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My third day in Angeles and am feeling pretty lousy with this cold and spend the best part of day trying to relax by the pool and do some reading.  Later I see the porters at the Orchid Inn and arrange for them to bring some young sexy Filipino girls to my hotel room at 2pm…

The Line Up

Back in my hotel room at 2pm, I am ready and there is a knock at the door.  I open and the two porters are standing there with three Filipino girls to choose from.  The other beautiful Angeles Angel from the first day was not in the line up, apparently she had to go away to Manila and that’s why the porters could not bring her to my room the day before.

One of the girls is not bad, the other two were skanks, older with tattoos.  In fact it looked like the porters may have just rounded a few girls hanging around on Fields Avenue when my first choice was not available.  I was horny now, so chose the girl who was not bad for another 2000 pesos.  The porters tell me the other Angeles Angel will be back tomorrow, my last day mongering in Angeles city.
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This Filipino girl was quite cute, not a bad fuck, I talk to her for a while and she not really know the porters from the Orchid Inn, so they must have just picked her up off the street.  I decide at that point not to use their room service anymore.

Just goes to show though that most girls walking around are keen to make some extra dollars from selling their pussy.  Even so, she was still alot better than most of the girls available in the bars and gogos down Fields and Perimeter road.  I was just a little disappointed about not getting the girl I wanted.

Return to Perimeter

Later that evening, I have some Fish n Chips in the Orchid Inn then head down to Mac Arthur highway to get some cash out of the ATM and then head back up to Perimeter Road.   I notice a new hotel along the way with a rooftop bar and decide to go and take a look and maybe snap some pics of the sunset over Angeles.

sunset over angeles city
Angeles sunset

Its a cocktail bar and I am the only patron inside, I take a Pina Colada for 250 pesos and snap some pics.  I guess this hotel is just getting on its feet hoping to attract young Korean tourists who are flocking into Angeles replacing the more stereotypical fat old white western mostly American sex tourists.

Yep, our hobby is in the grips of a slow death.  Time will tell if Angeles can reinvent itself to a more tamer parody of itself.  My personal opinion is in the next decade Subic Bay will kick off as a more mainstream tourist destination with Angeles being a temporary stop over due to the airport.

perimeter road angeles
Perimeter road

I continue onto Perimeter road and do a few Gogos.  Its more a day scene down Perimeter road with the expats and cheap charlies.  Most of the bars are open from 1-9pm or 2-10pm.  Barfines are around 1500 pesos.  In some gogos there is no barfine, you just negotiate with the girl.

XXX Gogo Girl

There was some nice Filipino girls working in Candy and XXX.  One knew she was good and was not even dancing on stage, just looking at me looking at her, so I call her over and buy her a lady drink for 150 pesos.  She only want to do short time though, so not take her now as not cum that long ago via the Orchid Inn room service girls.

XXX gogo perimeter road
Angeles XXX

This girl working in the XXX gogo was cute though, lovely face and body, some Spanish blood in her.  She not been working long, two days only she tells me,  and I believe her, something very new about her, aged 21 but with 1 kid, no obvious signs though from her stomach.  We made a loose plan that I would return tomorrow at 1pm and barfine her then.  I then leave and head back to Raymond Street.

Filipino ladyboys
Ladyboys Raymond Street

Lots of Filipino ladyboys hanging around Fields Avenue and on the corner with Raymond Street where there is a popular bar for people watching.  Lots of child beggars too.  The ladyboys make me some propositions but decline their offers.

Tomorrow would be my last day and night mongering in Angeles and could room service at the Orchid Inn deliver my Filipino angel or would I return to XXX gogo and barfine my first bar girl in Angeles.

10 thoughts on “Angeles Room Service”

  1. Both girls you got in room service were amazing…would take them without blinking an eye. Also is it a norm in AC hotels or was your unique experience in this visit at wild orchid.

    I am gonna be staying at the LGH so dont know if the porter or staff is gonna be as friendly or forthcoming.

    All said i will definitely give it a try…worth the 1/200 odd pesos as a tip if i dont like girl brought or the guy dosent offer.

    1. This room service experience in the Orchid Angeles was a first for me. But I did instigate it. I read an interesting report on the world sex archives where this guy always asked the hotel porter concierge if he knew where he could find some girls. Often then the porter would offer him girls he knew, fresh, not really bar girls, sisters cousins, friend etc. Obviously everyone is happy and takes a cut. So was a new potential avenue.
      I told the porters I wanted some nice girls with a joke, they laughed and knocked on my door 5 minutes later with two filipino beauties. I fucked Anabel first. So yes I instigated it. You have to push out your comfort zone. So dont think its unique to the Orchid or Angeles. Just be subtle and make some suggestion to the porter. On return I found some reality porn movies Anabel had made

      So yes would not have happened if I had not made a suggestion, I guess the porters are not sure either, so make the first move.
      The porters did seem to have access to better quality girls than those you would find in the bar, so was happy to use their service. They bring a few skanks in the line up too I guess when the pretty Filipino girls were taken or not available.

