Asian COED Students

Some of the most sexy Asian girls we can imagine probably goto College or University in your favourite Asian city from Bangkok to Manila.  Often these Asian Coeds can be had by buying them a few drinks in a student hangout or by a special arrangement….

So what is a COED? its more related to female students at a co educational institution – meaning mixed sexes.  These girls study hard, they like to experiment, they are taught to experiment.

 All work and no play makes Jane (Asian female name) a dull girl.

Its built into the silly Syllabus  to take some time out, get drunk, suck and fuck.


On a night off, these Asian student girls are not necessary thinking about money,  they just want to get back to basics, engage their primitive brains, instinct driven, after cramming in all that theoretical bullshit just to get paid employment, lets party, I need to escape from this private hell.  If you are in the right place at the right time, these Asian coeds want to believe in anything, to escape…

Thai Coeds

Probably everyone’s favourite is the Thai female student, why?, because even at University Thai girls have to wear school uniforms. Now why are school uniforms sexy on girls?  There are places to hang out in Bangkok to meet Thai university student girls

Thai girls hanging out
Thai students

A threesome is always on the cards, they like to party with their friends. I dont mean a threesome you and two thai girls, I mean three thai girls and you.  Imagine slipping your cock into each of these three Thai girls pussy in turn, no changing condoms, just fucking three Thai pussies at will, heaven on earth.  Probably not the way god intended, but experiment.  Hey and with Asian girls doggy is not my favourite position, due to their asses being less curvaceous than desired.

Filipino Coeds

Moving onto Manila in the Philippines, wow so many Filipino Coeds wondering how all this learned bullshit is going to help them pay their way.  Much easier to just meet a sex tourist in a shopping mall.  In a Manila shopping mall is where you will find alot of Filipino coeds working part time to pay the bills, so to speak.

Filipino girls
Filipina students

What you will love about Filipino students is some of their racial mixing from the colonial days, Spanish and American, must have been alot of fucking going on back then. Again find out what night is student night and the bars and clubs the Filipino girls like to let their hair down in and be free and easy, splash some cash to impress without being perceived to be attempting to manipulate their affections, its all game.

Indonesian Coeds

Moving onto Jakarta in Indonesia.  My personal favourite Asian girls.  Indo girls are so curvy the latinas of Asia and you would not believe how much these conservative Asian Muslim girls love to fuck.  Not so used to tourists so hitting the bars and clubs in Jakarta on a student night out is going to pay dividends for sure.

latina of asia
Jakarta student

If you are a regular visitor to Asia, it takes some time to discover Indonesian girls, but they are fantastic.  Indonesia itself though is not a great place to visit, especially Jakarta although you will meet some beautiful  Java girls if that is your aim.  Hit the right bars at the right time and you could have a Indo Coed pulling down her panties wanting to be fucked by a tourist.

So when mongering in Asia or just taking in some tourism there are plenty of alternative options for some Asian pussy than just bar girls and Asian prostitutes.  Do some research, find out where the asian student and Coed hangouts are, get chatting online.

The Past

Years gone by, rather than working in malls or factories alot of these Asian students would work part time in the bar scene, meeting tourists, there was not many other options open to them, still bills had to be paid.  Economic fortunes are now changing in Asia, things are on the up, for now.  Still there is that basic need to fuck, to escape, you need to tap into.  Happy Asian pussy hunting.

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