Mongering Angeles 2006

Before going into detail about my recent return to Angeles city in the Philippines I want to do a brief flashback report about my first visit to Angeles city back in September 2006,  Back in 2006 Angeles was just pure mongering, would it be the same in 2014?…

Singapore to Angeles

I flew into Clark airport from Singapore with Tiger Airways about a 4 hour flight.  I was booked into the Orchid Inn down Raymond Street just off Fields Avenue right in the heart of the action.

Angeles hotel
Orchid Inn

Back then I used the Balibago site to get info and hotel recommendations and its still running today.  Also for up to date information from Angeles veterans is the Asian Escapades forum.

Fields Avenue

It would be funny if any hotel in Angeles especially along Fields Avenue was not girl friendly? Angeles has one attraction only P4P Filipino girls to take back to your hotel and fuck basically.  Only sex tourists goto Angeles.

Angeles city
Fields Avenue

My first night out in Angeles and just do some Gogos down the top half of Fields Avenue including Insomnia

Insomnia Angeles
Insomnia Gogo

The girls and waitresses were friendly, they not mind you snapping pics inside the gogos back then, this was a big no no in Thailand.

Angeles fields avenue
Insomnia waitress

I was having a good night in Angeles, but already to me, most of the girls were average looking, with a few exceptions here and there. I did a few more gogos like Alaska where I met the owner and I was being called the Cherry boy as it was my first night in Angeles and I had yet to bang my first Filipino bar girl.

Angel Witch Barfine – Lose my Cherry

Eventually I end in Angel witch gogo where I meet a cute working Filipino girl and decide to barfine her.

Angel witch gogo girl
Angeles gogo girl

Back then you paid the barfine to the bar which included the girls fee too of 1300 pesos!  It was up to you  to give the girl a tip or not.  So Angeles was very cheap.  I took the girl back to the Orchid Inn and checked her in.   Nice body and totally shaved pussy and fucked her good but could not cum, too much drink.  We sleep a little then fuck her again this time trying hard not to cum to early.

Filipino bar girl
Angel witch girl

There really is not much to do in the day in Angeles except drink and fuck if you want.  Some of the gogos were open 24 hours.

Angeles Lolipop gogo
Lolipop gogo

Its was essential to have a hotel with a pool, weather permitting.  After a few days mongering in Angeles you begin to feel tired.

Dirty Duck Girl

Eventually I meet another friendly Gogo waitress in the Dirty Duck who comes back to my hotel long time.

Filipino girl
Dirty Duck Gogo girl

 Good sex with her, in the morning she would stick her tongue in the tip of my cock and then pull back with cum strands stuck to her tongue, very erotic watching her do that.  My photography was not so good back then, mostly just snapping pics with a mobile phone.

Subic Bay

After 3 days mongering in Angeles needed a break and took a trip down to Subic Bay staying at the Blue Rock by the coast.  First impressions were more a place to take a nice girl for a break maybe you had met in Angeles.

Subic Bay

Subic bay was a welcome break from Angeles,.  The mongering in Subic though was nothing compared to Angeles.  I love to be by the seaside breathing in fresh air enjoy walking along the beach.  Why not move the Angeles bar scene down to Subic?  Then it would compete with Pattaya directly.

Last night in Angeles

Back to Angeles for my last night mongering in the Philippines before flying back to Singapore and then onto Bangkok to continue my Asian sex tour.  I did a few more gogos that night including Las Vegas where I meet a very dirty and drunk Filipino girl inside who wanted to give me a blowjob on the seat.  She tells me she loves watching porn movies and fucking.

Drunk filipino girl
Las Vegas gogo girl

Why I not take her back to the hotel, I dont know.  Las Vegas is directly opposite Orchid Inn.  I had only just come out of my hotel room and was my first gogo that night.  Dont like to barfine to early, nor too late.

Did a few more gogos including  Sir Lancealot and Cambodia.  Some nice looking young Filipino girls In Sir Lancealot but not so friendly it did have a reputation back then for haughty and unfriendly girls.

My perfect Filipino girl

Finally that last night in Angeles feeling tired, and water logged just as I was about to give up I end up in the Blue Nile where I meet the lovely Karen.  I want to barfine her immediately, but she has already an arrangement but will come to my hotel at 3AM – sloppy seconds but when a girl is this good you dont think about it.

What a difference it makes when you meet a girl you really want, there is no indecision, shall I, shan’t I? Is there a better girl in the next bar?  I just want her bad 100%.  True to her word I get a phone call at 3AM in the morning by reception and she makes her way to my room. Within 5 minutes I have ripped her jeans and panties off and my tongue is deep inside her natural hairy filipino pussy, mmmmmmmmmm
Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this contentWhat a perfect Filipino girl, very friendly and spoke perfect English.  Really made my trip to Angeles, got on like a house on fire.
Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this contentI take her for breakfast and we promise to stay in touch.  The plan was  I would return to Philippines to meet her, she was from Manila and we would holiday together and I would take her to Boracay.  We said our goodbyes and I had a plane to catch.

Keeping Contact

I never did meet her again. Never returned to the Philippines until now.  We did stay in touch for a few years on and off, she sent me some naughty pics, that some other PI monger must have taken.
Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this contentLast I knew she married some fat old American, had a baby and then left him.  Apparently he could not stay out of the bar even if she could.  She was heading back to Angeles to try and make some money, by now she had put on some weight.  Wherever she is now, she must be passed it.  You only have small window of opportunity with these young bar girls, they only have a few years to make some decent money or maybe find themselves a husband.  More trouble than its worth to me.  So that was my history with mongering in Angeles way back in 2006.

Philippines sex diary
Angeles sex diary

For some real insight into fucking bar girls hardcore in Angeles city check out Asian sex diary tour of Angeles.  Asian sex diary is a great resource for any mongers planning on their first visit to the Philippines and Angeles city.

2 thoughts on “Mongering Angeles 2006”

  1. What is it about asian women that make men keep going back to them? They are not as busty and big booty like the africans and latinas, but still I would dare to say their are the most desire women! Nice women you got to bang, would’ve love to creampie all of them!

    1. For places like Angeles in the Philippines and Pattaya in Thailand, it is not just the women, its the complete experience, all the bars, the drinking, cheap food accommodation, just the quantity of girls to choose from and the ease of getting them back to your hotel. I hit a plateau around this time that I was getting bored with Asian women and wanted something different, wanted tits n ass and wanted to explore other parts of the planet and other mongering destinations. But for pure mongering and pussy Angeles and Pattaya reign supreme still. Every monger should visit Angeles and Pattaya

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