Asian Fetish

Well its official, so far Asian girls are the world mongers favourite ethnic girls.  If you not already voted on your favourite ethnic girl then please do so now.   So in light of Asian pussy being tops lets looks at some Asian porn with a little bit more of a fetish flavour.

 Mistress Of Asia, Princess

Mistress of Asia is a Thai girl who wants you to worship her body.  Mistress of Asia gets kinky and is fetish based.  It can be attractive to guys who want to be humiliated and belittled.

mistress of Asia
Asian Mistress

Often guys that like this type of porn, where they are submissive slaves tend to have powerful jobs and need to rebalance the scales.  Check out Mistress of Asia sister site Thai Money Princess

Asian princess
Thai money princess

Like your asian girls to be pregnant?  then check out Pregnant Pat

Asian pregnant girl
Pregnant Pat

Even at 30 weeks this pregnant asian girl still wants some cock. And when most guys wont fuck her because she is pregnant, she fucks herself with a vibrator.  Would you oblige and fuck pregnant Asian Pat?

Siam Slam, XL Asians

 Siam Slam is all about cumming all over Thai teens in all of their orifices.  Did you know Thailand used to be called Siam up until the end of the second world war?  Siam was allied with Japan and Thailand with the west, once they realised who the winning side was going to be in the end. And who said Siam girls had small tits?

Siam slut
Siam Slam

Like your asians BBW?  Used to be very rare to see big asian girls. Due to their relative poverty and diet most were always ultra slim.  Not ideal for those guys into curves in the wrong places.  XL Asians are for those porn mongers into Extra Large Asian women or Big Beautiful women from Asia.

BBW Asia
XL Asians

Look at those big Asian fatties.  Must be some kind of fixation from an early age like me with my Hairy pussy.  For some asian creampies also check out their sister site Asian Baby Makers.

Asian Suck Dolls

Just Asian girls sucking white dudes cock.  If blowjobs and Asian girls are your thing, which for alot of mongers they are, then Asian Suck Dolls will blow your load.

Check out these two Asian suck dolls, playing with each others pussy and then sharing a big cock together giving a blowjob with CIM.

Asian Orgasm, Asian Pussy

Asian Orgasm is all about cumming all over pretty asian girls.  Asian girls can be very submissive, eager to please their man.

Asian orgasm
Asian Orgasm

Look at this beautiful Asian teen pleasuring her boyfriend.  After giving him a great handjob and blowjob together, she licks all the cum off the tip of his cock.  Now how is that for Asian hospitality.  Love Asian pussy is Asian Orgasm sister site and has lots of Asian girls doing all sorts of explicit acts with their girlfriends and boyfriends.

love asian pussy
Asian Pussy

This is the quality of Asian girls inside I Love Asian Pussy.  Look at this beautiful Asian girl fucking her natural Asian pussy with a pink dildo.  This babe wants some cock.  Man why cant all the Asian bar girls look like this girl.  Sure I love Asian pussy when it looks like this.  Look at those big Asian tits too.

So those with an Asian fetish, Enjoy.



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