Phnom Penh Cambodia 2005

Before divulging my recent trip reports from Phnom Penh I though I would do a flashback and report on my first visit to Phnom Penh in Cambodia way back in September 2005.  My first trip to Phnom Penh set the precedent for my return.  I have been wanting to return to Phnom Penh for a long time because of the good fun I had back then.

Bangkok to Phnom Penh

I had been mongering in Thailand since 2002 and up to this point not really been anywhere else in South East Asia.  Bangkok and Pattaya were starting to get same same.  Time for a change.

Bangkok 2005
Nana Plaza 2005

I had  just had a couple of good nights mongering in Bangkok, I had taken two sisters from soi cowboy and I had met up with my Thai girlfriend for an afternoons sex.  The next day I would fly to Phnom Penh in Cambodia for the first time.  I was excited and a little apprehensive.

Phnom Penh Arrival

I arrive in Phnom Penh via flying Bangkok air.  At passport control I pay my $20 visa fee and am free to go.  So few tourists back then, only about another 20 people making their way through arrivals.

Outside the airport a motorcycle driver tucks my holdall bag between his legs and the handle bars and takes me to hotel Flamingo just off street 51 where I am staying for the next two nights before then heading onto Sihanoukaville.

Flamingos Hotel, Street 51

The motorcycle driver is offering me everything from drugs to underage girls.  Already it feels very different, very poor and third world.  I check into the Flamingos and am shaking from excitment in my room.

Flamingos hotel view
Phnom Penh Sunset

I make my way up to the rooftop bar and calm down with a couple of Angkor Wat draught beers and enjoy the views over Phnom Penh.  A cute Khmer hostess joins me on the rooftop she works for the Flamingos hotel and she would become a close friend over the next couple of days.

flamingo hostess
Khmer hostess

I make my way out that night, first down street 51, the mongering ground zero for Phnom Penh. I visited the hostess bar Shanghai and the freelancer hangout Walkabout.

I was already noticing the Khmer girls were different than Thai girls, less friendly but just more honest, less of an fine act.  Heart of Darkness was a disco but had recently closed due to a gunfight breaking out between drunk Khmer men and one being killed. Nice.

Later I hire a motocycle driver for the night to take me around. I stop off in Sharkys bar down street 130.  Sharkys was a freelancer hangout, lots of girls inside, some pretty Vietnamese girls too.  First time I had seen girls from Vietnam and Cambodian come to that.

Sophies blowjob bar

I knew where I really wanted to go on my first night mongering in Phnom Penh was a blowjob bar called Sophies that I had only read good reports about.  Motocycle driver drops me off outside some old building and I make my way up some broken stairs and into a hole in the wall bar.  Im sat at the bar and order a beer.  There is only one other patron inside who looks relaxed.

I had about six girls surround me at the bar.  And without permission, they unzip my jeans and pull my hard cock out.  They then all start taking it in turns giving my cock a kiss, a lick, a suck even some deepthroat, some are more eager than others some a bit greedy.  Some of the shyer girls on the outside of the congregation were prettier and I not want them to be left out.  Eventually I chose two girls to take into the back room.

In the back room they had a special blowjob chair. I sat down and the two girls got to work, saliva everywhere, fanstastic blowjob as I cum in their mouths and over their faces.

My last port of call that first night out in Phnom Penh was another freelancer hangout disco called Martinis.  Again some cute Vietnamese girls in Martinis but I was not biting, not after that fantastic blowjob in Sophies, my balls were now empty for the night.

Killing fields, Riverside

The next day I do the usual touristy things hiring a motocycle driver outside the Flamingos hotel who took me to see all the sights including temples, central market and the Killing fields.

Killing fields Phnom penh
Killing fields

The killing fields is a  place that will bring tears to your eyes, Cambodia has a horrific modern history thats its only just recovering from. A bit further down there was a shooting range with Kalashnikovs, which was great fun too.

Phnom Penh

Then back to Phnom Penh city centre and the Riverside area .  Riverside is the main burgeoning tourist attraction and here you can find some nice restaurants and just chill and watch the Cambodian day pass by.

