Phnom Penh Freelancer

After my failure to nail some Cambodian pussy I am walking up the stairs back to my room in the PC Hotel and the gods of  whore mongering must have decided I had suffered enough in Phnom Penh.

Chance Encounter

A cute Cambodian girl is making her way up the stairs in my hotel and without a second thought I say ‘Hello’ and smile.  We chat a little on the stairs and she is going to one of the hotel rooms to see a friend.  Sure, after which she will come and meet me by the swimming pool. This Cambodian girl is cute, the kind I have just spent 3 nights and almost 4 days searching for.  Not just good looking, intelligent too, her English is fluent as well.

She must be visiting that French monger who is also staying in the PC Hotel, the one that wanted to fuck my ass.  We seem to be the only two people staying in the hotel.

Girl Friendly

I digress, but chatting to the manager of the PC Hotel he tells me business is not good over the last few months.  Bookings have nose dived since the crisis with China and Vietnam and now the coup in Thailand.  Lots of cancellations.  There have been times when the PC hotel is fully booked, but now the business is running on a loss.

I have to recommend the PC hotel, I am staying there for under $120 for a whole week.  Its very comfortable, right in the heart of the action – street 51 across the road from the Walkabout.   Swimming pool, good bar and restaurant, and very girl friendly although I had not tested that yet.   Peaceful also and very secure.

pc hotel street 51
PC Hotel

One of the barmaids is a very cute Cambodian girl also, looks like an art student type,  but she is not showing any interest in an old monger like me! 🙁  Or so I tell myself for the girls I find very attractive that are not working in a hostess bar, where money does the talking.


Digression over, back to the girl on the stairs.   She is obviously some sort of freelancer, not working for any bar in Phnom Penh.  Maybe she is the sort who frequents the nightclubs after midnight like the heart of darkness and Pontoon.  

I doubt she has to wait long for business, she could work for a top class Phnom Penh escort agency if any existed.  When loads of escort agencies exist in Cambodia then you know everything has gone commercial and the middleman has taken over and creaming the profit.

I really need to stay out late one night in Phnom Penh and try the midnight hour  freelancer scene.  Its more about staying sober and in my hotel room during the day.  I cant just break a habit of a lifetime, I been working over 20 years, getting up at 6am and to bed by 11pm at the latest. Even if I do wake up at 2AM with life work anxiety.

I make myself comfortable by the pool, reading my book and almost forget about the sexy Cambodian freelancer I had just met over an hour ago, I thought she had gone.  She suddenly reappears and sits with me by the swimming pool.

phnom penh escort

Mmmmmm 😛  Yes I like her, trying to put the idea of sloppy seconds out of my mind.   I’m sure she had a good shower afterwards.  I mean after a good wash we drink out of glasses that other people have drunk out of.  Are pussies much different?

We chat a little and she tells me she is mixed race. Yes half Cambodian and half Vietnamese,  perfect.    I can see it, can you?  We discuss business, she will come to my room short time for $40.  I try to negotiate down to $30 but she is adamant and will not drop.  She tell me she give good blowjob Yum Yum, if I not like then not pay her anything.  I detect her seriousness on the matter, very business like.  Seems like a good deal so take her to my room.

Natural Asian Pussy

Back in the room, we take showers and she gets naked, wow, she got a lovely firm Asian body and gorgeous natural Cambodian – Vietnamese hairy pussy.  The mongering gods are really rewarding me for my perseverance.  I am grateful.  Man look at that natural, tidy hairy Asian pussy, just perfect…

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She was a really good fuck, and true to her word gives excellent head, OWO.  Eventually I cum, but after 4 days it takes some effort and concentration.  After I collapse with a throbbing headache.  Ever had that?  Job done, but everything not in concert.

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Before leaving, she gives me her phone number and tells me she got a friend as good as her and they do lesbian and are both bisexual.  Hopefully now I am getting back into my groove and more Phnom Penh pussy will start coming my way without too much effort.

