Asian Ladyboys

Love them or hate them, when you take a sex vacation to Asia you are going to bump into lots of Asian ladyboys.  The surgeons in Asia are so good these days you may not even be aware your idealistic looking Asian girl was once a he, maybe down below she is still a he….

Who is doing the Ladyboys?

You get back to your hotel room, with your beautiful Asian girl and you are in for a big shock when she drops her panties and rather than a nice pussy she has got a cock.  Of course there are others who are only well aware they are with a ladyboy and want a ladyboy. In places like Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand where locally they are called katoey, more and more ladyboy bars are opening up, so who is doing the ladyboys? Personally I have never been with a ladyboy, I have no attraction to ladyboys, I find them amusing, thats all.  Over the years though, they have been getting harder to differentiate from their female counterparts.

How to tell a ladyboy

Now with the beer goggles firmly on, you could get tricked.  Tell tale signs are as always, big hands, funny voice, tall, adams apple, aggressive nature.   Sometimes they look too good, like a parody of their bar girl competitors. I was sat with an expat down soi Cowboy in Bangkok and pointed out a really nice looking girl, the expat pointed out it was a ladyboy bar and my good looking girl was a ladyboy.  He told me most expats have been with a ladyboy at least once, its just something that happens, I guess as you look for new thrills.  If your ladyboy is post op its maybe not be so bad, but pre op and she has got a cock.

Ladyboy Porn

So for those interested in ladyboys here are some of the best internet porn sites dedicated to asian ladyboys.  The porn mongers over at I love Thai pussy, must also love Thai cocks as they have a whole  range of ladyboy porn sites

Ladyboy Glamour

Ladyboy glamour has some of the most glamourous and beautiful ladyboys you will see, most pre-op so chicks with dicks, if thats your thing.

glamorous ladyboy
ladyboy glamour

I dont think these glamorous ladyboys consider themselves neither men nor women, some sort of third sex.  Also the guys that date and fuck ladyboys do not consider themselves gays.  Its a fucked up world for sure.

Ladyboy Dildo

The name explains it all, ladyboys fucking themselves in their ass with the ladies favourite toy, a dildo.  Ladyboy Dildo

Ladyboy dildo
ladyboy dildo

Alot of guys wont fuck women in the ass let alone ladyboys.  I dont mind a bit of anal sex, but not done it with a ladyboy.  But one thing for sure a man knows what a man likes.  Maybe fucking a ladyboy in the ass with a dildo is alot of what really goes on in the privacy of many a asian hotel room.

Ladyboy Gold

Ladyboy Gold is a complete compilation of the best of all the ladyboy sites and mostly consists of hardcore bareback fucking of ladyboys.

Ladyboy gold
Ladyboy gold

Now is this ladyboy a schoolgirl or a school boy, or something inbetween.  Either way she, he wants a good fucking in the ass!

Ladyboy Pussy

Now this is getting really hard to tell the difference.  In the gogos its dark, you could easily be chatting to this ladyboy after a few beers, even stick your hands down her bikini bottoms to feel a nice hairy thai pussy, but a ladyboy pussy

ladyboy pussy
ladyboy pussy

Imagine seeing this ladyboy with a pussy in your shower, you would still be none the wiser that once she was a he.  What difference does it make when they are post op?  Well you cant have babies, she is on hormone pills to keep her female.  I was once was in a gogo in Bangkok, thought I was sat next to a pretty thai girl.  I was a bit drunk, I brushed my hand against her pretty face and felt bristles.  If in any doubt then you are probably right, she is a ladyboy, not so bad if you do make a big mistake and he is a ladyboy with a pussy.  Getting confused?

Ladyboys fucked bareback

The title says it all again.  Ladyboys fucked bareback is more explicit and hardcore, lots of cum.  Also features lots of bareback blowjobs BBBJ and cum in mouth shots CIM.

ladyboy bareback sex
ladyboy bareback fucking

Often a ladyboy will tell you you not really experienced a blowjob until a ladyboy has given you a blowjob bareback.  Its a trick they use in the bar to take your cherry.  Its makes sense, knowing how much a man loves a blowjob, they know how they would like it to be done.

Ladyboy Wank

Maybe some mongers love cocks really.  Perhaps they like to watch their ladyboy have a wank or wank their ladyboy off.  Sounds gay to me. I mean if you prefer a ladyboy with a cock rather than a pussy.

hairy ladyboy cock
ladyboy wank

I love a nice natural hairy asian pussy.  Even natural it grows tidy.  Not sure about hairy asian cock?  Not got quite the same appeal to me.  But no doubt some sex tourist would love to wank off that ladyboys hairy asian cock.

Ladyboy girlfriends

Sounds fucked up, ladyboy girlfriends is full of amateur snaps of tourists taking pics of the ladyboy girlfriends. Get your head round that one. More like ladyboy boyfriends.

ladyboy girlfriends
ladyboy girlfriends

Its a pretty fucked up set of hardcore amateur sex is ladyboy girlfriends, but could provide you with hours of entertainment.  Just real amateur ladyboys.  Ladyboys are not too keen on their pictures being taken, not unless you pay them.  Checkout Ladyboy tube too.  Join any one of these seven ladyboy porn sites and you get all the others for free.  So you are sure to find all the ladyboy porn you heart desires.

Ladyboy Heaven

Ladyboy heaven has alot of hardcore ladyboy action going on.  Some of these ladyboys really do have beautiful faces. I guess they could not make it as a beautiful male, like beauty is the reserve of the female.

ladyboy heaven
ladyboy heaven

Well that white tourist looks like he is in ladyboy heaven receiving a bareback blowjob and those ladyboys apparently know how to suck cock.  I guess you could always imagine your favourite girl has got her mouth around your cock.  Its all fantasy.

Ladyboy Candyshop

If you love these ladyboy types, then in many Asian cities and fleshpots you will be like a kid in a ladyboy candyshop.

ladyboy blowjob
ladyboy candyshop

Ok let the ladyboy use her mouth, but what do you do with the ladyboys cock?  I dont know hope I never will buy anything from the ladyboy candyshop.

Ladyboy Gloryhole

Ladyboy gloryhole is about sticking your hard cock through a hole and at the other end are some cock and cum hungry asian shemales waiting to get their mouths around your manhood

ladyboy gloryhole
ladyboy gloryhole

Man some of those ladyboys are so beautiful, you have to admit these two ladyboys sucking on your cock looks appealing?  Ladyboys sharing your cock in their mouths, whatever next?

There are a whole collection of ladyboy porn sites in this collection including Ladyboy Cambodia, Ladyboy 18  and many more, join one you get them all.

Ladyboys are part of the terrain when mongering in Asia.  When you walk  down any red light district, often ladyboys will grab hold of you saying they want to taste your cock or something.  If your not interested just carry on going but dont get aggressive with them, they will let go.

I also think what makes ladyboys more attractive today to the otherwise straight male is the state of the women dancing in the gogos today.  Most are now fat and ugly or fuglies.  Maybe it is the fugly that has give rise to the ladyboy.  Love them or hate them, asian ladyboys are here to stay and are always not far away when pussy hunting.








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  1. Love Shemales, first cock I ever sucked and now its all that gets me hard, looking to get blown by a Tranny and dude in a thresum next.

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