Angeles Angels

I board the bus at the Swagman hotel in Manila with a motley crew of other mongers mostly aged.  Make myself comfortable and prepare for the two hours journey to Angeles city.  45 minutes of that is taken up getting out of Manila.

Filipino Pipelining

Im amused by a aged American sat in front of me on the Swagman bus.  He must have been in his 70’s dyed hair and chatting online via his smart phone to young Filipino girls calling them honey.

Pipeling with Filipino girls apparently can be very productive, you can be chatting to 100’s of Filipino girls within hours old enough to be your granddaughter on sites like Filipino Cupid.  Personally Im not too interested in meeting girls this way, there are so many girls on offer in places like Angeles, there is no need to deceive girls to get your leg over.   Most of the girls on Filipino dating sites are looking for a husband, sugar daddy or sponsor in exchange for their pussy, IMHO.

I get chatting to another aged American on the bus,  a Korean veteran.  He tells me a good place to hang out in Malate Manila is GPoint, oh well missed that one, maybe next time.  I am intending to return to Manila for my last couple of days in the Philippines, but in the Makati area.  Got an early flight out of Manila back to Bangkok, dont fancy a taxi from Angeles at that time of the morning.

We arrive in Angeles, first stop was the Swagman hotel in Angeles, the driver then took each of us to our hotels.  I was staying at the Orchid Inn again.  The Orchid Inn is a nice girl friendly hotel right in the middle of Angeles just of Fields Avenue, nice pool and good food.

Sweet Innocent(Not)

Two porters help me to my room and before they leave they ask me if I want anything?  Now I had recently read a good report on the World Sex Archives about a monger who always asks the porters in hotels if they can set him up with some local girls?  And he reckons it really pays off meeting girls he would not meet otherwise, sweet innocent types.  So I try it,  I say yes, some young sexy girls please?  They laugh and repeat young and sexy then leave.

Filipino Beauties

Im unpacking and 5 minutes later there is a knock at the door.  I open and the two porters are back with two beautiful young Filipino girls.  Im spoilt for choice – real Angeles Angels.  They suggest I take both girls for a threesome.  Im really horny not cum since I cum all over that Filipino freelancers face from the Manila Bay cafe.  Threesomes dont always work out the way you want them too though, No, one of these Filipino beauties would be enough for now.

Spoilt for Choice

One of the Filipina girls was smaller and more curvy and the other was tall and slim, both had different but beautiful Asian Filipino faces. it was a hard choice but I chose the tall slim one, I would fuck the other Pinay girl another day.  Had to hand over 2000 pesos to the porters, in hindsight could have negotiated this down a little but well worth it.
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She is a lovely friendly girl, will stay with me all night if I want.  Right now though really need a good fuck.  We strip off and take a shower together.

Naughty Pics

Got a full erection on and we head back to the bed where we have a really good fuck.  She gave the full on girlfriend experience including french kissing and BBBJ.  She not mind me taking some naked pictures of her. Enjoy.
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I let this Angeles Angel go early and give her a 500 peso tip and a big kiss for being such a good fuck and letting me take some naughty pics of her.  I wanted a night out down Fields Avenue in the Angeles Gogos, not into the girlfriend thing this trip.  Wow what a great start for a return to mongering in Angeles city 2014.  Not even finished unpacking 🙂 …

Be sure to check out Asian Sex diaries intro to mongering in Angeles city. A crazy fun-filled week of pumping Filipina pussy in Angeles City. I see the same Angeles Angel is on this video. I thought I was special. No wonder this Filipino angel from Angeles city was not shy about spreading her little pinay shaved pussy.

8 thoughts on “Angeles Angels”

  1. Orchid Inn porter girls are a 1000 Peso slam bam for the record.

    So you guessed it right should have negotiated.

    1. oh well we live and learn, I was taken by surprise. Lovely Filipino girls giving full girlfriend experience for £27 couple of hours, cant be bad
      But why pay 27 when you can 14? Seems cheap to me. Generally these girls were better than those on offer down Fields Av. These were lovely girls wanting to make some money more discretely, not parading themselves in the gogos

      1. 2000 pesos is way too much for pussy delivery. I would never pay more then 1000 for ST. Most of these girls will even do it for 500 ST

        1. Well you have to pay the middle man I guess. I remember it used to be 1300 pesos in the gogos down fields avenue, that was long time and included the bar fine
          Angeles is definitely more commercial these days, no longer an exclusive western mongers backwater.

    1. How where did you meet her John? I guess she not work in the bars down Fields Avenue in Angeles? Worked out well for me. The porters delivered another two girls over my week in Angeles, they were better than what was available in the gogos

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