  2. have been lucky to bed an amateur porn babe…I am not gonna shy away from asking any of the porters or room service guys henceforth.

    Until now i have been extremely way of engaging with Porters/ Room Service guys or Taxi guys only to ensure my privacy. But in a city like Pattaya or AC or even for that matter Bangkok or Manila if i am staying in a Hotel located within the RLD then it sure is a no brainer from now on.

    They all know why we are there.

  3. Good post! I’m heading to the Philippines soon and I wasn’t sure if I should skip Angeles or not… I’ve heard mixed reports. Looks like I’ll have to check the place out! 😀

    1. Hi Skins. I recently become a fan and subscriber of your blog Single mans paradise and recommend my readers to take a look
      Next trip to Asia and I intend to venture into Vietnam and seems to be a place you like and have spend much time there.
      Every monger should try Angeles. There will be plenty of options to meet Filipino girls. If it is to your liking or not though is another matter.
      Angeles is in your face, highly concentrated and quite commercial now. But give it a go. Its likely I will return to Manila and Angeles on my next trip to Asia.

  4. MP said > I intend to venture into Vietnam..

    Heads up – Hotels in Viet Nam will not allow a ‘local girl’ to stay in your room overnight. Its the law, unless you have shown a marriage certificate for you both (to each other) when you check in. If you look on (for example) the Expedia web site when booking a hotel, it tells you this. I missed it and things got a little heated when I was in HCM City, visiting a young lady I met in Singapore. I had booked a suite on the waterfront but had to also book a single room just for her, in order for her to stay overnight. It makes for an expensive visit. I have heard from some other Brit Mongers that its only 3 star and above hotels that enforce it, but any hotel is supposed to take this position.

    I also hear that you can get scammed by local police. Once they find a girl in your room, you have to buy your way out of trouble. I have no experience of that, but just passing it on.


  5. Maybe we need a place on the site to discuss Viet Nam !

    I just read through some of the pages on Skin’s “blog Single mans paradise”. IMHO, HCM City isn’t really a P4P destination. I can’t comment on other cities, as I haven’t been to them.

    There is a little ‘action’ around the Opera House – mostly at the back. The lady I was visiting said if you look really hard you can find it, but she also thought that the ‘scam’ chances were very high. This involves real or imaginary police officers and you having to buy your way out of trouble.

    I am interested in hearing what other folks think. I didn’t get a sense of much P4P from Skin’s blog pages, mostly a description of the character of Viet-Namese women, which I generally agree with. Good people. Had the war ended differently, I think South Viet Nam would be very much like South Korea today.


    1. Scruf thanks for your input and suggestions on Vietnam. I have never visited Vietnam so dont have any pages on mongering in Vietnam. Not yet. My next long term visit to Asia I intend to visit Vietnam
      The way I intend to do it is a boat down the Mekong from Phnom Penh. I will let a travel agent their likely Air Asia sort out a visa, holding my passport for a two days to do it.
      I have not researched much on Vietnam but am aware it is strong in scams, communist still and watch out for thieves and robbery
      Years ago in Cambodia Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville there were many Vietnam girls available, and some of them were special. They are still available in Cambodia but have to visit the mega massage parlours more geared towards asians.

      If you or anyone else is interested I am willing to accept reader submissions or please start your own group on Vietnam in the social groups section of Mongerplanet

      I not mind anything mongering related being discussed in the comments. Thanks again

  6. Hey guys, thanks for reading my blog I’m glad you enjoy it. Vietnam is certainly NOT a great mongering destination but there is some fun to be had if you know where to look.

    It’s a beautiful country and it’s definitely worth visiting but if you just want hassle free mongering you’re better off in Pattaya or Angeles.

    Monger Planet, do you accept guest posts? I’d be happy to write some info about the Vietnam mongering scene. I’m currently living in ‘nam. Maybe your readers would appreciate it. Let me know!

    1. Skins I am still waiting for my first reader submission. A mongering guide to Vietnam would be greatly appreciated and of course you can link to relative posts on your own blog. Let me know and I can set you up as a contributor or however you want to do it?

      Anyone else interested in reader submissions with some interesting mongering tales to share or places you have visited that I have not please contact me as can set you up as a contributor

      Thanks. Monger On!

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