Manila to Phnom Penh

Not sleep well my last night in Manila, I was up early at 5AM to pack my stuff and then next door into the 24 hour restaurant for another huge cooked breakfast.  I check out of the Tune Hotel and flag down a taxi on the main road to take me to Ninoy Aquino airport for my flight back to Bangkok and then onto Phnom Penh.

Manila to Bangkok

The traffic was not too bad getting out of Manila to the airport.  Meter was on and cost 500 pesos to terminal 2 for my flight back to Bangkok with Philippine airlines.  The Filipino girl at the check in was concerned about my transfer time and give my baggage priority, nice girl.  The toilet in the departure lounge at Ninoy Aquino airport was disgusting.

The flight back to Bangkok was on time and went well.  Am impressed with Philippine Air, good legroom, nice food but the on-board entertainment was pretty crap.

At Suvarnabhumi airport I am through the airport in 10 minutes, very few people about must be due to the curfew and due to my luggage being marked as priority its waiting for me once I was through passport control.

Bangkok to Phnom Penh

Outside the airport I take a taxi from the public taxi rank to Don Muang airport, which is now the low cost carrier airport.  My flight to Phnom Penh is with Air Asia.  The meter is on, but we have to drive back to Bangkok to get the highway to Don Muang and comes in over 500 Baht which included 3 tolls of 25, 50 and 60 Baht.  Lucky I had 3 hours between flights, plenty of time to make the transfer.

Don Muang airportq
Don Muang

Straight through at Don Muang, no problems and onto the Air Asia flight as we make the 1 hour flight to the capital of Cambodia Phnom Penh.  On the flight as we are all filling in our visa on arrival cards I realise I have not brought two passport photos with me for my visa!  Shit I remember having to pay for two photos in a shop off the Sukhumvit on my first trip to Phnom Penh in 2005.  The stewards tell me not to worry, you can get them done at Phnom Penh airport.

PC Hotel, Street 51

At Phnom Penh airport, its the same setup but lots more tourists, the plane was full.  I had to pay a 100 baht to have scanned copies of my photos taken from my passport.  In fact I recognise one of the Cambodian women sat at the passport control desk from 2005.  Their procedure of stamping visas is really slow and antiquated, they will need to improve as tourist numbers into Cambodia increase.

Taxi to PC hotel on street 51 opposite Walkabout is $12 where I would be staying for the next week in Phnom Penh.  I book all my hotels online through Agoda.  On Agoda along with TripAdvisor you can read all the hotel reviews and get a good idea of the quality of the hotel, whether its clean, girl friendly etc.

Street 51 is pretty central for whore mongering in Phnom Penh, so good location. Its rush hour now in Phnom Penh and there is alot more traffic on the roads since I was last here.  Lots of expensive cars, even a Porsche garage being built outside the airport.  There is money now in Phnom Penh, things are visibly changing on the skyline too.

street 51 pc hotel
PC Hotel

Arrive at PC Hotel and checkin.  There is French owner in the PC hotel and he is a nice friendly helpful guy.   I am happy with my room, nice and roomy with fan over the bed, aircon, good wifi and satellite TV. Its really hot in Phnom Penh and the PC Hotel has a pretty decent sized pool.  PC hotel also has good security,  a bar and restaurant.  After unpacking I relax at the bar with some lovely refreshing AngkorWat draft and some chicken and chips.

Walkabout, Shanghai

I stay local my first night in Phnom Penh along street 51, plenty of bars along street 51.  I have a beer in the Walkabout, the walkabout is a freelancer hangout where you can get some budget pussy probably diseased as well.

Walkabout street 51

The girls freelancing in the Walkabout look pretty rough to me, some drug addicts, I dont think I will be doing much hunting in the Walkabout, even so its worth taking a look and is a mongers favourite.  I cross the road the Shanghai hostess bar. Bit more upmarket than the Walkabout.

Shanghai hostess bar
Shanghai street 51

The Shanghai was the first bar I visited in Phnom Penh back in 2005.  Not much has changed inside, but the girls were not as good.  I make my way upstairs to the rooftop bar and a hostess joins me, she wants barfining.

Shanghai hostess
Hostess Shanghai

Nice friendly girl, the Angkor draft is really hitting me now, I notice my speech starting to slur.  I mean she is an attractive Khmer girl, as good as the hostess girls get working in the Shanghai.  But for me not good enough worth paying the barfine and her fee.  It begins to piss it down with rain and we head back into the building.

No Power

After my shitty nights sleep last night in Manila and travelling all day I head back to the PC Hotel and my room for some sleep.  I wake a few hours later absolutely sweltering and soaked with sweat.  The aircon and fan are not working.  There has been a power outage.  The nice french owner moves me to another floor where the power is still on and I manage to catch up on some much needed sleep.

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