No Pressure

I head out that night under far less pressure to score. I start the evening off in the PC hotel, fried chicken and chips and some Angkor draft.  I then head across the road to walkabout for a few beers and play some pool upstairs with one of the freelancers. Thrash her 4 games to zero but she was on drugs or something worse.

Playing pool with the freelancers beats trying to have conversation, unless your Khmer is better than their English? Its a good way of interacting with the girls, so you need to be able to shoot some pool.  The freelancers seem to respect a man who can play pool.

Then I head across the road  to the Shanghai hostess bar.  Its quite a clicky expat crowd in the Shanghai again territorial to strangers.   Old perverts basically.  Not much happening in either place as far as girls was concerned but I was under no pressure.

Golden Sorya Mall

Across the road to the Golden Sorya Mall.  The golden Sorya mall really starts picking up in the evening and is a popular place to relax, eat and drink and shoot some more pool.

Golden Sorya Mall
Golden Sorya Mall

Walk pass the Golden Sorya Mall in the morning and you will see whacked out junkies passed out on the seats, girls with advanced AIDS etc.  I cant believe she is a Ladyboy?  🙂

Golden Sorya Mall
Cambodian ladyboy

Yes a ladyboy comes and sits with me.  Man, if I was not strictly heterosexual I may have taken this Cambodian ladyboy back to my hotel just out of curiosity, is it a he or she?  Isnt he beautiful.  This is the fucked up world I love, just live and let live.

After which more Cambodian freelancers try to ply their trade with me.  Golden Sorya mall is a good place to hangout.  Just sit down and let things happen around you.  No need to be restless and go Walkabout and pussy hunting.

golden sorya mall

Now if this Cambodian cutie not have a drug problem, I can see it in her eyes, I may have been tempted to have the second pop of the day in Phnom Penh.

phnom penh prostitute
Cambodian girl

Lovely Cambodian tits on this girl, but those eyes tell a different story.  Where I have the luxury of sleep when I want, this freelancer probably needs to take Amphetamine’s to stay awake to try and make some money.  Its not surprising why many freelancers can become drug addicts.  Its not a perfect world by any means.

Some cute Cambodian girls can be found in the Golden Sorya Mall.  I suspect it only gets better as the night progresses into the early hours of the morning.  If I could naturally stay awake that long.


With some energy still left and no pressure to find some Phnom Penh pussy, I take a Tuk Tuk to Martinis.  Martinis is a bit further out, too far to walk, Tuk Tuk fee is $2.  Prefer a Tuk Tuk when there are some clouds above, you never know when the heavens are suddenly going to open up in Cambodia.

phnom penh

Its very dark in Martinis, a Phnom Penh legend been going years has Martinis.  But once I sit down a very cute young Vietnam girl joins me and she is offering me boom boom for $30, back at my hotel.  If I was not feeling satisfied would have definitely taken this Vietnam cutie.  Even better than the girl I had already fucked, like I said it was dark in Martinis and the beer goggles was starting to slip off pass the end of my nose. 🙂

Talk to a few other freelancer girls in Martinis and check out the disco.  Decide to call it a night in Phnom Penh, freelancers are the better option for some pussy in Phnom Penh now, Freelancers in Phnom Penh the way to go.


Freelance Cambodian girls 


4 thoughts on “Phnom Penh Freelancer”

      1. But it is every night you’re in a foreign country mongering, or even back home? In my country we say that men will give a good fuck drinking liquor, soft drinks get you soft. You seem to be pretty good handling yourself, always get to your hotel safe, you get quite tipsy i believe not white girl wasted, will you do the same in Madrid? QUit alcohol a few weeks ago, after i broke someones car window, made an ass of myself that night u.u

        1. Its very rare I get really drunk, im aware the damage alcohol can do and the evolutionary marvel that my liver is.
          I just get tired when I drink, and alls I want to do is return to my hotel and sleep. 6 beers and I am anybody’s, its rare I drink hard stuff
          I do love a beer though and not really think about the night or hours ahead.
          We all do things we regret, but its not like if we not drink we would never do anything we regret. We like to blame things on alcohol but sometimes its more than that

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