Angeles Fields Avenue

After I let the beautiful Filipino girl leave my room in the Orchid Inn I finished unpacking.  I then went down to the pool for a swim, a few beers and something to eat.  It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in Angeles.

Chill by the pool

I thanked the porters for bringing such beautiful young fresh looking Filipino girls to my hotel room, and they said not a problem can bring girls to my room whenever I want.  After a couple of beers I felt my throat going, like I was coming down with a cold.  It must have been from all those Filipino girls I had been kissing :*

Angeles city
Fields Ave

That evening I head up to Fields Avenue and begin walking towards Perimeter road.

Towards Perimeter Road

The traffic on fields avenue is really heavy and congested.  I notice that Angel witch and Insomnia  gogos are still going all these years since my first mongering trip to Angeles back in 2006.

Fields Av angeles
Fields Avenue

The traffic congestion and pollution off the road is too much for my throat and I head back towards the Walking street end of Fields Avenue( No traffic )  I have not ventured far up Fields Avenue before only going as far as Insomnia.

I want to explore the options for some Filipina pussy along perimeter road. Its more cheaper along perimeter road by all accounts, not so many tourists venture up that far.  More expat and cheap charlie territory.  If the girls are good though, why pay more?  I would need to check Perimeter road out another day or night.

Walking Street

The east end of Fields Avenue is now modelled on Walking street in Pattaya.  One good thing about that is it is cut off to traffic, but like Walking street in Pattaya has become very commercialised, lots more tourists not all hardcore, lots of Asians – Korean.

Walking street angeles
Walking street

Plenty of Gogos to choose from along fields Avenue, estimates off the Wiki Sex Guide for Angeles state there are about a 150 bars and gogos in Angeles city with up to 50,000 Filipino girls working in prostitution.

Kokomo fields avenue
Kokomo people watching

I stop off in Kokomos restaurant, hotel  and bar and order and Irish coffee which temporarily does the trick with my throat.  Kokomos is ground zero for mongering in Angeles, they have budget rooms too, I was considering staying in the Kokomos but just a bit too central for me.  The food is not bad here and the Kokomos bar is a good spot for some people watching down Walking Street.

Komomos is also on the junction with Santos Street  or blow row.  Santos St has a dozen little blowjob bars but dont expect to find any Filipino beauties working inside.   I hit a few gogos along walking street, so many to choose from.  Im not really seeing any good looking Filipino girls working in the Gogos though.

Filipino gogo girls
Walking street Gogo

Most of the gogo girls working Walking Street are below average.  To me a beautiful Filipino girl is my Viagra its what gives me an erection.  Average girls when I am travelling and paying for it, dont do it for me.  I might be sticking to what girls the porters have to offer me at my hotel room.

Club Asia Rip Off

I am about to watch a show in Club Asia and order another Irish coffee as my throat is playing up, definite coming down with a cold.  Its loud in club Asia with the music and have some trouble getting the order across to the bar maid. She just used to hearing  san miguel or whisky and coke.

angeles club asia
Club Asia

Its also dark sat inside club asia and the barmaid brings my drink back and I take a sip and then spit it out!!!  Its freezing cold!  Its an Irish coke!  what a joke!  coffee with coke and cream on top!

I call the barmaid back and tell her I am not drinking that!  Manager comes over and says because I take a sip out of the drink I must pay for it!   Im getting annoyed now, rather than just admitting their mistake they want me to pay for it.  I tear up the receipt and walk out.

A few doorman catch me up along Walking street.  I decide its not worth the hassle so have to return and cough up.  The doorman are like telling me off – who do I think I am tearing up the bill?   I tell them to shut up, you got no brains, your just the muscle, you do what they tell you, the dirty work, your an errand boy sent down by the management to collect a bill.

There is not mucho to macho.

 Its seems to strike a chord with them and they shut up.  They would have probably liked to have kicked my head in at that point, its these guys answer to everything especially when hearing the truth about themselves.  Not handle the situation very well, by now I had had a few beers too.  I will never return to club Asia. Mongers do me a favor and give club Asia a miss too if you are in Angeles.  This is no way to treat your customers.

fields avenue kokomos
Kokomos walking street

After a few more uninspiring Gogos I return to Kokomos where they do a decent Irish coffee.  After fucking that gorgeous Filipino girl in my hotel room when I had first arrived in Angeles, I was not horny anyway but just doing some recon for another night.  Nothing to report.  A few Filipino ladyboys begin to congregate in front of me sat in Kokomos.

