Asian Sex Diary

I guess in a way MongerPlanet is a sex diary, a whore mongers chronology.  Asian sex diary has really taken the whole mongering concept to a new level, maybe one day mongerplanet will be a world sex diary and whore mongering around the world will be my full time occupation….

Asian Sex Diary is about an American sexpat living and working in Asia somewhere and taking sex vacations all over south east Asia and making a filthy sex diary of his sexual exploits.

Man I just watched this Asian Sex Tours Introduction, and he is fucking my first Angeles Angel! Filipino whore! Its a small mongering world!

Asian Sex Tours

I cannot always photograph or video some of the lovely Asian girls I have met.   But the monger over at Asian Sex Diary makes it his primary objective.  Of course Asian Sex Diary is reality porn and a business.  But through Monger Planet affiliation with Asian Sex Diary you can get a taster of what is on offer inside Asian Sex Diary for free.  here goes and enjoy….

Jakarta, Indonesia

Just like MongerPlanet Asian Sex Diary visits all the sex fleshpots of South East Asia, here he is in Jakarta Indonesia fucking and videoing all the lovely curvy Indo girls he meets in bars, on the street and in shopping malls having threesomes, the lot, it got me hard watching this fuckfest and made me want to book the next flight back to Jakarta.

A week of Indonesian pussy hunting in Jakarta for my Asian Sex Diary. His yankee accent and fast talking is a little annoying but you get used to, just check out the Asian chicks he gets to fuck.

Hong Kong, China

Had a great mongering week myself in Hong Kong almost 2 years ago now and watch how Asian Sex Diary fucks his way through Hong Kong and some lovely Chinese girls. Former British colony where we kicked those chinese asses as the British were the worlds biggest opium drug dealer. Wan Chai is still a British expat hangout.

Wild week of Asian pussy adventures in Hong Kong fucking loads of cute Asian girls and not just Chinese or from Hong Kong.

Pattaya Thailand

Every hardcore mongers and casual sex tourists favourite is Pattaya by the coast in Thailand. Pattaya is the mecca of mongering or at least was. Things are changing on the ground in Thailand and Pattaya in more recent years, even so thats no excuse to not go there and still have the greatest fuckfest of your life. Well feat your eyes on Asian Sex Diary visit to Pattaya, fucking so much Thai Pussy its almost unbelievable.

I have mongered in Pattaya more times than I care to remember. But the Asian sex tour diary of Pattaya brings it all back, the parts that mongerplanet cannot reach Asian sex diary in Pattaya can. Watch the videos, click the links to get an eyeful of what every sex tourist to the fleshpots of Asia can easily experience. The asian girls you can meet, take back to your hotels and fuck and suck all night. Its a mad, bad world out there you know.

Angeles City, Philippines

Last but hardly least is the Asian sex diary tour through the bars and seedy streets of Angeles city. Angeles city in the Philippines and all its Filipino whores is in direct competition with Pattaya and all its Thai whores. Never been there? Dont believe me? Then watch Asian sex diary in Angeles. Again it films the parts mongerplanet has not.

Angeles offers some great whore mongering with hundreds of young Filipino girls available. Angeles probably still offers the best bang for your bucks. But like Pattaya and Thailand, things in Angeles and the Philippines are changing quite rapidly. Traditional western style sex tourism is being phased out. Replaced with a more european style lap dancing setup. Mind you, you would not believe it watching Angeles Sex Diary. Things are changing but you still have a few years to have easy Filipino pussy every day and night and not break the bank.

Asian Girls, Europe

Its not over yet. Not content with fucking Asian girls in Asia, Asian Sex Diary takes a trip to Europe and fucks the Asian whores working in the whorehouses of Europe.

I fucked quite a few really pretty Thai and Chinese girls in some brothels in England in years gone by. Prettier than you can meet in Thailand or Hong Kong. I guess some pretty girls with a business brain who enjoy their work, enjoy the travel, making money and fucking their way around the world. If I had a pussy, enjoyed fucking, noticed most guys wanted to fuck me, why not offer sex for a fee, not for free? supply and demand.
Well check out Asian sex tours through the brothels of Europe. In time, this is how I want mongerplanet to evolve with me videoing myself fucking around the world, I think my cock is photogenic if not my face. I will not be restricted to only Asia though, African sex diary, Latin America sex diary to name a few.

6 thoughts on “Asian Sex Diary”

  1. Interesting piece of Art will have to check out Asian Sex Diary; i felt quite related to the Asian Whores in Europe topic, i havE fucked a handfull of Chinese whores, Madrid is filled with them.

    1. Interesting because years ago you could go to a brothel in England and you might have 4 young chinese girls working inside, friendly offering full service, students or something and sometimes I would have a threesome. But nowdays they all seem to have gone and alls that is left now is mature Chinese women offering massage with happy ending.
      Where have all the young chinese and asian whores working in England gone? What we have got now is lots of eastern european girls working here, check out Adultwork for a good selection

      1. I am sure they all came here to Spain 🙂 This country is a rich market for those trafficking girls and for the women wanted to make more money selling their body; Last time I checked 8 out of 10 men in Spain whoremonger even the married ones!
        Lot’s of sexy young Chinese whores in Madrid, an hour for 70€, 30 min 50€ 30 min threesome 80€. It is cheap to monger in Spain and there are lot’s of women to choose from, eastern europe, latin america, china and Africa!
        This is why I would like to create a blog both in Spanish and English about mongering Spain, to give a taste of what it feels like to whoremonger here, and to guide and help the newbies who are planning to come. Trouble is I do not own a laptop yet, and operating a blog from a cyber-cafe…..
        This is why I would like to link exchange with you, and use your blog and an starting bridge, because seems like MongerPlanet is the hottest thing around, haven’t come across a good adult blog, the ones that are around are boring, too busy talking about everyday stupid stuff and keeping the blog clean, when it is cleary an adult related blog

        1. Im just curious why there are not many young chinese girls working in England though anymore, I mean there should be a good market for them
          Not into trafficked girls, maybe that has something to do with, UK really has a zero tolerance to trafficking, maybe in Spain, for the moment they are turning a blind eye to it
          Or it may just be a student visa thing.

          Thanks for the thumbs up for mongerplanet. Laws are changing though, I have read recently that Europe is considering adopting the same laws as those in Sweden where it is a criminal offence to buy sex
          Even though the laws dont work there. It just goes to show when these moral tossers get an idea in their head, the facts dont change them. We need protecting from them, not the other way around
          People with naive child like ideas of the world should stay in the playground not take positions of power – the road to hell is paved with good intentions ‘socialism’ 🙂 Im ranting
          The oldest profession will never go away, not while we are still born with cocks bulls and pussies

          Anyway if the laws change I may have to clean up too, if not tear down again. Hope it not goes that way. I love blogging on the subject of whore mongering, its my hobby along with the travel and photography. Its what drives me to work, without mongering life would be boring and I would have nothing to aim for.

          The other thing to consider is all this horrific islam shit that constantly gets posted onto social media and influences the impressionable, they are going to want to crack down on all this shit, soon it may be very difficult to remain anonymous, which you should do really writing about what are sensitive subjects to alot of sorry ass peoeple

          Some mongers are expats like Stickman and have to be careful what they say else the boys in brown will come knocking. Mongering is not just about pussy, you have to be aware of socio economic factors too, so they are still a good read some of them for associated reasons.

      2. You say that the ASD guy is “American”? Well if you listen to “John Tron” he has a French accent. I am pretty sure he is from Brussels.

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