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Angeles Filipino Beauty

My last day and night mongering in Angeles city Philippines before heading back to Manila for a couple more nights and then flying back to Bangkok.  Due to the curfew in Thailand, I am flying straight back out from Bangkok to Phnom Penh in Cambodia, for at least a week, then return to Thailand and spend my last week on this south east Asia mongering tour in Pattaya...

My cold is alot better today and spend the best part of the morning relaxing in the sun by the pool at the Orchid Inn hotel and enjoy a cooked breakfast to get my strength up for the days fucking activities hopefully ahead, without farting too much…
Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this contentI chat to the porters and they tell me the Angeles Angel that I want is back from Manila and they will bring her to my room at 2pm.  I tell them I was not happy with the Filipino girls they bring to my room yesterday and I am expecting better today.

Angeles Angel 2

I return to my hotel room and not long after there is a knock at the door.  There she is my Filipino beauty standing there looking great with a smile on her face.  I pay the porters the agreed 2000 pesos and she comes into my room for some afternoon sexy fun.  She is looking great, such a nice girl too.
Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this contentWe Shower and she comes to my bed wrapped in a white towel, I wonder how she keeps her Filipino pussy down below?  Trimmed, fully shaved or natural?  From her eyebrows I can tell she would have a lovely natural thick black Asian bush.
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Im right, its trimmed, bit more than a Brazilian, but what pubic hair there is, is neat, soft, jet black and tightly woven, wow if this Filipino beauty was my girlfriend, she would grow that pussy hair back.  I love natural hairy pussy.  She is a really good fuck, giving the girlfriend experience.  Lovely girl.

Filipino beauty
Angeles Angel

I know beauty is often in the eye of the beholder, but maybe we all have a  common archetypal image of an Asian beauty, well this is mine even with a few extra pounds.  I let her go after a really good session and decide to try a few more Gogos down Fields Avenue, Walking Street and Perimeter road.

Angeles Last Gogo Crawl

I cant help but come out early some nights, which is good in Angeles like on Perimeter road it is more day game rather than late night into early morning, with some of the bars open from 1pm to 9pm rather than 8pm to 3AM, I guess this shift can be alot more popular with some of the working girls who have to parade themselves in front of horny tourists all day rather than into the early hours of the morning.

Body shop Agogo
Body Shop

I try the Body shop opposite Orchid Inn along Real Street adjoining Raymond Street and then next door into Tropix club.  Not bad clubs, good line up of girls and open early afternoon.

Tropix gogo
Tropix Club

But was looking like it was going to be a long night, I was already yawning after 2 San Miguels.

Pacing yourself, long night

I cant stay in my hotel room and watch satellite TV or read a book and come out later.  I cant sleep during the day unless I am totally fucked.  In fact all these nights out and travel I start to get Insomnia – not the Gogo – appropriately named.

I need to develop tactics to stay out, to stay awake and not get drunk.  Im not one who can drink non alcoholic drinks when I am in a bar or gogo. Too much whisky may drive me crazy.   Not good to mix your alcoholic drinks either, just upsets your stomach, hate puking up and ruining the next days activities.

Beer before liquor, you’ll never be sicker 
liquor before beer, you have nothing to fear. 

You hear some people get the above quote the wrong way round, with predictable results. The logic is you are pacing down your alcohol consumption rather than up as the evening drags on.  Of course that depends on how much beer you like to drink.  I know some mongers recommend red bull, maybe with vodka or something.

Drinking water between alcoholic drinks, that way you keep hydrated too.  But after a cold beer you really dont fancy switching to soft drinks.  Eating food and drinking water only delays the absorption of the alcohol into your blood stream, its still in your body. Alcohol is alcohol whether it be in beer, wine or whisky.

When you look around at some of the sad cases you are sharing the bar with, red punctured skin, malnourished or obese, they may just be committing slow suicide.  Tonight is the last night of the rest of their life,  is maybe their coping strategy.  Until they wake up the next afternoon and feel like shit, then its a case of, straight back to the bar and….

Hair of the dog that bit you

And so the downward vicious cycle continues.  Alot of mongers love their alcohol,  for some maybe more than the pussy they like to sit amongst.

