Phnom Penh Hostess Bars

I head out my second evening in Phnom Penh along street 51 in the general direction of street 136.  Alot of hostess bars open after 6pm and the Khmer girls sit outside and call you in.  But was not impressed looks-wise with the girls sat outside most of the bars down street 51. Usually they put their best looking girls outside too… 🙁

Club Cyrcee

One place I wanted to try for the first time was Club Cyrcee. Club Cyrcee is located on street 49, to get there just keep walking down street 51 on the way to street 136 and then take a little detour onto street 49.

Club Cyrcee
Club Cyrcee

Club Cyrcee is one of the old survivors of the often cited ‘crackdown’ on the brothels operating in Cambodia’s tourist locations a few years back.  I never visited Club Cyrcee back on my maiden mongering trip to Phnom Penh  in the late summer of 2005.  I not needed to after a fantastic experience in its direct competitor Sophies.  Sophies is long gone now,  a Phnom Penh legend that you will hear old mongers like me talk about with a nostalgic affection.

Club Cyrcee is more a brothel bar than a hostess bar.  Cambodian girls are known to be more conservative than their Thai sisters.  In general Khmer girls are not know for giving blowjobs but apparently in Cyrcee the girls are trained in the art of fellatio.  So you could call Cyrcee a Phnom Penh blowjob bar.  Blowjob in Khmer is Yam Yam, so if thats what you want then check your girl gives oral.

Inside club Cyrcee it would appear a normal Phnom Penh style hostess bar, but the khmer girls working inside are more lets say promiscuous in their nature towards you.  I had a couple of girls sat with me at the bar, and not long one is playing with my cock through my jeans.  If this had been 10 years ago, my cock would have been out and they would be taking it turns giving it little sucks to tempt me into the attached short time rooms.  This is what use to attract mongers to Phnom Penh out of Thailand.

After the crackdown there is no short time rooms in Cyrcee itself any more.   You can hire a short time room across the road for $5 though if you like any of the girls or just take them back to your hotel.  The bar fine is $10 and the fee for the girl is $30 a lady drink will set you back $3.  So to take two girls for a threesome is going to set you back $100.

The girls working in Club Cyrcee were attractive and most were young early 20’s.  Im tempted, but its too early I want to see what talent is available at night in the other hostess bars down street 136 and street 104.    What does the name Cyrcee mean?

Street 136 Hostess bars

I straddle a few hostess bars down street 136.  Now there was some attractive Khmer girls standing outside some of the bars, the meeter’s and greeters. 

phnom penh hostess bar
Street 136

Once inside the bar with a beer in my hand, the girls I wanted were not available for taking out or able to bar fine.  Maybe they just didn’t like me, hard to believe?  But it can happen.

Cambodian hostess
Phnom Penh Hostess

No the hostess girls that seemed to like me and there was not a mutual attraction.  Im looking around and it looks like its going to be a long night pussy hunting in the hostess bars of Phnom Penh.  I remember being spoilt for choice 10 years ago, so little competition back then.  Alot of tourists shuffling around down street 136 now at night and along the riverside.

Street 130, Sharky Bar

I head up street 130 towards Sharky Bar.  I had good memories of being in Sharky and there being loads of pretty Vietnamese girls to choose from. As  I walk into Sharky there is some good rock music playing but where have all the Vietnam freelancers gone?

street 130
Sharky bar

Part of the crackdown too?  Send all the Vietnam girls packing?  Is that the thanks Vietnam gets from the Cambodian authorities for invading and kicking out the ultra communist Khmer Rouge?  So that mongers may now enter and enjoy some Cambodian pussy and spend some dollars.

I hang around a while in Sharky’s have something to eat but looks like all the freelancers have long gone.  I will leave the hostess bars down street 104 for another night, now I will head back to street 51.

live music street 51
live music

I enjoy some live music in one of the bars along Street 51, but cant find a Khmer girl that is doing it for me.

Cambodia Dreaming

I have to retire after too many Angkor beers and just dream about the Cambodian hostess I wish I had found in one of the hostess bars of Phnom Penh.
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Tomorrow was another day in Phnom Penh, but compared to 10 years ago, mongering in Phnom Penh had changed forever.  I know the prism of memory can often be viewed through rose tinted spectacles, but I feel disappointed.  I need to step it up or lower my expectations for the days ahead I had left in Phnom Penh.  A little good luck would help, right time right place kind of thing.

Often this is what happens to a poor country first opening up to tourism.  To get some foreign exchange the sex tourists come in first, corruption and the turning of a blind eye allows things to run relatively smoothly.  Once mainstream tourism takes a hold, prostitution is pushed out to the margins without so much as a thanks to all its sex workers or patrons that helped pave the way to prosperity.  Goodnight x.

2 thoughts on “Phnom Penh Hostess Bars”

  1. Been reading your adventures for quite a while and you always seem to be approached by cute hostesses that wanna play with youR dick; you are either a lucky , smell like petro~dollar or a very good looking man

    1. Thanks, good looks, no doubt, dont count for much in the bar girls game. Must be honest, one Cambodian girl told me I was a very hansum man, and I believed her 🙂
      But always money talks.

      I know now where you got your Khmer girls are racist intel from
      Now, I would want to hear it from the horses mouth so to speak. From any afro mongers who have experienced phnom penh first hand?
      I find this surprising if it is true, or is the author of that article a little racist.

      Unfortunately dark skin does have lower status in Asia, girls will go to great lengths to stay out of the sun, etc

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