Fields Avenue ladyboys
Walking street ladyboys

Not into Ladyboys myself, but its all on offer in Angeles.  So my first night out down Angeles was coming to an end after an absence of nearly 8 years.

Thoughts on Angeles

Things have changed down Fields Avenue with the introduction of Walking Street.  Trying to model itself on Walking Street in Pattaya and attract mainstream tourism.    But couples and families who want to take a walk on the wild side will never come to Angeles, it is only sex tourism and there is no disguising it.  Now Subic Bay could pull that off as it is by the coast.  I have noticed more clubs and hotels are opening up now in Subic Bay.

Prices have almost doubled with a barfine setting you back around 2500-3000 pesos.  The girls will expect a tip too.  But thats still cheap compared to other mongering destinations around the world. Angeles is an alternative and still alot cheaper than Pattaya.  Most of the Filipino girls working in the gogos are below average looking though.  Going to have to do alot of pussy hunting to find some more Filipino stunners.  Will let the porters bring sexy young Filipino girls to my hotel room when I get the horn and go out at night and enjoy the entertainment down Fields Avenue keeping an eye out, sounds like a plan?  Oh and try not to get my head kicked in by heavies.



12 thoughts on “Angeles Fields Avenue”

  1. Based on what I have read seems like you got an strong attitude and have a fast mouth! You lucky bouncer did nothing to you, would’ve been a black guy and perhaps his ass would’ve been kicked and the cops all over him.

  2. THERE IS NO WAY I would pay for those walking street gogos on the pick man! Not into LadyBoys myself, but gotta give them credit, they look quite good on the picture, but the fact that they got a dick and as much testosterone level as me is a big set back.

    1. Yeah i use wiki sex guide when i am researching a place i am intending to visit. If you put in sex guide and the name of the city country then it tends to come tops. problem is i notice some of the content is copied from other sites. Problem is when you purport to be a guide its your duty to keep it up to date. With mongerplanet its just snapshots of what happened mongering in that city when I was there. So contains information and is always accurate if only from an historical point of view. I mean on wiki sex guide they are not personal accounts

  3. Thank You.
    Never knew of the wiki sex guide until I saw it mentioned here. Have had a quick look at some of the countries I have been to and while it seems to just cover the basics, I can see it can be quite useful before researching things further, in more detail.

    1. Yes Mathew , the wiki world sex guide is a good place to begin some research
      When I am visiting a new place I usually put in something like angeles sex guide or mongering in angeles into google and see what comes tops for those search terms
      But good content comes up when you put in angeles massage, angeles blowjob bars etc

      Problem is with forums looking for specific info on a given subject is like looking for a needle in a haystack. There is so much chitter chatter going on in some of the popular mongering forums

  4. Sex workers are everyone, in Europe,Asia they stay to work on the street or in their own premise.If they don’t disturb nobody they should be leave alone. Is better for this sex workers to advertise their services on the internet and create profile with details, then to hanging around the streets.

  5. Is the street scene like Beach road pattaya or does it differ too much in AC. Any specific spots or corners which need to be explored or should i stick to gogo bars.

    Any idea on if it is safe to take massage girls from the entry of walking street to room. Read people picking up some good girls from there. Did you see any good ones during your trip.

    Its gonna be my maiden trip hence asking basic questions. Dont want this to get washed down.

    I hope 5 nights is not an overkill in AC or should i plan for a night or two in Subic bay. Any idea on the scene there.

  6. Illusion fields avenue in Angeles is now modelling itself on Walking Street Pattaya. To me it was like Walking street in Pattaya over 10 years ago before getting flooded with mainstream tourism. Cant see that will ever happen to Angeles, there is no reason to go there other than for the naughty nightlife. 5 nights can seem like a long time in Angeles, my first trip I took a break to Subic, which is by the coast and is picking up. See how it goes after 3 nights and then can book a bus last minute to Subic if you need a break. My second trip to Angeles I knew what to expect so was not expecting much else. I dont think Angeles is as good as it was 10 years ago. But you should enjoy it and find a cute Filipino girl or two.

    I not take girls off the street. Plenty in the gogo, best gogo for me was Pony Tails. I should have spent more time in there.

  7. Angeles Fields Avenue seems to be an awesome place, Escorts there are well known to be professional enough, I’d love to be there sometime

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