Angeles to Makati

My last morning in Angeles, the Swagman bus will pick me up from the Orchid Inn at midday.  I am heading back to Manila for a couple of nights, but this time staying off P.Burgos Street in Makati, before catching a flight back to Thailand and then straight onto Cambodia…

Goodbye Angeles

I head over to the Robinson’s shopping mall to get some souvenirs I am an avid fridge magnet collector, my fridge is plasters with memorabilia from all over the world.  Some cute Filipino girls working in the mall, but they are used to being gawped at by sex tourists.   Its interesting to see how much Fields Avenue has developed over the past 8 years.

Angeles Fields Av
Walking street Angeles

Compared to a  picture I took 8 years ago on my first mongering trip to Angeles.  That Filipino girl sat on the motobyke looks like she had a late night, life not look easy for her…

Fields Av Angeles
Fields Avenue 2006

I head back to Orchid Inn and have a cooked breakfast.  There is a cute Filipina waitress who works behind the bar at the Orchid Inn.  Not cute in terms of sexy, but the sort that would make a good wife.  I chat her up and she gives me her Skype contact details.

Back To Burgos

The Swagman bus picks me up from the Orchid Inn at midday.  The big bus has broken down and we are all squashed into a smaller minibus for the 2 hour journey back to the Swagman hotel in Malate Manila.

From outside the Swagman hotel in Manila I call down a taxi to take me to the Tune hotel off P.Burgos St in Makati.  We agree on 200 pesos, but in the taxi he tries to push it up to 250 pesos complaining about the traffic, but is unsuccessful.

Check into the Tune hotel, the room is small but functional, the Tune is a budget option in an otherwise expensive Makati.  That evening I head out onto the mean streets of Burgos St.

Burgos Makati
P.Burgos St

My cold is still bad and stop off in the Havana cafe and have some hot Chicken curry to try and sweat it out.  Its often the case the backdrop to a red light district is a financial center.  Im told its better to have business meetings outside of the office, in a less formal environment…

Red light district

I do a few gogos down P.Burgos St but am really feeling it.  When you walk into a Gogo that is mostly empty except for a wise guy sat at the bar with 6 girls around him buying them all lady drinks, you have seen enough for one night.

Eventually I take a massage girl off the street for 350 pesos. She takes me to a room around the corner.  The massage is pretty shit also.  She not offer any extras, I not ask, she not pretend to accidentally brush her hands against my balls or cock, I not get an erection, not even semi.

Finally I end up in Rogues and get chatting to 37 yo attractive waitress in there.  The waitresses in Rogues do not get any wages, only commission from drinks and any private deals they may strike up with customers.

Mailbox Access

I am having a problem accessing my mailbox on my mobile phone and my contract with Vodafone. I am in between jobs and may have something lined up when I return to London.  Im told by the Vodafone operator when your abroad you can only access your mailbox via a private pin number that you must set up before you leave home.  Now they tell me, there is no way I can listen or respond to what might be important messages.  Not having a good night back in Makati.

My last night in Manila tomorrow, I want to try the freelancer pickup joint the Havana Cafe in the Greenbelt shopping mall, Makati.  Even if just to say, been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, took it back and demanded a refund.. 🙂  Some nights you just got to stay in a watch TV, take a night off from fucking and drinking.

One thought on “Angeles to Makati”

  1. My trip to Philippines included 3 nights in Manila and 5 nights in Angeles.
    I had put up in Century park in manila, need to get a hotel in or near Malate next time. In AC i stayed at the Lewis Grand Hotel (LGH), again might choose Wild orchid Resort as it is closer to Fields Avenue or stick to LGH.

    I went to 3 places each night in Manila:

    a. LA Cafe: Worth a visit but mostly matured and pro women here. Advantage is that place is open 24 hours and your are bound to find someone to take to your hotel whenever you visit.
    b. Makati: P Burgos Street: I didnt find any girl to my liking, visited Rogues and Bottoms up. Wen to Havana at Greenbelt, could see only few cougars.
    c. EDSA: Firehouse and Cotton club visited, picked a girl at Cotton House, amazing but expensive, barfine at 1950 pesos and 3000 pesos for LT.

    I spend good time in Angeles city: My experiences are as under:

    Bars from where i barfined girls (LT): Viking – picked different girl on two nights (2500 pesos), Angelwitch (3000 pesos), Vodoo (2500 pesos) and stardust (3000 pesos)

    I had one back experience in bar 7 wherein the girl started crying in the room for no reason. I was not sure whether this was a stunt pulled by the girl on her own or whether the bar was hand in glove with her. I decided to let go of the matter, approx. 7800 pesos including barfine and all drinks as me and my buddy both had barfined 2 girls from here. I would recommend all members to be careful about barfining from this bar “No.7”. I am not sure whether the girls are cons or whether the bar is playing any role in this. I didn’t want to waste my time or spoil my mood and trip in finding out hence I let go of the money and the matter.

    Overall experience:
    1. There is nothing much to do in AC during daytime. One might choose to go to SM Mall or to Marquee mall but then again what you would do once you get there is worth thinking. We went to neither. The other option would be to laze around in the hotel pool. This is assuming that you are not drinking in the daytime as well.

    2. I found Manila – AC to be more like Bangkok – Pattaya wherein AC was more like Pattaya with too much quantity but quality was rare. I had to go to several bars before I found a girl to barfine. Yes I was one week millionaire and was looking for best girls available in terms of looks and body. Who doesn’t?

    3. Beer bellies is a stark reality and majority of the girls had this problem. Can’t blame them though. Pinays are also thick around the middle hence slender gazelles were rare to come across.

    4. AC and Manila girls actually drank beer or spirits when we got them LD, not like Thai girls who sip on cola and watered down drinks. Maybe this is the reason for their bellies.

    5. Girl tantrums were far less or almost nonexistent compared to Thailand. I found Sweet quotient to be quite high amongst girls. I was even surprised to come across girls who didn’t drink alcohol or didn’t have a smartphone. In Thailand you wouldn’t see any girl without a smartphone.

    6.Language was definitely an advantage wherein almost all the girls I met spoke decent or understandable English and could understand me as well which made conversation easy.

    7. BBBJ and DFK was a given with any girl I barfined and none of them asked or insisted for a CBJ. Where all girls I came across did ask for protected sex. I did not try or ask for Greek hence wouldn’t know about the willingness.

    8. I found Kokomos to be an amazing place to hang around for meals, definitely worth a visit for anyone, albeit slight expensive as well. The road front seats can be avoided as you constantly get bugged by vendors on the street and they just keep putting their stuff like flowers or CDs on your table for you to buy.

    10. I would not recommend AC as a repeat destination just basis of my single 5 day visit. I had also disliked Pattaya over Bangkok on my first visit but after 4 visits I seem to be at home whenever I go there and have now started reducing no of days spent in Bangkok or completely from my last 2 visits.

    11. Would I switch to Manila or AC over Thailand, I don’t think I will immediately. Thailand is much more developed and well organized comparatively. There are tons of things to do in BKK or even Pattaya comparatively but then it also depends on individual’s preferences. Yes AC is slightly cheaper in comparison but then both locations have their own advantages and weaknesses. Hotels are expensive in comparison to Thailand but everything else is cheaper.

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