Phnom Penh Fishbowl

Three nights in Phnom Penh and no sweet Cambodian pussy! not yet.   I cant help what I like, I don’t think I am being too fussy.   There is no point in paying for something you don’t desire.  Something has to change today else I may just have to leave Phnom Penh early…

Im not expecting to be surrounded by beautiful women but after 3 days and nights being active – pussy hunting around all the seedy red light districts of Phnom Penh, then I expect to have found some suitable pussy by now.  If not then something is wrong, not necessarily me.  I keep drawing a comparison, but things were so different 10 years ago mongering in Phnom Penh.  Even back then in 2005, veteran mongers of Phnom Penh were saying it had changed so much from the late 90’s into the new millennium.

Street 178

In a place like Phnom Penh during the day you have to find things to do and explore other areas of the city.  Street 178 is the art street of Phnom Penh so decided to take a stroll down street 178

art street
Street 178

Interesting, but all the shops tend to sell the same wares.  At the bottom of street 178 is a recommended British restaurant called the Rising Sun where I would try their cooked breakfast.

Rising sun street 178
Rising Sun

Not bad, but not as good as the Paddy Fields along the riverside.  The Rising sun is popular though with passing tourists and expats alike. I actually felt a little self concious inside, too much alcohol, not enough pussy is the problem.  Is that the location of the Happy Pizza in Phnom Penh too?  They use to garnish their pizza’s with Cannabis, perhaps that’s what I needed now, an altered conciousness. But I guess they have cracked down on the Happy pizzas too like they have the pussy.

No Luck

After my breakfast I take a walk along the riverfront checking out some of the streets immediately off Sisowath Quay.  I did notice one cute Khmer girl walking down the street and she caught me looking at her.  She walked down an ally and looked back at me, but I did nothing!  Damn, was a chance there and I blew it.

Again, I am considering leaving Phnom Penh maybe head down to the coast to Sihanoukaville and at least enjoy this heat sat on the lovely beaches there.  I enquire about a bus and would cost $10 and they would pick me up from my hotel along street 51.  I would think about it.  But cannot leave Phnom Penh without having notched up some pussy, there must be some pussy for me, my luck maybe is about to change…

Tuk Tuk Fishbowl

Tuk Tuk drivers are all around on the streets leading off the riverside, preying on vunerable ignorant naive tourists like myself who know no better, not yet.

Tuk Tuk phnom penh
Tuk Tuk drivers

One of them is offering me drugs, cocaine, hashish Viagra and girls, girls girls.  Yes girls, maybe a Tuk Tuk Patrol in Phnom Penh could break this pussy spell I am under.  I not have much to lose, it would be an experience.   The Tuk Tuk driver tells me $5 dollar return and $20 for massage and boom boom.  This includes the Tuk Tuk driver waiting for me and bringing me back to the riverfront.

Vietnam girls

The Tuk Tuk driver takes me to a hotel called Soul golden city hotel, off Preath Sothearos.  Obviously geared towards Asian visitors those from Korea.  The hostess bars of Phnom Penh off the riverfront and along street 51 are geared towards sex tourists from the west.  But apparently the most sex tourists to Phnom Penh come from other parts of Asia and they visit much more the fishbowl setup.

The Tuk Tuk driver leads me into the hotel and up the elevator to the fishbowl.  There were about 20 girls sat in the fishbowl, some not bad. At last some Vietnamese girls, the first I had seen this trip to Phnom Penh.  The girls from Vietnam now seem to work in the fish bowls for the asian sex tourist market exclusively.  Girls from Vietnam have a very distinctive Asian look to them, lighter skin, quite curvy too.

I choose a Vietnamese girl from the fishbowl, pretty, young around 19-20 you with big tits but quite slim.  I pay my $20 dollar fee to reception and the Vietnamese girl leads me to one of the rooms.

No Cash, Handjob only

She sits on the bed while I strip off.  She asks me if I want boom boom?  She wants another $100!  So the $20 is for massage only.  How stupid of me not to have realised this.  Its well known asian men pay alot more money for their pussy.

I not even have a $100 in my wallet, if the Tuk Tuk driver had told me this, I would have got some more cash out of an ATM before taking the trip to the fishbowl.  I was feeling a little mad now, my bad luck was continuing.  She immediately dropped to $70.  I really wanted to fuck her too, she was sexy, my balls were heavy with 4 days worth.

