Angeles Perimeter Road

The next morning of the night out before down Fields Avenue, Angeles I awake with a hangover, some regrets for losing control and a stinking cold.   The loose plan today was take a wander up to the Perimeter road end of Fields Avenue.

First port of call is the chemist along Fields Av  to get some medication for my sore throat and cold.  Out of the Orchid Inn and I am reminded how far away I am from home, not far enough.

orchid inn
angeles 10661 km

The night before its more about hurt pride, should not have lost control.  Just pay up in situations like that and move on.  Shit happens though, just get on with it.  Now its not important, what is important in a place like Angeles city is finding more Filipino pussy that I want to fuck, thats all.

Angeles Day Trips

I check out the tourist info and bookings shop along Fields Avenue, Im curious what else Angeles has to offer other than bars girls and prostitution.  I would not mind a trip up to the volcano Mount Pinatubo.  It would cost a fair bit, but needed 4 other people to share a jeep, well I was all on my lonesome.  The clerk tells me to come back at 7pm as there may be group bookings with some spaces free. Problem is then you dont know who you would be sharing with, mongers from hell maybe 🙂

angeles volcano
mount pinatubo

Sarcasm aside, there are things to do around Angeles other than the bar scene.   But why come to Angeles if your not interested in Filipino bar girls?  It not make any sense to me why Angeles would try to reinvent itself to attract more mainstream tourism.  Even Perimeter road is going to have to clean up its act.

Perimeter Road

One good thing the tourist info kiosk provided was a free bar map of Angeles.  If your mongering in Angeles, I would make this your first port of call to get the bar map of Fields Avenue.  Its clearly shows all the watering holes along Fields Avenue and Perimeter Road.  The traffic walking up to Perimeter road from Fields Av is not bad during the daytime, only in the evening.

More of a day into the evening scene along Perimeter road, most bars open around 1-2pm some closing as early as 9pm.  Prices for everything are cheaper along Perimeter road, up to 30% cheaper, must be due to cheaper rents.

perimeter road bars
perimeter road

Perimeter road is popular with the expats on a budget and of course cheap charlie visitors.  Often though pretty Filipino girls can turn up anywhere.  There is no logic in the more expensive a place the better looking girls you will find.  Often the girls working in more classy joints just have better connections, more confidence, better grasp of English, more social skills etc.

Angeles city bars
Perimeter Road

I straddle a few bars, but not see anything that could excite me, but would return in the evening to try a few more of the bars along Perimeter road, plenty to choose from, thats for sure.

Angeles Perimeter road
Perimeter Road

Things are changing down Perimeter road though, as a seedy backwater of Fields Avenue and Angeles, its days are probably numbered as its told to clean up it acts and take on a more European style of bar where only food and drink can be consumed.

Room Service

I return to the Orchid Inn and just chill by the pool for the most part of the day.  Later I am feeling horny again so chat to the porters to bring the other Angeles Angel, they said to give them an hour.  I fall asleep in my room and when I awake there must be a problem as my Angeles angel has not arrived.   I leave it for now am intending to head back down Perimeter Road and hopefully barfine a Filipino cutie from there.

Walking Street

Its Sunday and have a roast dinner in Kokomos, feed a cold and starve a flu.  Its not bad, not hot enough for me though.  The Angeles staff and bar girls are all getting ready for another nights work along Walking Street side of Fields Avenue.

Angeles Fields Avenue
Walking Street Fields Av

Girls are sexting their sponsors and Filipino boyfriends before getting ready to dance in front of horny sex tourists and maybe get barfined and earn some pesos.

filipino bar girl
bar girl texting

Does look like their are some cute Filipino girls working tonight down Walking street, they may just be the greeters at the door though, not able to barfine.  I stick around Walking street and try a few more gogos, ones I had enjoyed in the past when I mongered in Angeles 2006.

Angeles gogos
Las Vegas Gogo

Not impressed with the selection of Filipino gogo girls dancing into the night though.  Most Gogos like Insomnia, Lancalot and Las Vegas are just ghosts of their former self.  Nope, Angeles started well for me, glad only in Angeles for 4 nights before returning to Manila.  I wanted to explore more of Perimeter Road and needed the hotel porters to bring me more Filipino girls to my room.

5 thoughts on “Angeles Perimeter Road”

  1. The bars on the extreme end left like tight jeans , texas etc are generally young korean clientle being preffered .. no point wasting time & money .. but this is the over all scenario more or less at the Fields .

    1. Thanks for your input Mike
      I guess Angeles is going the same way as Pattaya, trying to attract a different demographic than 10 years ago predominantly older white sex tourists from the west
      Now its more Asian. I think more these poorer Asian countries are getting into to bed with their more powerful neighbours like China, Korea etc.
      There wont be any more Clinton Plaza’s or Washington Squares going forward now, the Chinese wont like that 🙂

  2. I am currently booked for 5 nights in Angeles at the LGH. I am travelling with a buddy. We intend to go to perimeter bars in the daytime and walking street in the evenings.

    Any thought on the quality of girls in perimeter bars comparatively to Fields avenue.

    I know that one girl can be found in any bar but needed your opinion on the same.

    1. My last trip to Angeles I seem to remember better quality girls along Perimeter road, especially concentrate your effort daytime and into the evening in Pony Tails
      Lots of girls and prices good then just use Fields Avenue Walking street for entertainment

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