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My last day and night mongering in Manila and the Philippines. Tomorrow morning need to catch a taxi back to Ninoy Aquino International Airport flying back to Thailand.   I am intending to check out the Filipino freelancers hanging around the Havana Cafe Greenbelt zone tonight, need to kill the daytime first though in hot and humid Makati

Tune Hotel

Not a bad nights sleep in the Tune hotel, Makati, I head next door into the 24 hour sports bar and restaurant.

Tune Hotel
Tune Hotel

I have a huge cooked breakfast and am debating with myself how best to spend my last day in Manila?   Will not be taking a taxi back to Malate and the Manila Bay Cafe.   Not aware of any daytime alternative to LA Cafe around the Makati area?

Daytime Makati

The gogos down P.Burgos St open around 3pm.  Maybe now, is a good time to have a collection of phone numbers to call of sexy Filipino Gogo girls.  No, out pussy hunting tonight.

I am feeling horny after having last night off. Want my last fuck in Manila to be a good one, its not that easy to get a fuck at all, finding a pretty Filipino girl, keeping within budget constraints, don’t like to pay to much for pussy. I walk around the streets just off P.Burgos St and notice an amusing laundry shop nearby 🙂

talk dirty
Lets Talk Dirty

It made me laugh, ‘ Lets Talk Dirty’ because back home there would be a petition to have such a shop change its name due to sexual connotations.  Man, we need protecting from the PC crowd, sex is such a dirty word to some folks who like to get on their high horses and lobby.  Its part of the reason why I feel the need to travel to the other side of the world and exercise some freedom.

Rooftop Pools, Views

Well I don’t feel like walking about in this heat and humidity, there is no rooftop pool area in the Tune hotel, but usually there is always a posh expensive hotel nearby where you can use their rooftop pool for the day usually for a small fee.  It works out a lot cheaper than actually staying there predominantly for this reason.

Manila cityscape
Makati city view

Makati was no exception and for 500 pesos can use the rootop pool at City Mansions just across the road from the Tune hotel.  I just stay there all day and into the evening and enjoy the fantastic cityscape views over Manila.

sunset from makati
manila sunset

Let the night time activities begin, lets go pussy hunting down there.  I really dont fancy another night in the gogos, you get sick of them after a while, sitting down then being immediately hassled for lady drinks, they are not really interested in you, just in making some commission.

Cafe Havana, Greenbelt

That evening I take a taxi outside the Tune hotel to Havana Cafe Greenbelt 3.  Greenbelt is some sort of Shopping Plaza, so popular throughout Asia.  Havana Cafe is suppose to be a pickup bar for Filipino freelancers, although its not always obvious who is P4P.

Greenbelt Havana Cafe
Havana Cafe

The Havana Cafe is pretty lively, most people sit outside rather than inside.  There are a few expats around who again, are kind of territorial towards strangers, or so it felt.  Not sure I like this kind of setup really, but like to check these places out and see what the quality of pussy is on offer.

Havana cafe girls
Filipino freelancers

Nothing really special, more a mature kind of Filipino woman.  These two pinay freelancers were up for a threesome though and dropped to 2000 pesos each.  But the  filipino girls working the Cafe Havana were not doing it for me. Quite alot of the girls hanging around on the outskirts of Cafe Havana were in fact Ladyboys.  Its dark around Cafe Havana, so need to be careful who you may strike up a deal with.   Back to P.Burgos St and just splash out on a expensive Gogo girl and hope she was not a starfish?  If I am not careful my last night mongering in Manila is going to be a washout.

Dormitories, Casa

I am heading back to P.Burgos St in a taxi and the driver wants to take me to the dormitories nearby otherwise known as casas. First off he is giving some crap about Filipino models working in Pasar city but the cost starts from 7000 pesos.  Sure he stands to make alot of commission from that.

He brings up the dormitories which are nearby.  I tempted to try the casas so agree for him to take me to a couple.   He reckons the girls inside are young, work on their own free will and are students needing to make some extra money to pay fees etc.

We stop outside the first dormitory and a guy lets us inside.  Inside there are about 30 filipino girls to choose from, its very well lit up inside so you can clearly see the girls.  None of them really strikes me though, most are above average around the 20 -24 age bracket.

The taxi driver takes me to a second dormitory smaller than the first around 15 to 20 Filipino girls sat around inside, again well lit up.  One girl is doing it for me, im getting an erection in my pants looking at her and thinking what I might do to her back in my hotel.

Casa Girls

I decide to choose her.  I did have a concern about her age though, she produced her ID card there in the casa and she was in fact 19.  The cost is 3500 pesos short time, couple of hours or 4000 long time where she will leave early morning.  I just go for short time.  After fucking her, I need to sleep, got to get up early for my flight back to Thailand and then onto Cambodia.
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I hand over the 3500 pesos and as we leave the casa all the other girls start clapping, which I found amusing, some ritual they go through when a girl leaves the casa with a client.  The taxi takes us back to the Tune hotel off P.Burgos St.  She is a lovely friendly girl, like most Filipino girls I have met in both Manila and Angeles.  Check her into the Tune hotel which is very girl friendly.  No problems with them checking her ID card.
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Have a really good fuck with this Filipino casa girl.  She had a tight little body and trimmed hairy pussy.  Really turned on.  Dont think she was a student or anything.  She gave me her number and would see me in private for 2000 pesos.  But the guys working at the casa must not find out.

Conclusion Manila

Have enjoyed mongering in Manila, Filipino people are very friendly. Has been my first trip to Manila and would definably return, but maybe during the cool season next time.

The heat and humidity just leaving you feeling 50% all the time. I think staying in the heart of the red light district in Malate is a better option though, alot cheaper and so many girls and bars available.  You can always then take out excursions to Burgos St or EDSA.  Alternatively put your trust in a taxi driver and let him take you on a tour of the dormitories and casas dotted all over Manila.

Next stop Phnom Penh, Cambodia via Bangkok.


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