I only have another $20 dollars in my wallet.  For this she will give me a massage and a handjob only.  Well I am here now so may as well go ahead with it.  The massage was crap lacklustre.  She did get her firm tits out for me and not mind me feeling them up.  They were so firm pointing north.  The handjob was crap too, once I started to cum she quickly covered my cock with a towel and stopped wanking.  Not good, feeling like a complete failure.

Insult to Injury

Back outside the hotel, the Tuk Tuk driver tells me maximum for boom boom is $40 to $50 dollars.  I tell him I not realise he was going to take me to an Asian fishbowl.  I thought the Tuk Tuk Driver was going to take me to some Phnom Penh brothel a little off the radar for tourists where for $20 I would get full service with a khmer or Vietnamese girl to my liking. Just like the olds day of Phnom Penh where as a frame of reference my mind was still stuck.  It just not happen like that for me.   A trip to one of the fishbowls with a Tuk Tuk driver could have been a good experience but just make sure you have enough cash in your wallet first. Now you know.

The Tuk Tuk driver drops me back off at the PC Hotel street 51.  I have to use the ATM outside the Walkabout to pay him off and then he demands another $5 for the return trip. We are both getting angry he say he wait for me and bring me back.  I just pay him off and head back into the PC Hotel licking my wounds.

Not the Phnom Penh Tuk Tuk Pussy patrol I was hoping for, my pussy drought continues. An early return to Thailand is definitely on the cards now as I return to my room, tail between my legs, sulking 🙁

10 thoughts on “Phnom Penh Fishbowl”

  1. I am not sure how live this report is but if you are seeing this on time may I suggest you try Martinis for a change of scene.

  2. Martinis is more of a disco bar, with other bar areas to roam and wonder about in but it is not a massive place, but still was very popular when I was last there
    From Memory best time to go is after 12am, but will start close about 3am. Popular with freelance working girls so no other fees to pay. Sorry cant remember how much I paid at the time but took 1 local girl and 1 Vietnamese back for the night. Was a lot cheaper than Thailand.
    Ask any Motorbike taxi to take you there just to have a look! And you may like or no like.

  3. That’s why i keep repeting you to come to Spain 70€ one hour full sex with many girls of different nationalities, some may charge between 80-100€ hour but still cheap, you wont get scammed like this here unless you pick a street walker, all these places might be exotic but there is always something fishy

    1. Man, there is always lessons to learn in mongering, like any other vocation. If your not making mistakes then you are not making any progress. Things change, read on. perseverance furthers
      In Asia mongering is an all day event with the bars malls and hotels. I view with suspicion any reports where everything goes just fine all the time.
      As a change I like to monger in Europe too, for different reasons than Asia though. Yes more variety of girls you get to fuck, but like your report there is no chance of long time or the girlfriend experience

      1. “Long time” in SEA is not specified, is it 1,2,3,4…hrs? Or till you are tired of fucking? Here you get cim,fk and bbbj in around 80% of the chicks, i guess thats what its called gfe rights? The con here is that you gotta hop from aparment to apartment and search onlime when you dont like the escort you first pick

        1. long time in Asia usually means all night from when you take her out of the bar to the next day sometime.
          10 years ago they would have tried hard to stay with you all week, for your entire stay
          Now using their mobiles they will receive a call or text and say they have to leave early, you should pay accordingly
          If she wants to stay with you long time will depend on multiple factors, including boredom, if she likes you, how much of a creature of the night she is
          If she thinks she can go out and keep earning and is up for it.

          I would like to visit Madrid and other parts of Spain, good time of year also but not solely for whore mongering, escorts is not really my scene. I need to be sure they have not been trafficked to enjoy myself also
          It must be a victimless crime 🙂

        1. To be honest I am not really into long time anymore, I like to have the bed to myself all night.
          Sometimes long time is a good option if you meet a cute girl in the night and are too drunk to fuck or already had a pop not long ago
          Then she will be there in the morning for you if she not try and leave early which is very common now.

          Its best to just be really horny, find a really cute girl or have some phone numbers and do short time, 1 hour is usually plenty of time to get the act done
          Its filling your time between girls that often makes or breaks a place for me.

          1. Well then you’re 2 hours away, will be glad to guide you through some apartments and club. The steet walkers are usually the ones trafficked like many parts in EU. I say escorts cause whores sounds abit harsh and perhaps Taboo but it is the same thing. Still waiting for you in Madrid, perfect city for a weekend

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