trip to hopefully get some sunset photos.

mekong trip
riverside cruise

Nice cruise lasts an hour or two, but basically just go over to the other side of the Mekong river and then turn back.

mekong phnom penh
mekong boat trip

One annoying aspect to the boat trip was obnoxious music blasting out, I guess a side effect of having a young crew.


After the boat trip have a beer in the Rose hostess bar down street 104.  When you are sat in a hostess bar and find none of the hostesses attractive its boring.  Especially when the girls try to start some polite conversation with you which usually starts off the same, ‘what your name?’ ‘where you come from?’  Its there job, that’s all, our pleasure is their labour.

Mr Butterfly, Street 136

Head back to street 136 and the Candy Lounge is shut, so I head across the road opposite into Mr Butterfly.

butterfly bar street 135
Mr Butterfly

The hostess girls inside Mr Butterfly tell me same owner as the Candy Lounge.  But temporary close Candy Lounge due to lack of tourists to Cambodia.

The Candy lounge looks like a big bar so expensive to run on empty.  Some nice hostess girls working in Mr Butterfly.  One latches onto me, above average looking and starts giving me a neck massage that is in fact very good, worthy of me buying her lady drink.  

This Khmer girl speaks great English. She wants to do long time with me.  Do anything, stay with me all week, I believe her.  But she not quite good enough.

I notice a Cambodian beauty walk into Mr Butterfly and go and sit in the back with some other hostess girls.  Not sure if she just start work, or come back from a barfine or even if she does barfine.  But very nice.  Its hard to work on another girl when you got one in the hand all over you.  But Mr Butterfly down street 136 has real barfine potential.  Will return.

Cathouse,  Street 51

I decide to head back to street 51 and check out a bar called the Cathouse that I had read some good things about.  Friendly Cambodian girls working inside that you can take out and will give you the girlfriend experience all week if you are up for it.

cathouse street 51

Not bad inside the cathouse, popular with some Phnom Penh expats. Girls were friendly enough but nothing I wanted to take out or barfine.

Got chatting to a Filipino guy at the bar who had been living in Phnom Penh 15 years and remembered the good old days.  I tell him I just come from Manila to Phnom Penh and he tell me they have the same bar Cathouse down Burgos street in Makati.  Small world but I have to make an exit drunk to much beer.

Another night off the pussy in Phnom Penh but not bothered,  still actively doing reconnaissance when not desperate for a fuck though, building a map of the territory.

7 thoughts on “Mr Butterfly Phnom Penh”

  1. Funny how the waitress could not understand you, in this globaliy american world, every one is used to the american accent, perhaps if you said “wat`er” (American accent) instead of “wota” with your English Cockney accents she would’ve understood

    1. Yes its not the first time I have had this problem, could be London accent, but not hurt to learn a few basic words of a foreign language
      Not much long term investment in an Englishman learning Khmer though, outside of the bars.

  2. I thought I spoke English, until I moved to Nairobi. Found out I speak American. Some of the locals in Nairobi could not understand me because of my American accent…

    1. Yep I cant go out to bars packed with girls and not drink some beer. But too much beer can really get in the way of having a good time with some bar girls and not drinking
      Other times though I have been really drunk and taken some girls back and had a great time with no problem. So not sure what the secret formula is. but definitely not a teetotaler

  3. Mind you it was very nice to have found in the Candy Bar this petite, cute Vietnamese with lovely A cups and very neatly trimmed helping me have a happy ending despite the beer. DATY was most enjoyable too.

    1. There are some lovely Cambodian bar girls down street 136 in Phnom Penh, not too expensive either. A lovely little trimmed Khmer pussy will always give me an erection no matter how much beer I have had 🙂

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