For me there are two modus operandi to mongering.  I am pussy hunting so need to keep alcohol intake low and find a nice girl within an hour or two and back to the hotel.  Or I have already cum and out just enjoying the entertainment and keeping an eye out – reconnaissance for when I am next feeling horny and  pussy hunting. Due to alcohol and some bad luck both modes can go awry.

Pony Tails Gogo

I head back up towards Perimeter road, one club I want to try is Pony Tails kind of where Fields Avenue ends and Perimeter Road begins.  I walk pass Senorita central, where often you become aware of loads of old mongers staring at you through a mosquito net and decide to have something to eat and drink inside and check it out.

angeles senorita
Senorita central

Its popular with ex pats some kind of territorial about the place and strangers. The food was not bad at all.   I then make my way into Pony Tails.  Wow! loads of girls, must have been about 100 Filipino girls on stage.  Pony Tails is probably one of the best Gogos in Angeles.  No barfine either, negotiable with the girls.

Pony Tails Angeles
Pony Tails

Thanks to Michael Karen, veteran Angeles monger and old friend from the World Sex Guide forum for the tip on Pony Tails.

Angeles Monger

A nice Filipino girl dressed up as a nurse wants to give me a massage there in the bar. If I had not already cum with that Filipino beauty may have bar fined from Pony Tails.  Walking back towards Walking Street and I notice this shop in the background called ‘Monger’

Monger fashions
Fashion Monger

More about fashion than Filipino pussy though.  But thought it was funny, they probably dont realise the connotations of the word.  Whats that Filipina man looking at?  Watch the road.  I do a few more Gogos down Fields Avenue and Walking Street, too many to remember, in fact I dont remember much at all after Pony Tails.

Angeles Gogos
Walking street Gogos

But there was quite a few pics in my camera the next day.  No, if you are planning on visiting Angeles for some easy Filipino pussy then I would concentrate your efforts in Pony Tails, its open from 1pm to 3AM too.  Then maybe continue up and explore some of the options along Perimeter road, much cheaper here and the selection of Pinay girls is as good if not better than the most expensive posey gogo clubs along Walking Street.

Oh well, over and out mongering in Angeles, tomorrow I catch the Swagman bus back to Manila and staying in the Tune hotel off Burgos Street in Makati.  Not too early though, need my beauty sleep.

3 thoughts on “Angeles Filipino Beauty”

  1. Kudos to the hotel staff for bringing you such a hottie, she deserves to be creampied!

    Going to Thailand, The Philippines and Cambodia is alot of money did you book it through an agency?

    How did you see the mongering scene in China? Worth a try? China is an interesting country with lots of beautiful girls, i would be afraid of police raids in KTVs, Massage parlors, barbershops and shit like that..

    1. Yep this was a new tactic, to explicitly ask the porters if they had any sexy young Filipino girls
      If a porter ever asks can I get you anything else? He wont ask you directly but is giving you a chance to ask him, with her I hit the bullseye
      The other thing to understand many girls want to earn extra money, fuck some foreign guys, but not have to parade up and down on stage semi naked in front of loads of sex tourists, work in some grotty brothel, stand on seedy street corners or work for an agency. Lets keep it discrete.

      As for travelling around, booking through and agency is so pre internet. You can find cheap budget hotel rooms in whichever city you are visiting through sites like Agoda, a mongers favourite
      Read the reviews also, know which hotels are girl friendly(not a problem in places like Angeles and Manila)
      Like Europe Asia has lots of cheap budget airlines like Air Asia and Tiger
      You can leave it almost until the night before and within 5 minutes your on a flight back to Bangkok then onto Phnom Penh and booked into a hotel at your final destination for a few hundred dollars

      As for China not been to China proper only Hong Kong, so cannot really comment if not been there

      I like places like Angeles, Pattaya as its a mongering life style, you have it in the open all around you all day and night, your expected to just chill, drink and fuck.

      Im not into sneaking around, visiting brothels, that may get raided, have 20 minutes with a young girl who has probably been trafficked then return to normality 🙂
      Thats also the reason why say I like FKK clubs in Germany coz you can just chill in there all day and night and the most beautiful mostly European girls are walking around fully naked often begging you to fuck them for 50 euros

      Its called mongering research
      Successful people do the things unsuccessful people dont like doing

      When you have mongered the world, you gain experience and insight and with age and working hard comes wealth, thats how it works, for me, I dont get hand outs, never have

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