Manila to Angeles

Its my last day and night in Manila before heading to Angeles city for a week of debauchery there.  I need to sort out some transport from Manila to Angeles and then Im at a lost what to do with myself….

The heat and humidity in Manila is stifling, to the extent that I would avoid this time of year in south east Asia.  Next time returning in the cool season,  at least there had not been much rain or any tropical storms and flooding.

Swagman Hotel

The taxi driver outside the Rothman hotel who took me to Burgos street Makati would take me to Angeles for 3000 pesos, but knew I could get a bus much cheaper.  The recommendation was the Swagman hotel which was not far from the Manila Bay cafe so I trotted over to the Swagman and purchased myself a ticket for 600 pesos. The swagman looks like a good hotel to hang out if you want to meet other western mongers, mostly American and aged.

sun setting over manila

I spend the day mostly relaxing beside the pool at the Pan Pacifico for 350 pesos.  Although it got noisy beside the pool with other tourists chatting with friends or with their families.  I wait until the evening to hopefully snap some sunset pics, but would be better to drag yourself out of bed in the morning at this location.

What to Do?

Its been over two days since I cum all over that Filipino freelancers face and I am feeling a little horny, regret not taking that first Filipino girl I saw dancing last night in the EDSA complex.  Cant win them all, we live and we learn.  Not sure what I am going to do tonight?  In Malati its just KTV bars and a few dodgy brothels if you know where to look.   The only other option for westerners in the red light district of Malati is the Manila Bay Cafe but dont really fancy that tonight.


Due to feeling fatigued still I settle for a Filipino massage.  Plenty of genuine Asian massage parlours dotted along Adriatico.  The massage was excellent, no extras or a happy ending though, just professional.

I had a thick set young Filipino girl massage me with hot stones and she really got into the knots and aches.  The massage lasted 90 minutes for 700 pesos and I gave her a 100 peso tip.  My only complaint was laying on the floor rather than a table.  You knew it was good because for days you not feel you need another massage.

hussys malati
Hussys Bar

I walk around a little that night after my massage, wondering what to do around the mean streets of Manila?  Lots of little bars about but most cater to Asian men tastes.  Was about to walk up a dark looking street near the Manila Bay Cafe to cut through and suddenly I had about 6 ladyboys following me, so made a quick detour back.

That was it for my mongering adventure in Manila. For the hardcore stuff that happens in Manila and the Philippines with young Filipino girls that I cannot show you, check out this shy Filipino girl sucking some tourist cock on Trike Patrol.

filipino porn
Trike Patrol

Decided on an early night for my last night in Manila, try and get some  decent rest before hitting Angeles city tomorrow and the first Filipino girl I meet there was going to get 3 days worth.


Problem is when I am drinking every night and not doing much in the day I start to find it hard to sleep properly – insomnia.  You could easily end up popping pills with this lifestyle, Viagra to get hard and then Valium to sleep.  Cant be right.  No rest for the wicked 🙂  If I am going to attract some of the better looking girls, non pros even, then I need my beauty sleep.

Goodbye Manila

The next morning it being Saturday I have some breakfast in the Rothman and then pop outside to the ATM.  The taxi driver who took me to Burgos street is waiting for me expecting to take me to Angeles.  I have to let him down gently, he not happy.  Its too hot to walk to the Swagman with my luggage so let him take me there instead for 100 pesos!  Small compensation.

manila to angeles
Swagman bus manila

I was a little early in the Swagman Manila so had something to eat and a drink while I waited.  The swagman bus leaves Manila at 11:30 AM and it is around a 2 hour journey to Angeles.  With Angeles being small and no real traffic problems the Swagman fly the bus also drops you off at your hotel of choice.

Travel Plans

Was looking forward to returning to Angeles after nearly 8 years away, the Philippines version of Pattaya, but not by the sea.  I may return to Manila though for my last couple of nights in the Philippines before returning to Thailand.  With the military coup still in effect throughout Thailand, may fly straight out of Bangkok and goto Phnom Penh in Cambodia.   I was only committed to a return flight to Bangkok in about a weeks time, would need to watch the news.

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