Flamingos Hostess blowjob

By now I was feeling tired what with my late night out in Phnom Penh and the days tourist activities I head back to the Flamingos hotel for a late afternoon nap.  A few hours later I am awaken by a tapping on my hotel door….

I open the door and the Flamingos hostess is stood there smiling and looking sexy, I invite her into my room and shut the door.  On the bed she unzips my jeans, gets my cock out and puts it in her mouth.  Oh man I am experiencing one of the best blowjobs ever.  Its fantastic.

Shes naked now, got a nice natural hairy khmer pussy and she wants to fuck now, but the blowjob is just too good to stop.  She continues and I blow my load in her mouth and all over her pretty Khmer face. Cum is everywhere, she is licking it off her fingers.  I pay her the customary $20 and she leaves my room with a cheeky grin on her face.

Riverside Hostess Bars

My last night in Phnom Penh and I take a motocycle outside the Flamingos bar down to the riverside to try some hostess bars mostly off street 136 and street 104.  The Phnom Penh Candy publication used to be a great resource back then and had a map of all the bars worth a visit.

I remember some lovely young almost naive Cambodian girls working in the hostess bars off the riverside like Rose and DV8.  Had I not cum already I would have been spoilt for choice that night.  The hostess bars back then used to have short time rooms on premise, total cost would be around $25.  Often the girls would go back home and give all the money to their parents. Long time or taking the girl out of the bar back to your hotel all night was $50.

Mongering Phnom Penh

Mongering in Phnom Penh was pretty compact. most of it all within walking distance if you know where you are going.  You have Shanghai, Walkabout and Heart of Darkness along Street 51, to name but a few.  You have Sharkys down street 130 and then lots of hostess bars along street 136 and 104 off the riverside.  Martinis is a bit further out and requires a motocycle to get there.  But its cheap and the girls very friendly.

hairy asian pussy
Khmer pussy

If you want to look at more Cambodian girls and pussy check out I love Cambodian Pussy Tour.  I only had pleasant memories of my first experience mongering in Cambodia back in 2005.  The next day I would catch a bus taking me down to the coast to enjoy Sihanoukaville.   Back to the future and I was looking forward to returning to Phnom Penh…

9 thoughts on “Phnom Penh Cambodia 2005”

  1. Cambodia is an interesting country with lots of stuff to see, but dont know if it is worth a visit for mongering purposes; not really convinced with what i’ve read, guess i gottta wait till your most recent trip. Another setback is that black dudes get charged more and whores seem to be quite racist.

    1. Well I saw a few black dudes around Phnom Penh with Khmer girls and they looked quite happy. Its not always because of the color of your skin they dont like you. If you not been there an experienced it for yourself not sure where you are getting your intel from?
      If one whore is racist does not mean all whores are racist. Not all girls want to fuck me, but dont blame it on anything, just move on, there is always someone available for those that dont give up so easy

    1. Phnom Penh is still worth visiting. Nothing like it was back in the wild west days. You can still find some lovely looking cambodian bar girls. Always get drawn back to Asia. May be returning soon for a long time.

  2. I have been to Thailand and thinking of visiting Cambodia for a change. I hope nothing surprises 🙂 and girls be friendly and reasonably priced.
    Looking forward to your updates if decided to travel there.

    1. Ben iv been to Cambodia 3 times and makes a nice change from Thailand. Im comfortable now visiting Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines. Would like to expand my comfort zone with a trip into Vietnam. But cant make my mind up about that one from a mongering perspective. I guess ill just have to try it and see. Now back in 2005 all the vietnam girls were in Cambodia working. Something else that has changed.

  3. I have heard the rules and regs are very strict in Vietnam.
    Are hotels girl friendly in Cambodia the same way it is in Thailand?

    1. Yes some are girl friendly not all. There are many sites listing girl friendly hotels in any particular destination. Type phnom penh girl friendly hotel in google. Most are affiliated with Agoda. I can tell you Cambodia has changed in the last few years, Chinese being allowed to invest heavily as part of their new silk road world domination plans. So its all turning Chinese. Sihanoukville is now a building site, beer bars demolished

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